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  1. Went there yesterday and my friend just wanted to get some sand between her toes and pick up shells and i can verify that this is the case "on weekends." Security said "it was implemented 2 years ago because of the amount of litter on the beach. Sometimes they would be cleaning the beach until 2am and they decided it would just be easier to limit access."
  2. They're definitely around. I went for a leisurely stroll out front moco with a friend today. We walked the wrack line around dead low tide and there were lots of calico shells. We even came across a couple live ones clinging to detritus and she freaked out with surprise that there's life on the beach. Egg laden mole crabs were around as well. I regretted not bringing a rod
  3. There's been people on wave runners on a river in my area since early April
  4. Im glad I'm not the only one....I've had my ons and offs with fishing for as long as i can remember. I'm39. Until 4.5 years ago it was strictly freshwater. Learning that i could catch stripers and blues close to home in a brackish river really intrigued me but also had me going out front to learn more. Last fall i had my best spring summer and fall with the salt in the back and out front. My freshwater catches tailed off and i was constantly running into people in places where i could fish and catch in solitude. Maybe the crowding/pressure is what did it to me this time. I still like to go to spots and observe nature and what's going on but I'm not getting that "it woulda been nice to catch that feeling." Ive lately found myself more excited to watch an Egret stalk panfish than to toss a popper along the same weedline *or observe pipefish chasing bait over plugging away and going spot to spot
  5. I'm sure I'll get some classic SOL tongue-in-cheek responses to this post. I'm even hesitant to ask but here it goes. Have any of y'all ever lost your urge to go fishing? After 4 years of fishing (fresh, sweet,or saltwater) almost daily from March through December, my want to go fishing has greatly diminished, this spring, pretty much to the point of being non-existent. If you have had a similar experience, what brought you back?
  6. I beg to differ...i think the Raritan River "The Queen of Rivers," is the best/most diversified river in Jersey. From Clinton to Perth Amboy it offers so much. Native brook trout to seasonal bluefish; ya can't go wrong
  7. Looks like "racers" (big heads and small bodies) have been in the area. I went down to RB this weekend and didn't even wet my line. No one was catching a thing....i think i picked the wrong decade to start surf fishing
  8. From what I understand and from my experiences, when the lifeguards are gone, it's all good to fish the beach...some towns will give "free" access to fishermen during guarded times
  9. I bet if you rotate your phone, there will be a position where you'll be able to see the screen...if i rotate my phone 90° i can hardly see anything
  10. No, we only deal with polycarbonate, and various plastics. I don't know if i would feel safe with glass lenses. Glass lenses are much easier to break than polycarbonate. Plus when the glass breaks it shatters and produces little shards. It usually takes multiple blows with a hammer to break poly lenses.
  11. Yup. Before i know about polarization i made so non-rx lenses for my sister. Being that there was no rx, i didn't think it mattered how the lenses were cut into the frame. She couldn't see any lcd screen with one of the eyes, that's when i learned about polarization
  12. That's because they messed up your script...there's a number in prescription called axis and that's the part they got wrong. Polarized lenses work by changing the direction that light passes through the lenses and when things aren't lined-up properly, that's when people get the effect that you describe...Idk how old your lenses are but if it's under a year, i would tell your optometrist exactly the effects you're having and get them to give u new lenses at no cost *by the way, i know it because i work a lens supplier*
  13. I use a 9ft penn prevail paired with a penn fierce 4000 spinning reel. It's held up for 3 seasons but i haven't had anything over 15lbs on it so i can't attest to it's durability with big girls....when shorts to keepers are the likely catch, i just use a 7ft st criox triumph baitcating rod with a shimano antares reel. I've skated in some keeper sized stripers with the 7ft set-up. I have have 20lb j-braid on the penn gear connected via uni to uni Knott to around 18" of 20lb mono leader and TA clips...20 lb power pro to 18"of mono leader on the baitcaster My thinking is that I'll fish with what i have until a fish destroys my gear
  14. Ok, so what about responsible people that just want a burger and a Clausthaler the answer?