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  1. Holy Crap ... Now that's a crazy story
  2. Adobo, Glad you are ok ... Take care of yourself and heal up ....
  3. I haven't been there for a long time. I hated that walk but ... sometimes it was well worth it ... I prefer to park in lot k and walk the beach. Drop a pin on your maps after you park your car and then walk the beach. Walk along the beach on the way back and when you think you are getting close to the lot bring up maps and navigate back to the trail that leads to the lot Never get lost that way ...
  4. I remember one time I was tying leaders to one of my 2 piece fishing rods and I quickly grabbed it and drove down to Rb when I heard it been productive there. Got there and tried to piece my rod together and found out that I rigged the wrong tip to my rod... didn't have an extra rig in the car... At least it was only a little over an hour drive ...
  5. We are practically neighbors ... We were actually considering Harbeson and Milton ... Last December I moved from Hillsboro NJ to Millsboro De .... I'm actually closer to Long Neck than downtown Millsboro .... Taxes much better down here than in NJ. Saving 10K in taxes a year since I moved out of NJ are far as fishing goes ... they don't have enough jetties down here ... Everybody tells me that the water is too dirty down here .. ( they say NJ water is cleaner ) It seem that mostly everybody fishes bait Get the yearly resident Pass for the State Parks ... You'll be all set for Cape Henlopen and IRI I prefer to fish lures ... But I only caught 1 Striper the whole Spring ... Still trying to figure out the fishing down here I have seen some locals doing a lot better with the Stripers than me ... The only thing that I have see them caught on is Live Eels and Swim shads
  6. Those electronic keys are expensive ... I had to get a replacement key and it cost me over 3 bills .... I also lost 2 phones off a jetty ... Now I have my keys and phone connected to a carabiner clip
  7. Nice Fish... Nice Glider ... What kind of Glider is that ...
  8. I grew up on Raritan Bay and have been sailing in the bay since 1975. We sailed through that hole many times over the years and back then it was the black hole amongst other names that I won't mention because the water that welled up out of it was black.. Visibility was zero and the stink was unbearable.... We figured it was unprocessed sewage but didn't know for sure. Many years later they started processing it and it is now much better than it was back in the old days...
  9. Things are not looking good The numbers have been way down for a long time. the environmental conditions have not been favorable for a long time with Global warming, I don't expect the that its likely that we will get many cold winters with lots of snow and rain. I was wondering why nobody has suggested opening up some Hatcheries and stocking Stripers to some of the Striper breeding grounds. Wouldn't that help rebuild the stocks....
  10. Thanks Phil, I just ordered a Battle 4k HS cant beat it for $87 Think I also pick up a few Redfins too...
  11. I have a 3 year old Penn Clash2 4K HS that feels like the gears may be slipping. I noticed that the pole started pulsating a lot when I was retrieving the lure. I thought that It may have been due to the line roller, but I checked the roller and it's ok. It makes that whole pole shake when I retrieve the lure. Its not the lure because I feel it even after I lift the lure from the water. When I reel under any kind of pressure it feels like a part of the rotation is easier than another part of the rotation so I get this shifting of the rotation that makes the rod pulsate. I had the reel sent in under warranty just before it was a year old because the anit-reverse was slipping That was fixed but now I am having this new issue Do you guys think its the gears or maybe it could be something else. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
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