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  1. Been there ... Done that ....
  2. I use super glue throughout the wraps too. I use sparse wraps and let the super glue soak into the wraps and the bucktail under the wraps. It is very secure and you don't have to worry about the bucktail falling out when you are fishing. That happened to me on my first couple tries when I was using nail polish. No need for nail polish or head cement after applying super glue, just be careful not get any super glue on the bucktail that is past the wrap. You will end up with a big hard clump of bucktail.. Don't ask how I know that ...
  3. When did this happen ? I was out sailing at RYC in Perth Amboy on Wednesday night and we sailed up the Authur Kill a little bit after the race but stopped short of the Outerbridge. Didnt see any signs of a spill ..
  4. I believe that it may be 10:00 PM but then changes to 8:00 PM at one point in the fall. I was talking to a Sandy Hook ranger one night last fall when he was jump starting my car. I would double check with the Sandy Hook Rangers
  5. I didn't even realize I typed the wrong year. Anyway, I got out to MoCo out Front this afternoon with my wife and I brought my noodle rod along. I thought I would throw on the kastmaster xl as it seemed a good match for my setup. I didn't see any bait and the south wind did create a large bow in the line. I saw some surface action about 300 or 400 yds out that was moving south very quickly. Saw them for about 10 sec... They never came in. After a while, I managed to hook up with what felt like a Taylor Blue but it dropped off before I could get a good look. A little later on I hooked up again with a small fluke, maybe 12 inches. Its better than getting skunked ...
  6. Great, Thanks for the info ...
  7. Does anybody know if the Hook is still closed off due to the Piping Plovers ?
  8. Try to keep other conversations, inquires, and rants in the appropriate threads. If you have a question about something that would make a good thread on it's own, please start one. For all of you new to the site, this is how you should make your report. It's up to you how much information you give, but please keep it within the rules and no spot-burning or specific locations. Out front (oceanfront) or In the back (rivers, bays, and inlets), Conditions What you were fishing for, What you were using, What you caught. You can say that you caught fish in Ocean County but saying that you got them at Ocean Beach is a no-no. The location terms to use are.......... Monmouth County Ocean County Atlantic County Cape May County North Jersey for the Hudson and other waters north of Raritan Bay. County name plus "In the back" for Inlets, Rivers, and Bays.
  9. Live eels or Riggies ....
  10. Wow, I didn't know that Blues and Threshers come into the surf... I definitely would not go into the water there at night after seeing that frenzy.
  11. I had a shoulder injury about a year and a half ago. In the beginning the doctor told me that I had a inpingement injury and gave me 2 shots of cortisone. Said I should feel better in 2 weeks. Many months later I am still in pain and I go back to the doctor and he tells me to get a MRI. The MRI shows that I have a partially torn tendon in my right shoulder. The doctor recommended surgery. I was told that they have to detach my bicep tendon and reattach and anchor it in the proper place. Doctor says I have 2 options... Do shoulder exercises and try to strengthen my muscles, but will never be 100 %. 2nd choice get arthoscopic surgery to reattch tendon for better recovery. Option 2 means I will not be able to fish for 3 months. So far, I am still just doing exercises. I can usually cast for 3 or 4 hours before my shoulder is toast .... Still trying to decide ...
  12. That is cool ... I wonder what kind of crab that is .... Maybe they will keep the bait in close
  13. I have an old Black Mitchell 410 that was made in France since the mid 70's. I use it on my 7' Fenwick Lunker Stick. I still use that combo with 10# Mono when the Alligators show up in the spring. I have caught up to 11# Blues on that rig and it is still going strong. I love my Mitchells, I also have a few Mitchell 300's a Mitchell 308 and a Mitchell 408. Love those reels,
  14. When I first saw your post, I assumed that you were up near Cape Cod or something I didn't realize that there was any bass of size still around these waters so late into summer. I thought that there would be only resident school bass around until fall. Now I know better.. Thanks ... Congratulations on a great catch. that's a beautiful fish ..
  15. MoCo Out Front Last night 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM I brought out my lite steelhead rod, hoping to have some fun with the small blues. Unfortunately,there was no signs of activity when I arrived. I tried casting a DD and a Diamond Jig for about an hour to no avail. So I swithched over heavier tackle and tried soaking bunker chunks. Had a couple hits, but mostly just losing my bait. Ended up with one small skate to end the night.