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  1. I use a 9ft penn prevail paired with a penn fierce 4000 spinning reel. It's held up for 3 seasons but i haven't had anything over 15lbs on it so i can't attest to it's durability with big girls....when shorts to keepers are the likely catch, i just use a 7ft st criox triumph baitcating rod with a shimano antares reel. I've skated in some keeper sized stripers with the 7ft set-up. I have have 20lb j-braid on the penn gear connected via uni to uni Knott to around 18" of 20lb mono leader and TA clips...20 lb power pro to 18"of mono leader on the baitcaster My thinking is that I'll fish with what i have until a fish destroys my gear
  2. Ok, so what about responsible people that just want a burger and a Clausthaler the answer?
  3. Exactly know me so well
  4. Burgers and beer at a scenic picnic area (not on the beach) shouldn't be a big deal but, like most things, a few knuckleheads had to go and ruin it for everyone. From what I've read, it's the whole park, not just the beaches
  5. Pretty lame if you ask me
  6. Please do..full disclosure: I've known a couple of the owners since we were teenagers in the 90s. I haven't been to the Hillsborough shop but the one in Edison is like no other shop I've been to. You can even buy art made by local artists....
  7. The rorschach galleries. one is in edison and is in Hillsboro...the won a websites vote for best nj tattoo shop.
  8. I'm really contemplating giving some sweetwater a try soon...Theres been hundreds of gulls along the bank of the queen of rivers, for a couple weeks now. I have yet to see any diving action but then again i observe only to and from my way to work. I'm thinking of giving it a shot during an afternoon incoming tide, maybe slow-fish some soft plastics. There should be a chance of catching some perch, no? I've caught yellow and also white perch at this spot as "bycatch." My initial thought is these seagulls are there for a reason--food. Does anyone have any insight as to what's up with all the seagulls?
  9. That's the Ryan Hickey collection from his \.$+@:#%@£ account...Neither are my photos
  10. Is he of the Wennings that own a butcher shop around Long Branch...has a son Brian Wenning?
  11. It's funny, i found out about his lures through skateboarding. He used to be a pro.
  12. I'm wondering if any of y'all have fished lures made by Ryan Hickey and if so, what are your thoughts on his lures?
  13. Id like to know the name of the market