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  1. Locking up and listing elsewhere due to lack of interest. Thanks SOL
  2. It worked on me, but I was willing to shell out the difference to upgrade (I found a sweet deal online). A lot of competition at that Saltist price point: Accurate Tern, Penn Fathom, Shimano Torium and even some of the larger low profiles. The levelwind Saltist was my first conventional as well, and I agree, hefty but very well made. I might just keep it and use it for trolling and livelining bunker from the kayak.
  3. I was in the market for a new toggin reel this winter and if the Saltist came in lefty, I probably would have one but ended up with a Saltiga instead. Not sure why Daiwa doesn’t offer a LH retrieve in any of their Saltist conventional reels. I own the older black levelwind Saltist and it feels solid but I just can’t get used to cranking with my right hand.
  4. One last bump, before I list elsewhere. Open to shipping these (3) items at my asking price: VSX 100 - $625 PayPal TYD Boga - $100 PayPal TYD Met MGL 151 - $280 PayPal TYD I am not shipping the rods or combos.
  5. This generation of the Saltiga is made in Korea.
  6. BUMP! Here are some pics, close-ups and more detailed pics available upon request.
  7. Thanks for inquiring, I am not looking to ship currently, and I am assuming your in NY from your screen name? My asking prices are for local pick up near EHT, NJ. If you can pick it up, it’s yours for $90.
  8. Oh ok. I just picked up a 731M, but haven’t had a chance to take it toggin yet. Hopefully I can get out this weekend. I wouldn’t think to fish a jig on it.
  9. Is he fishing his jig with that rod?
  10. Thanks for the offer, but I will have to stick to my asking price of $90, which I believe is fair at more than half off retail.
  11. Budget? If you want to stick with Shimano, the Curado K gets good reviews and would pair nicely. Daiwa, the Tatula would be the comparable reel. I’ve owned the Tatula CT and liked them a lot. The Fuegos are pretty much the Tatula minus the T-wing and come in even cheaper. I also enjoyed my Lews LFS, it was my first ever baitcaster and should be in the Fuego price range on fleabay. Tons of choices.
  12. Correct, baitcaster.
  13. Hey SOL, One of my 2019 New Years resolutions is to downsize my tackle collection and get rid of some of my unused or rarely used fishing gear. The second part of this resolution is to make less impulsive tackle purchases when shiny, new toys hit the market. So far, so good, 2 days in. Prices are for local pick-up, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ. I am firm on the prices (I believe I’ve priced each item fairly and accordingly based on condition) but will consider offers for multiple items. I am willing to drive a reasonable distance to facilitate a deal. Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has a great 2019 fishing season. Cy PS: Pics to follow COMBOS Lamiglas TFX 7030 CT + Daiwa Saltist LW20H-C Combo - $275 St Croix Avid Inshore VIS76MLF + Shimano Stradic 2500FK Combo - $275 RODS G Loomis GLX 844c MBR - $250 G Loomis IMX Pro 852c JWR - $180 Shimano Zodias 172MH - $90 SOLD to DaD0ughB0y Shimano Teramar SE TMC76H - $70 Shimano Teramar SE TMSX70M - $70 Shimano Teramar SE TMSX70MH - $60 Ande Casting Rod ATCJ661MH -$25 REELS (NEW) Van Staal 100BXP - $625 Shimano Metanium MGL 151HG - $280 MISC (NEW) Boga 130 - $100
  14. Ooops, must’ve missed that. Good luck with your search.