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  1. Thanks guys. Went by West Marine and tried the Saragose 6k, nice balance and the reel seat fits. Also tried the BG4000, poor cousin to the Saltist 4000. The Saragosa is really nice.
  2. My wife ordered some stuff from China, 4 months later it arrives. But it did arrive.
  3. Folks, Looking for a good match for an Ardito Travel Surf rod (ARDT1105MFS-TR) I was given as a present. Leaning toward Saltist4000. By the way, my VS200 balances well with it but does not fit in the reel seat Any thoughts?
  4. I have never used a Unicorn. This will require some in depth study. When is my copy of Odysseus?
  5. HAHA!......maybe in next life!
  6. BDF I read it. That is how I got the list. Did I miss something this recap didn't capture? The Sponge
  7. True, I have a lot to learn. But there is s difference between getting wet and willfully submerging. Any tips on the mermaid bait? ​Mermaid spotting?
  8. You guys are great. Added fluro leaders.
  9. 30LB Should I use leaders on all lures or select?
  10. Matt, Just swivels on the spoons. What do you recommend and what application? My thought on the jigs was a loop knot.
  11. Newbie chime in: If I have learned anything is that if you are staying dry just about anything will work. Good reels from $50 - $300. Why screw with vintage stuff, unless you like to tinker. I prefer chasing women to tinkering. If you are submerging, VS and the like. Since there are, reportedly, mermaids to be found, I prefer fishing and chasing women at the same time! Any suggestion for Mermaid bait? Maybe this should be a new post......
  12. Wire, What beach? Although I didn't see anything from Grand Isle, LA. TF
  13. Thank A
  14. Alex, SP Minnow is much like the X-Rap?​​ I am looking at poppers​ now.....good call!
  15. Chris, Pacific Coast Costa Rica is my first trip. Targeting Snook, Macks and on the outside chance, Snapper and Sea Bass.