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  1. I've never started a garden before mothers day....Usually this is the time of year when i start cloning tomatoes...i would snag a branch(s) when buying other plants.
  2. The queen of rivers is interesting...the tide is around 6ft in that area. There's 2 really small windows of time where one can catch stripers over 18." I've seen "blitzes" as far up as bound brook. There were times it looked like the river was being bombed. In the fall, snappers, spikes, juvi-stripers, and white perch are in the river.
  3. Skunking: 18:00-20:00 i fished in the back around the low tide...i was able to retrieve a lure i snagged around a high-tide last week
  4. How do y'all work those kinda lures? I know spook-types from freshwater fishing and only feel comfortable doing downward taps like freshwater. I've had successes in saltwater doing it that way... "Walking the dog" with a spook is fun
  5. Can this asinine garbage get moved to a separate thread please I fished in the back from 1700-1900. Got a nice skunk. Wind from from Northwest was pretty chilly
  6. We can go LEFT...are you ready to start the revolution?
  7. Your deach...please close it; it looks gross
  8. "Closed," i would think that means for everything lol
  9. It took me a year -from one fall to the next- to catch a striper in a bay or the ocean. I think what helped me was to simplify my pursuit. My 1st keeper sized stripers were caught in a tidal river. I hit the same spot for months before caught on lures. It took 2 years before i got a good idea when and what fish would be there. Anyways, i used to hop around from spot to spot throwing all kinds of lures but once i decided to focus on like 3 spots and 5 lures i started catching along the bay and beach. Being able to find bluefish really helped my confidence
  10. Is there any official word on shore closure? I can see the "parks" being closed but what about access points not park related?
  11. It takes about 6 weeks for crude oil price changes to make their way to the gas pump... Also, does the governor control everything about the price of gas?
  12. Can we leave the regulations discussions to appropriate threads... Has anyone done any outfront fishing this month?
  13. Interesting. I didn't know it was an official term. My brother, who is more into, "official fishing terms," than i, used the grand slam term when i caught a largemouth, smallmouth, & striper one day at one spot. I thought nothing of it other than it sounded like the right thing to call it. 4 species seems more appropriate considering a grand slam in baseball is 4 runs