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  1. Not a good omen for the future of the Bluefish population ....
  2. Me too ... I grew up in Perth Amboy on Sciorintino's Pizza with Meatballs and Onions ... Never had a bad pie from them
  3. If your in South Amboy, you should try Sciorintinos Harbour Lights. My favorite pizza .....
  4. 10 ft Aerial Star rated for 2-5 oz lures. Penn Battle 6K loaded with 30# Jbraid. Although I was using my Steelhead rod with a Penn Clash2 4K for the first fish, afterwards switched over to the Aerial Star and Penn 6K ... I can always tighten down the drag some more if I wanted to, but I don't like to have my drag too tight....
  5. Late report from Last night MoCo outback 9:00 PM to 1:20 AM Light Variable Breeze shifting from SE to NE and back. Glassy water with some small baitfish dimpling the surface of the water. The smell of Bunker was in the air. Did actually see a bunker wake the surface of the water. First time this year for bunker sighting. Best of all I had the place to myself, nobody else around ... I would occasionally hear the splash of Stripers ambushing bait... but it turned out to be a slow pick... First hookup was after about an hour and made a big splash on the surface and frothed up the surface of the water then took a screaming run ... then slack.. Hook Pulled out... Next one wasn't for another 2 hours.. Solid hit and took some nice runs. Walked it into the beach 31 inches. Dead for another hour and I was going through my last 3 cast routine when I got another solid hit. Fought hard took a few nice runs ... another 31 inch striper Had 3 hookups all night each an hour or 2 apart. Stayed for another 20 min but then packed it in
  6. Nice ... Did you get a measurement ...
  7. I was born and raised North of the Driscoll in Perth Amboy... It was nice growing up on the RB Used to sail a lot ... Not as nice as Woodbridge... but was ok growing up back in the 70's .... Used to work in Teterboro, Clifton and South Hackensack... Miss the italian deli's up there, but the commute sucked ... Still North of the Driscoll but more west than anything ... Commuted into NYC for 10 Years until Covid... Used to Drive to Jersey City and take the Path train ... 2 Hours Plus each way .. every day ... Now I work from home full time .. Probably move south in next year or 2 ... Like south of NJ ... Out of this crooked state ....
  8. Did you rig it up with wire between the hooks
  9. Always a good time Great to see everyone
  10. Plans changed to visit my sick friend on Saturday Looks like I will be able to come after all ... Looking forward to seeing everyone
  11. Guess I'll have to get out there tonight and give it a try
  12. Thanks for the info ...
  13. I was thinking about going out to RB tonight, but I am not sure if it will be fishable due to forecasted winds. Can somebody report on the conditions out there... White Caps, Muddy, fishable or not ... Thanks in advance
  14. Nice fish Is that a Mega Shad that you got it on .. Did you take measurements ...
  15. I have tentative plans to visit a sick friend that has been battling cancer for about 2 yrs. It depends if she's feeling good enough for us to visit. I'll try to make it if I can, but I will just have to wait and see...