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  1. Well, 2 days ago at a spot in the back, one guy saw me catch a micro -14"- striper. Today, there where 5 guys there soaking bait. These guys were stagnant, just sitting behind their 10ft ugly sticks with bells clipped on, right where i had caught that teeny little thing...depending on where you are, even a mini bass will draw a handful of people
  2. "As fresh as you can get it"??? you do realize you're posting that to a fishing website, no?
  3. Around 1700, during the outgoing, i stoppped at a river spot on my way home from work. I caught a micro striper around 14" from the Raritan River in SexCo...i caught it using a 1oz chrome rat-l-trap....there were no signs of life. I know this is time of year so i just plugged alway. I might hit it a bit more now that high tide is starting to coincide with sunrise and sunset...i don't expect anything big but catching is better than not catching.
  4. With the prices being what they are, and unless someone else is buying, i eat only what i catch...guaranteed adds to my incentive to catch some keeper fish (not shellfish, though, and definitely not freshwater fish.) Living alone, one keeper fluke or striper will provide me with dinner for 2 or 3 days. It's the same with one 1lb bluefish or a dozen snapper blues. If i was going to buy SEAfood, I would go to a fish market.
  5. That reminds me of "Demolition Man."
  6. I'm dying of laughter....I'm an "Aquarius"
  7. More power to chasers if they want to make that crazy walk.....It's the fisherman's trail on Sandy Hook. People are giving lot letters report from the weekend is similar to others. I didn't see much bait., just gulls sitting near the waters' edge...i did the back from midco to MoCo, then out front going south in MoCo. Then i did it in reverse...nothing caught until i got back to the freshwater in MidCo... I'm hoping that i find a bite once the high tides align with sunsets & sunrises
  8. This is the strategy i use when i fish fish...someone on here once said that things learned from freshwater fishing don't translate to saltwater but the above strategy (top middle & bottom) i learned from a Bill Dance video tip...if nothing else, it gave me a rough outline for choosing lures for both freshwater and saltwater. Now, i don't just throw on any lure and i actually try to select lures that i can work 2 levels of the water column.... I don't need to walk a mile of beach 3 times when i can do it in only 2 passes Other than fishing different levels of the water column, one thing that totally crossed the boundaries was waiting to set the hook on a topwater strike. Stripers are a little different than black bass in that stripers definitely will hit a topwater multiple times
  9. How far is it? It's gotta be over a half mile, no? The first time i made the trek it felt like forever until i even saw the beach, i kept thinking "wtf?!". That sand is so damn soft. One would think with all that traffic that it would be somewhat compacted but nope, not at all
  10. There were so many surfers that it wasn't worth it
  11. Using spincasters bought for me when i was a youngin ( 6-10 years old,) has me used to a right side retrieve. Cranking with my left just doesn't feel right. Ive been working on casting with my left hand being dominant. The only reason i have an Antares AR is because my brother bought one not realizing he couldn't deal with the RH retrieve, so he gave it to me... Switching of hands doesn't seem so excessive when i cast with 2 hands. However, i do think switching hands hinders my freshwater fishing, especially when flipping and pitching
  12. I got a skunking when i got to fish, today. I figured i would find some snappers in the back of Raritan Bay during the last 2 hours of the afternoon incoming. Spot, one around noon, was lifeless. No peanuts, nothing; no one even fishing bait. I thought something would be around considering peanuts are about 10 miles up the river... I took a 1/2hr ride down to a moco beach and they wouldn't let me on the sand without a badge. Either way the water was loaded with surfers...i made my way north and couldn't find any parking until i got to a bayshore spot. Nothing was going on there. Maybe next weekend i can hit some spots that i like. Inbetween time, i may just have to hit the river after work and see what's happening
  13. I could be wrong but i think water quality has gone up since the 60's through the aughts...i think it's more complex than thinking is along the lines of overfishing, water temperature fluctuation as well as flow/discharge...what's going on in the chessy is a combination of warmer water and agricultural runoff, just like in Florida with its's not heavy metal
  14. Interesting thread. There's so much info here and I've gone through only half of the posts.... I've always felt like an outcast when fishing the surf with my baitcasters. Only once have i come across another person throwing plugs with a conventional reel (are they the same thing). Dude was in his 70's and had an open-caged w/out a level wind -spooled with dracon line- paired with a fiberglass rod.; he said he was feeling nostalgic and wanted to use his old gear... I can't speak on stripers or bluefish over 34" but every reel I've used has handled both species to that size with no problem. Im talking abu 4500, shimamo antares, and an okuma stratus V... I've skated-in fish with the status V and its 6.5:1 ratio. It was (still is) my LMB froggin set-up Baitcasters are super easy to adjust the drag mid-fight. Plus, everything seems in-line and breaking them down to clean and lubricate is simple... if it's a wind-in-the-face day, I'll opt spinning gear eveytime.
  15. Irene was an odd one for my household in Piscataway. Everything was fine until the day after the stom. That's when water started filling up our basement's French drains and didn't stop until there was around 6"inches of water in the basement. It was the only time our house had water in the basement in 30 years we have lived here. The rain scares me, especially after all this rain we've had so far this year.