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  1. Thanks Tony, that helps a lot.
  2. I live in an area where saltwater offshore equipment isn't stocked locally and I just can't find descriptions online that help me with my selection. I'm looking for a boat rod that doesn't have a roller tip. This rod will be used to mount my Squall SQL30VSW while jigging for big grouper, amberjack and other big fish while using huge baits. I'm looking for a 6' to 6'6", heavy power rod with a metal reel seat. I believe there are Ally models that meet this criteria but I can't figure out which ones online. I use the Ally rods for trolling and love them, but I don't like the roller rods while jigging.
  3. Each marriage has it's own set of rules and complications. We all have to negotiate for things we do in our marriage. Anyone that thinks differently is likely just oblivious to these negotiations. If I want to go fishing I can just say so and I go, but then I may have to compromise on something else. key word "may". Usually it's not a big deal but I may not want to go to the ballet. Sneaking just means I don't have to make payment. LOL Y'all on this forum are too serious sometimes. I made the same post on a facebook page and we have been having all kinds of fun with it. Net result there: I am a bad person. LOL
  4. My wife is the sweetest person in the world, isn't greedy or needy, but she has this devious mind. If we were to divorce over fishing, she would only ask for the fishing stuff and enough money so I couldn't buy replacements. She wouldn't go after everything like some woman do. She just doesn't think that way. Think of it this way, if we divorced because I cheated on her, the only thing she would request in the settlement would be for my penis. She'd let me keep everything else. And I would be siting there thinking; is it worth giving it to her so I can keep everything. LOL
  5. I'm more worried about the wife finding out. I love her to death, but she has a devious mind. In a divorce settlement I would bet she would only want my truck, boat, fishing gear and enough alimony that I couldn't repurchase them again. LOL
  6. If the wife knows I'm paying hooky, I will have a list of things to do. And if I'm honest with myself those things need to be done. I'm playing hooky from work and home.
  7. Has anyone else ever left for work at the regular time, changed clothes, called in sick and gone fishing, then change clothes back, return home and act like it was a normal day? I have, and I don't feel the least bit guilty. I'm a bad parson!
  8. Back when this was originally posted, I was just hearing stories on the periphery. Now I have seen it first hand. Caught my first Snakehead from the pier in Charlestown, Cecil county in early September 2018 on a 6" silver Rapala. It was only about 15" long, but was a snakehead none the less. I'm waiting to see them in the grass bed by the lighthouse in Havre de Grace, but none yet. I cast all around that area several times a week, in the evening, for most of the summer. Plenty of LMB and occasionally a Pickerel, but no Snakeheads yet. It's just a matter of time.
  9. Only a bad fisherman contemplates eating his bait. I do it all the time.
  10. When fishing some of the causeways in the Tampa area I get checked by FWC frequently. However, they only ask to see inside all my coolers. They have never asked to see my license.
  11. Never considered casting an International. LOL I learned to surf cast with Jigmasters on 7' rods. That's what my grandfather gave me to use and there was hell to pay if I backlashed it. I now use Squall 15 Star drag and Squall 30 Lever drag reels for surf casting on either prevail or battalion rods. Those cast like a dream.
  12. Thanks Tony. I figured I would get good information here. All of my saltwater reels are Penn. Some going back to my grandfather in the 60s. I have been able to get parts for his senators and jigmasters from Penn. I do have a few greenies as well, but I don't use them. I prefer the newer spinning reels. All his conventionals are still in use. One of his 1960s 9/0 Senators was used to catch a 500# Black Marlin in Costa Rica back in 2015. See in my profile picture. If they are properly maintained and repaired they should last for a very long time.
  13. I think this is the missing piece of information. Those washers were the worst part of the reel. Dried grease and dirt and there were two sets of two stuck together. It took some work to get them clean. I now think they were likely in the (( )) configuration because of how they were stuck together. When I reassembled the reel I put them in the (((( configuration. Now, when I set the drag to have slight pressure just above the free setting, it is far tighter in strike than it was before I serviced it. Unfortunately, I didn't see this information in any of the literature I found online. I will have to play around with it and see what happens. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
  14. I purchased a used International II 50TW reel from a thrift shop. It functioned well when I got it, but I knew I should give it a good cleaning. I completely disassembled it, keeping all the parts in their exact original order. There was no corrosion, but a lot of dried grease. Everything was completely cleaning and reassembled. There is one thing different I noticed once I was done. The drag lever doesn't go all the way to the lower stop like it did before I cleaned it. It appears to functions properly and the drag was able to be set properly. I just don't know if this is okay or I did something wrong. The attached pictures show the difference. This is before cleaning. Notice the lever goes a little below the pin and covers the "F" This is after cleaning. Notice the lever stops over the pin.
  15. I also use a shock leader on the line, it's typically 40# to 100# fluorocarbon depending on the fish being targeted. When targeting snapper, using a boat rod with the jigmaster, I use 40#. When targeting grouper, using a Penn Senator 9/0 with 80# line I use 100# fluorocarbon shock leader.