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  1. I couldn't hear it at all ... Its just annoying knowing that you were being spied on...
  2. Found the perfect place to float test my loaded plugs .....
  3. I'm in for the Scabelly Thanks
  4. Cool, Thanks for the info ...
  5. I didn't want to buy a whole quart of Mineral Oil, So I have been using Baby Oil .... You can buy a small container for about a buck, works just as good ...
  6. I'm in Thank You
  7. I was fishing on a jetty one night last fall and I just happened to look up and there was a Drone hovering about 20 feet over my head. It took off right after I spotted it ....
  8. I'm In Thanks
  9. Long time ago .... In a place you wouldn't recognize today ....
  10. This is exactly what I use to make my sand spike, I cut a piece of PVC and duct tape it to the spike. You can also add zip ties to secure the PVC. It is cheap, easy and very strong. I don't dead stick much anymore, except in the dead summer doldrums. I have caught some big rays and never had a problem with this setup.
  11. I'm in Thank You
  12. They are in Thanks
  13. I'm in Thanks
  14. I tried to send a message but the first part of the form keeps saying no city found when I put in my information. Strange because it says Street address only and then zip
  15. I've got an itch to fish, I'm in Thanks