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  1. Thanks. I bought this for my son and I for 2 handed casting. Never lined or used ,, we just didn't enjoy it Anyway. Sold the rod. 149. Picked up nh. Or add. 6.98. Shipping PayPal. Thx Jim
  2. Jim here Portsmouth. Plenty of striper action. Tons of fish. Charter guys are booked but you might get lucky. Out of the surf. On frozen herring or chunk Mac. Topmwater plugs early
  3. Thanks don. Will pm our PayPal
  4. New rise 9/10. .. purchased for a Spey rod set up. Just couldn't get it. New in box , never lined sold the rod 139..... 7.89 shipping PayPal works. Thanks for looking
  5. Well. I'm by far not an expert. But manage to fly line 60'plus days a yr -- this is my go to line .. over floating or any other sink tip line Most fish are feeding below the surface..
  6. Thanks. At first I didn't understand. The question... yes it's complete line ,,, has a 275 Gr sink tip. You can google it up for the exact specs I was using s.a coastal express. 250. And like it a lot But like this line much better .. I've been using it a 7 wt. but. It's casts just as well on my 8 and 9 wt rods
  7. Wow. I think I've been duped... been using seagur. For 4 yrs. never had an issue ... but I might go with straight mono when I'm out
  8. Thx vta. One more remaining If anyone can use it
  9. Have 2 extra coils Hope someone can use it New , fresh specialized 275 Gr sink tip line .... there are a Ton of lines out there but this is my favorite striper line. I use it on 7-9 wt rods. 29.00. Ea. 3.99 shipping. Was 79.00
  10. Hello. Was given a cabelas mg prodigy 4000. Mag frame spin rods. These retailed about 100.00 Looks pretty darn nice. But are they any good. ??
  11. I would be a buyer at 70.00 and 10.00 shipping to nh. Pm being sent
  12. thanks. Lost my LT 4, Long story. Fell overboard .. all bad. Looking to replace it. Prefer a lighter color. .there is always hope .. Jim
  13. Would a 2 pc work..?. I have a great tica 6/7. ..I don't use. Has little wear. Nice rod 50..00. Ccan send photo s
  14. Hey nj. I have a Gold cup lll. Off shore angler. That I had on a 10 wt .. used once. Really is like new. With 250 yds backing 89.00 shipped. Great reels ,tibor clones Not china. Korean made.