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  1. You can run into OC on low air no problem. Just watch high speed turns and sharp turning in parking lots.
  2. Right now it's pretty much the tunnell. They closed the point.
  3. Nah man... 12:05 a.m. I don't think the sun shines anywhere, anytime, on God's green earth at 12:05 a.m.
  4. Keep thinking that my friend. Time of catch... 0 dark :30 Incedently to keep on topic, no glow stick,,, just a backed off drag, a clicker and my ears. But then I feel no need for 8 rods scattered to Timbuktoo. Just 2 right in front of me.
  5. Bill Klein and I a few years back posted our objections to this on this forum and to "upper management" when it first occurred. "Real Time" was in it's infancy then. But we resolved it won't happen here. And now that "Real Time" is ubiquitous my resolve has only increased. If I may be so presumptuous as to believe I know our forum leader I believe he would concur. No "Real Time" reports will stay on this forum as long as I have the buttons. GET OUT THERE AND FISH!!!! Take my word for it. Fishing = successful fishing. So Allen... Don't worry be happy... be happy now.
  6. Nope, used to be but not anymore.
  7. I humbly stand corrected. Didn't think the mullet/shark run started until later in the spring. A Zing-Zang or Crown is all yours Marcus. That's as fancy as I get.
  8. This might sound stupid, but what did you do with her? I mean did you call a ranger and report it to dispose of properly or just let her float away? What would the protocol be in that scenario? The obvious is NOT to keep her? Back until about maybe 10 years ago or so you could keep big fish in MD. CG has been drummin' a long time. BTW nowdays, letter of the law... release the fish, dead or alive. Oh yeah, letting her "float away" tragic as it may be, is not a waste but a continuation of the food chain.
  9. Very doubtful. As a rule BT's aren't on the beaches anywhere this time of year. "fess up Smallbatch, if you caught that fish in the last 2 weeks I'll buy Marcus a Cosmo at the Purple Parrott.
  10. ASAP - If you want just a length measurement don't even take the time to measure the fish. Lay the fish on wet sand and either scratch marks in the sand or jab a couple of sticks at the head and tail. GET THE FISH BACK! Then go dig around for your tape and measure the distance between the marks. Furthermore if you've caught a number of drum what's the point in measuring another 43" fish?