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  1. Bump! Still available. $420 cash, picked up in EHT, NJ 08234. It is still brand new as the day I bought it, never spooled. I can take pics if someone shows interest.
  2. You can get them straight from their website.
  3. Happy Easter Bump! I know someone could use a brand new VR50. Still only interested in a local sale. No shipping.
  4. I’d be down for trips on the River or Bay. I’m on the Jersey side as well. I’m in EHT, so I’m about 45min to an hour away depending on where you’re launching, but that beats the drive I’ve been taking up to the Raritan.
  5. Ah that sucks. How about ordering them from the DSG website? I think they do free shipping for $50+ purchases. Good luck on your search!
  6. Check your local DSG. Mine is doing BOGO 50% off on Rapala lures.
  7. Deleted, double post.
  8. Bump, still available. Would make a great schoolie and fluke reel. Still looking to sell locally. No trades.
  9. I was watching some YT videos and saw this feature covered, here’s a screenshot.
  10. Sure, I can do that. I’ll PM you for PayPal info. I’ll let you know if the sale with mwhitt80 falls through, but as of now it looks like they are sold. Thanks for the interest.
  11. Buy/Sell/Trade (classifieds) forum
  12. I’ve acquired most of my 2nd hand Hobie accessories on BST, Facebook marketplace, or Craigslist. I think your best bet new would be Amazon or eBay, when there’s a coupon code floating around.
  13. I’m firm on my asking and would prefer to sell locally to recoup what I paid. If I change my mind on shipping, I’ll let you know.
  14. I appreciate the offer and the interest but I’m not looking for any trades.