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  1. I have 2 Mitchell 300's, A Mitchell 410 ( High Speed version of Mitchell 300 ) an Mitchell 308 and a Mitchell 408 ( High Speed Version of Mitchell 308 ) All of them date back to the early 70's when they were made in France... All of them are still currently used. My Mitchell 308 resides on an ultralight 5 ft Lamiglas Graphite rod that I built from the blank up in the early 70's with Cork Rings and Fuji speed guides I also have an old 7' Fiberglass Fenwick Lunkerstik that goes with one of my Mitchell 300 Reels which I have used to catch many 10-12# Bluefish The old 7' Fiberglass Fenwick Lunkerstik had tungsten carbide guides on it when I got it in the 70's ... Re wrapped it with Fuji Speed Guides.. love it
  2. I saw your you tube video for rigging the sluggo's. great video, very informative Thanks
  3. Hmm. That make a lot of sense, but instead of going through the trouble to get Limerick hooks and straightening them, I would probably rather just start rigging a stinger hook like I do with rigged eels...
  4. I am not using the Limerick hook. Usually use a Sluggo on a weighted swimbait hook or leadhead jig. Sometimes on a large unweighted worm hook ... Guess I rig with hook coming out of the top because I saw John Skinner do it that way on a weighted swimbait hook in his you tube video ...
  5. Oh okay, I just couldn't put 2 + 2 together. Thanks
  6. What is CNR ??
  7. I was just wondering because I usually rig mine with the hook coming out of the flat top ... I wonder if it makes a difference. maybe it will give it a try your way ...
  8. Why is it important that the hook come out of the rounded bottom of the Sluggo as opposed to the flat top ?
  9. I have hooked into some large rays that dug into the bottom. Once that happens it very hard to budge it. One trick that I have used is to give it slack when its dug in ... The re apply pressure after it swims off again ... Worked for me
  10. It seems to be prospering, so then its all good ...
  11. The Seahorses that my friend had were from a pet store. Probably aquarium bred... They are used to eating Brine Shrimp. Not any brine shrimp naturally occuring around NJ Maybe if you happen into some kind of worm hatch or something like that you could collect some and give it a try
  12. It didn't seem like the seahorse got through the shrimps shell... I had a friend that used to raise Sea Horses and he used to feed them brine shrimp . Much better suited for the size of the seahorse mouth
  13. NJ Politicians would never fix anything
  14. Never saw any Sea Lampreys in the Raritan ... probably a good thing because they would freak me out ....
  15. Pick up a pair of pliers for unhooking toothy critters