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  1. I’ve got (3) rods that might be useful to you at a range of price points and uses. Loomis GLX 844c MBR (Brand New)-$300 - This is a freshwater bass rod which would work extremely well for bouncing bucktails for fluke or casting soft plastics on lighter jig heads. Rated for a 1/4-1 oz. It was going to be a “do-all” freshwater rod with a secondary use as a back bay fluking rod. Retails for $455. Shimano Teramar NE TMC-E66M (Used)-$80 - Some light cosmetic wear from use. All original guides and in great working condition. A little shorter than the 7’ you are looking for but would still work well on the kayak. This rod is a “Medium” rated for 1/2-3 oz. I usually paired this rod with a Tranx 300 and used it to troll SPs, paddletails up to 2 oz, and even did some toggin with it. Retails for $160. Daiwa Proteus SS PRSS64MHB (Used)-$100 - Excellent condition. This is the stoutest of the 3 rods and is rated for 60-150g jigs. Which equates to about 2-5 oz. It’s a jigging rod with a longer butt section, so at 6’4” fishes even shorter because of where the reel seat is located. Would work well for deeper water fluking, togging, and would even hold its own on partyboats targeting fluke, seabass, and Tog inshore. Microguides add some sensitivity to the rod, but can be a pain if you don’t tie a slim mainline/leader connection like an FG knot. Retails for $170 I’m near AC and fish near Avalon/Ocean City often, so if you’re in the area and want to check them out just let me know. Prices are for local meet up.
  2. Thanks, gonna think it through. Still considering this or the even lower ratio C3000.
  3. Hmm, tempted to add one with the slightly slower gear ratio to the arsenal. Any idea if Shimano will service this reel, given that it’s not offered domestically?
  4. Dobyn’s sold to @PhilCVG Legend Inshore sold to @saltygator 2 rods left and I’m adding a 3rd rod: G LoomisGLX 842c MBR - This rod was used lightly. Last used spring of last year. I have not gone freshwater fishing in over a year and I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that the saltwater has taken over any free time I have to fish. Probably the toughest rod for me get rid, hence why it wasn’t listed in my initial post. Phenix Feather - $80 GLX 844c MBR - $290 GLX 842c MBR -$270 Prices listed are for local meet-up, which is my preferred method to sell. Will only consider shipping if interested in multiple or all remaining rods. Actual shipping costs and fees will be added to price listed.
  5. @saltygator I’ll take you up on your offer to ship the Legend Tournament Inshore, if you’re still interested.
  6. Yup, about 15 min west of AC (08234). I can come up Route 40 or the Expressway a bit and meet up too.
  7. Hey, thanks for the interest. I’ll think it over and let you know. I actually just shipped out a few reels from my other thread and the Airwave Elite from this thread. Everyone’s reels arrived on time, but the rod is stuck in limbo. Not sure if it’s a coincidence, but I have had just enough bad experiences shipping rods that I’d rather avoid it if I can.
  8. Hey @PhilCVG, yes the Dobyns is still available. I nearly forgot about this thread. Let me know if you’re interested, I’ll be closing the thread and will list the rods elsewhere in the near future.
  9. Hey Max, I really do appreciate the interest and if shipping rods was as easy and hassle free as shipping reels, I’d be much more open to it. I’ve had a couple rod shipping nightmares which are still haunting me, so for now, trying avoid it. Cy
  10. One and only bump. Just the VR50 left.
  11. Bump! $10 of remaining rods. Local meet-up anywhere within about a half hour drive from EHT. One and only price drop and I’m gonna try listing elsewhere. NRX is SOLD.
  12. Meet me at $470 and they’re yours.
  13. 20 lb. I though I included that in my original post, I must've overlooked it.
  14. Stradic FK sold to @Heartcrusher PMed with PayPal info.
  15. I’m going to give @Heartcrusher a chance to respond to my counter. If I don’t hear from him by the evening, it’s yours. Trying to keep things fair.