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  1. gill netters shouldn't be allowed to target Weakfish considering how the Weakfish have practically been wiped out in our area.
  2. Going back a few years I have caught Fluke on 9 inch sluggo's and rigged eels... The riggie was bigger than 12 inches for sure ...
  3. Nice .. Looks Great . I'll have to give it a try Drove by plenty of times, but never stopped in ..
  4. Where did you catch that nice Pork Roll Sandwich...
  5. Thank s for the info ...
  6. Can somebody give a water clarity report for RB
  7. Last night MoCo Out back 7:15 PM to 2:00 AM I walked out on the jetty and the water was flat calm with just some ripples from the South West wind. The water was pretty clear and I could see occasional signs of some bunker swimming around. The sky was cloudy so I didn't need to worry about the moonlight from the full moon. I started out with the Hydro Minnow but the water was so still that I didn't feel like I was getting the action that I wanted at the speed that I wanted. ( Slow ..) So I switched over to the loaded 5 inch Redfin. I could feel it pushing water and wiggling through my rod tip much better but it just didn't get any attention from the fish. It was fully dark now and the tide came up so I switched to a 6 inch black Sluggo on a tin squid. After about 10 minutes my phone started ringing in my back pocket just after I casted my lure out. I didn't want to stop reeling cause I didn't want to snag my lure, so I started burning in my lure so I could answer the phone. Halfway in Bam.. Fish on. It took a few short runs and put up a good fight. few minutes later I leadered up a nice 26 inch Striper. I guess that rule for reeling extra slow at night doesn't always work. I tried varying the retrieve speed fast and slow after that but no luck. After a while the sluggo fell off, so I switched to the Red/White Mag Darter. Shortly after putting on the Mag darter I started getting hits, I actually got hits on three consecutive cast, but they kept coming unbuttoned. Time to sharpen the hooks ... A few minutes later I had a solid hookup on a nicer fish. It took some nice runs and then I leadered up a 27 inch Striper.. That Striper tangled up my rig pretty good so I had to cut and re-tie. As I was tying on my leader, the wind took a 180 and switched from a moderate Sw breeze to a 25 to 35 Kt North East wind as a front blew in. The rocks that I had been standing on were quickly being covered with wated from the chop that got kicked up.... I tried to fish with some deeper running lures but I couldn't fish with 35 Kt wind in my face. So I packup up my stuff and headed for the car. As I was packing up the car, I noticed that the wind had died down considerably. I walked back out to the jetty to give it a try. The water was a little rough after the front came by and I went through a rotation of lures hoping that the bite would pick back up... I was well over an hour since the last fish when I got another bite. Another 26 incher.. I snapped on the mullet Mag darter and had pretty consistant action for a while. Most fish around 26 or 27 inches but a few were smaller. As I continued to cast, something crushed my lure and my drag screamed .. for about 5 seconds... and then slack.. That one hurt ... the bite continued for most of the outgoing tide when I realized that it was 2 AM ... Its an hours drive and I have to get up for work .... Total for the night 9 Stripers landed with at least as many missed bites or lost ...
  8. That was crazy. I caught a Short just before the blast and was untangling my setup when it hit. Went from glassy smooth with moderate SW to a 1 ft chop with 20 to 30 kts N in an instant. It was short lived, but it was crazy ...
  9. I have been seeing a lot of bunker doing the death circles... Those are full sized bunker, maybe there are not enough Big Bass around close to shore to eat them
  10. They work for spot and croakers ... but they wash out quicker and are not as productive as Bloodworms
  11. The Spruce run thing makes sense. I didn't know that Spruce Run lets water down to the Raritan. Thing is, I am pretty sure Scooby knows the difference between Hybrids and Stripers. I was wondering how you know that no Striped Bass have ever passed through the Fish Ladder ?
  12. I can't imagine how they got upstream of that waterfall ...
  13. That's not a dumb question. I had both outfits with me and I was wondering what outfit I should use. Most of all the fish I have been hearing about in this area was just schoolie fish with an occasional keeper. The area I was fishing at did not have any obstructions and I practically had the place to myself. There was only 1 other person there and he was at least 50 Yards away. I also have over 300 yards of 15# braid on that light outfit and I was able to land Keeper sized Stripers and some surprising big cownose rays on that outfit. That was my thought process for selecting the light outfit...
  14. MoCo Out back last night 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM I got to the beach at 8:00 PM and walked over to my first spot. I talked to a few people and some said that they had caught a some shorts. The water was flat calm with the SW breeze at my back was rippling the water I waded out on the sandbar with my Steelhead rod I was using the Mullet Hydro Minnow and after about a half hour I snagged a bunker. I got my first hit about 20 minutes later. It fought pretty good on the Steelhead rod and took a few short runs. I walked it in and it measured 24 inches. Nothing for the 40 minutes or so and I left cause I wanted to try another spot with deeper water. I went over to the second spot. The smell of dead bunker was strong, but there were some lively ones around too. I could hear the bunker tailslapping but every now and then I heard louder splashes. The wind had died down and the water was getting glassy. I was casting at the end of the jetty got a hit about a half hour in. The fish ran towards me and I reeled fast to try to keep the line tight. The fish turned and put up a pretty good fight but really didn't take hardly any drag. I got it up on the rocks and it measured 22 inches. I stayed about another hour but there was no more activity except bunker and the tide was really low by that time
  15. I know that if you get there before 7:00 AM they give you a free pass, but I didn't know that they would let you in for free if you just said that you are going fishing.