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  1. Thanks for the offer, but I could not find much info about this specific set or the brand in general. I’m going to hold off on this for now and see what else comes along. EDIT: Found a set locally, thanks SOL.
  2. Thanks, and I probably should have mentioned my location. I’m in Southern NJ (08234). I’d prefer a local sale unless you’re willing to ship. Cy
  3. Hey SOL, It’s probably a long shot but I figured I’d try. I’m looking to get into golf and I am on the market for some golf gear. To start, a set of irons is my priority just so I can hit the driving range or an empty field and work on my swing. I have a feeling that my taste for nicer gear in fishing will probably translate to golf, so I wouldn’t mind paying for nice clubs from the get-go but I’m honestly open to anything as a complete newbie. I’m open to trade some fishing gear for golf gear if I have something you might want. Show me what you got! Cy
  4. Yeah, I’m free tomorrow. Shoot me a PM. I’ll take it.
  5. I’d like to respectfully offer $115 cash and can even pick it up tonight at the Monmouth Service Area if you’re available.
  6. 803s sold to @lafalot It was nice meeting you guys today. Shutting this down as I’ve decided to keep the 883s, for now. Thanks SOL!
  7. @Starsnstripes I think I’m going to hold on to this rod. I took it out yesterday and decided it can be useful in my current arsenal. I’m going to update my listing. Sorry about that. EDIT: I can’t seem to edit my original post. So NRX 883s MR is no longer available.
  8. My intention for the 843s and 803s was to use them exclusively from the kayak. I loved the 883 for my back bay uses (walking the sod banks for bass, fluke, blues). It was just a little to long for my liking on the kayak. The 803 has been used sparingly on the yak for fluke and has even handled some Tog and sheepshead. I just felt that it overlapped with other rods that I already have and wanted to fund a custom rod which is why I’m letting it go. I think I am going to hold on to the 883s, it’s the one I’ve found the most use for. The 803 and 843 mostly sat on the rack.
  9. To tell you the truth, I am not sure if the warranty transfers as I’ve never had to utilize it. I do know that Loomis also offers a “no questions asked” Expeditor service, in which they’ll provide a new replacement rod for a fee. I believe the NRX is $125 to replace, no matter how the rod is damaged. Warranty replacements may require proof of purchase to open a claim. Maybe someone who’s used either service can chime in.
  10. Thanks for the interest, but I’m not shipping.
  11. 843s is SOLD! Nice meeting you guys today @PLKM 883s and 803s still available $375 each (firm) picked up near 08330.
  12. I’m meeting up with Paul tomorrow. I’ll let you know if he decides to pass.
  13. Hey Paul, I can do $375 for the 843s picked up in person near 08330.
  14. Not quite 7'6" but my favorite rod for that range right now is my 7'2" Shimano Expride. This rod weighs in at 108g. I use this rod to sling soft plastics and bottom fish for fluke, tog, and sheepshead from the kayak. It's also my go to rod to jig tog from party boats. Can handle up to 1.5-2 oz with that application. It works better for me from the kayak, 7'6" rods become slightly more cumbersome to manage for me. I do have a custom 7'3" Century Weapon Jr Mag on order. But the Expride at half the cost is a great value. Very sensitive and has a lot more power than you'd expect for a freshwater bass rod. I think it would pair with a Vanford nicely.
  15. Sold to @Kapfish Nice meeting you, Steve. Thanks SOL!