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  1. Who is doing penn reel repairs now that Sea Isle tackle in Freeport is closed
  2. I admire your fishing knowledge but u should take that photo off yours site especially during the Holy Week


    1. The Riddler

      The Riddler

      Thanks.  Im not the best, not the worst, in the middle of the bus. What ever I can do to help somebody else is the same efforts I got from other folks. Just trying to keep the forums alive. This is a great website.  Proud to me a member. 

  3. You gave some specific recommendations for fishing pole butt length for kayak rods. Can't seem to find the post. You mentioned tsunami rods. Can you please provide specifics on the rod. Thanks.


    1. The Riddler

      The Riddler

      I don't use or have any feedback for tsunami rods.  I don't remember the thread to find it.  If I can be of any help let me know. 

  4. I recently had my 11.5 lamiglass rod refinished with all new guides. For years I have been securing my Penn reel to the rod with electrical tape. Is there an accurate way of determining where I place the reel on the rod for best performance? In other words, is there a measurement used in placement?. I am 5' 8 inches tall, 166 lbs. My arm measurement from tip of ring finger to elbow is 16". Ring finger to arm pit is 30 ". I have been told to find the " sweet spot" on the rod. Is placement just trial and error.? Thanks in advance for your help/advice. Jake
  5. Thanks Dave, we fish similiar waters,and I have neoprene boots, maybe they will work until the water around here heats up.
  6. OK I have the pants. Question- what type of footwear? I tried the pants which have built in "socks", with my pair of NRS Muklucks. you gusses it, the boots are now too small!. I read Jon S thread- he wears a bootie, but do they keep your feet warm in cold water? Anyone have a suggestion.
  7. I just picked up a Kokatat Swift Entry Drysuit. After a wrestling match I finally got into the suit. Now I have read the literature concerning the gaskets and the care needed for the zipper. I cant imagine attempting to get in and out of this suit from inside my jeep. I'm also concerned about the zipper when used on a beach. I'm considering returning it for a Black Rock Jacket and Pants. Any ideas on the subject? I'm 5'8", 165 lbs- I purchased a large size drysuit.
  8. Wetsuits- remember- those surfers are mostly in or under the water. That's what wetsuits are made for. Kayakers are mostly sitting out of the water- but are wet from entry or tipping over. I find the wetsuit is good in milder weather- in the morning or night. Midday you wil cook in the sun. I ordered a black rock jacket and pants to use as a wind breaker for the cold spring weather. I also will experiment with a mukluk boot for foot protection. Check out the Duofold utech underwear as a base layer. Good luck. byw- also check out many of the discussions on this board re cold weather kayaking- it could save your life! jake
  9. Thanks Doug- you get my drift regarding surf entry/exit. I get washed off the SOT about 40 percent of the time on re-enrty from the surf to the beach. You cant see the waves coming from behind your kayak. Leaving the beach is easier because you can see the approaching waves and anticipate your move. I have been practicing with the drysuit, and strecting the gaskets. I may keep it, although the old lady is having a good laugh watching me get dressed.
  10. Sammy, thanks for the tip-Jake
  11. OK- I'm wearing my rash guard shirt, my Body Glove full wetsuit (80%/20% neo/nylon), a set of booties, a Bronco jacket w/ hood and a watch cap. I fish the surf and waders are out. Any ideas on what I should be wearing? By the way, my friend suggests Remy-Martin, but kidding aside, whats' next?
  12. Flounder- Thanks for those safety tips-especially at this time of year, when so many of us kayak fisherman are venturing out in uncertain weather conditions. I hope EVERY kakak fisherman takes the time to review his/her approach to this great sport, and put safety first. Great board- great ideas. Thank you. Jake.
  13. Thanks for your advise. Jon S- Mysterioso??
  14. I have a new Penn 5500. I fish in the surf. I'v been experiencing problems with the line wrapping around the bail mechanism. This never happend with my "green" Peen reels. Can anyone identify the problem? Has anyone else had this problem?
  15. there is a recall on SOSpenders
  16. I have a Hobie- Pursuit SOT. I'v used it for 5 years. I use it in the surf and some bay fishing. I also use a Yak rak to transport. The paddle would get in the way of a surf landing. I feel it would also impede your fishing by getting you line tangled under the yak.
  17. Chief-another tip re your equipment. Always remove and stow your tackle in a safe place before you attempt to re-enter the beach from the waves. I use a large weighted treble hook to snag live bunker, just outside the surf. It becomes a menace on re-entry if left on your rod.
  18. I'm looking for info on where to put in near /Quoque. I'm fishing via Kakak during September.
  19. Surf fishing is my first love. If I can help, please drop me a line.
  20. john gray Rockaway Beach, N.Y. Hobie sot Fish the Rockaway Surf and Jamacia Bay Experience of a lifetime-40# Bass on a live bunker from the kayak NYPD (ret)
  21. Fisherman-until I learn to walk out there
  22. tuned in -however the tape of the show on Saturday morning had technical difficulties-anyone know if or when it will be replayed?
  23. JohnP- How about some info on surf fishing from a Kayak. Include tips on gear, safety and getting in and out over the surf. I would also be intrested in locations to put in, parking facilities and restrictions. Thanks
  24. Tom, I have a 14' Hobie sit on top- works well in the surf- I was lucky- 40# from the yak in the rockaway surf. Look for the story in artiles section-( soon I hope). Live bunker-snag and go! and she went- Pics to follow-good luck. Jake