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  1. That's the Ryan Hickey collection from his \.$+@:#%@£ account...Neither are my photos
  2. Is he of the Wennings that own a butcher shop around Long Branch...has a son Brian Wenning?
  3. It's funny, i found out about his lures through skateboarding. He used to be a pro.
  4. I'm wondering if any of y'all have fished lures made by Ryan Hickey and if so, what are your thoughts on his lures?
  5. Id like to know the name of the market
  6. I came across this info; hopefully it's ok to post a screen shot without a link or .com address Why is there a black market for Striped Bass? I don't get it. It's not like stripers are an amazing-tasting fish
  7. Do you use basis or mono? As i mentioned before, my only issue is the metal guides (specifically the top guide) get grooved from braided line
  8. I'm just wondering about the seals that have been known to congregate on the sandbars on the backside of Sandy Hook....are the seals back, yet, this winter? I'm thinking of taking a drive to see them this season; any advice/info would be appreciated
  9. duuude, freshwater is quickly turning into hardwater.... I fished for stripers only a handful of times this seems like i didn't miss anything by not heading out-front every chance i had.
  10. When dealing with some people it is a question of whether or not it's the law. If there is a law or regulation to back me up, I'm more apt to say something to a person who is fishing like an A-hole. I get get pissed at people with 3 or more bait & wait rods, because their technique is hogging a spot. If i was able to cite a regulation and have some chunkers cut down on the number of rods they let just sit, I'd be more apt to say something to people breaking regulations... If it's ok, by regulations, who am i to say anything...
  11. Are there no limits to the number of rods at a time that one person can use?
  12. Ive been to one spot along the was near a bridge and clearly marked pubic access/parking.... It's such a narrow stretch of land that I've never really looked for parking on the side streets... I've been on Sandy Hook. And i kmow replenishment somewhere has buried the jetties i remember from by youth. But yeah, man, I've never found a place to park and get over that me, sea bright is just a town on my way to some jetties
  13. Just wondering if weakfish were usually mixed in with snapper blues
  14. Idk if a 1 year old is considered fry