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  1. Bump ... good reading for the winter
  2. Its nice to hear some good news ... I wonder if we have a program like that in New Jersey ....
  3. let us know how you make out...
  4. My last trip out was on Jan 6, looks like it may well be my last until the spring run in March. One thing that was interesting was that a conversation officer came up to see me as I was walking to my car. That was the first time that I have ever seen a conservation officer at this particular spot. He asked me if I caught anything and I told him that I didn't even get a bite. Then he asked me if I renewed my NJ Saltwater Registry. I told him that I had not yet renewed my NJ Saltwater Registry and he was very nice about it and just told me to renew my NJ Saltwater Registry when I get home. Lets all try to remember to renew our NJ Saltwater Registry...
  5. Late report from yesterday.. MoCo 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM Gave it a shot yesterday. The water was nice and clean. There was some bird activity, but they were just hovering mostly and then they would just land in the water and sit there. There were Scoter ducks and some other similar brown and white birds diving for bait. I saw one having trouble choking down some kind of larger bait fish. Looked bigger than sand eels. So there is bait around, but I was not able to get anything to bite. There were a few other guys out, that switched to soaking clams, but they did not have any luck either.... Might try to get out again if conditions look good ... Its getting to be about that time
  6. Surf is open all year, It is only bays and rivers that are closed until March 1
  7. I agree, I had a snap swivel open up on me a few weeks ago on the initial strike. It was all little fish and I lost my Sinking Super Strike little neck popper. I have also had one bend open on a large stingray a few seasons ago. Currently I am using Tsunami Duolock snaps, I took Tims advice and tried bending them so they wont open up on me. Seems to be working ok, but I was having trouble getting a 3/4 jighead onto the duolock after bending the wire.
  8. MoCo Yesterday 3:00 PM to 7:30 Water looked really good but I did not see any signs of bait. Saw a few of those scoter ducks hanging around and diving after something, so there might be some bait that I couldn't see. Still couldn't buy a bite. Skunked again
  9. Good Luck Spig Wishing you get Good News.
  10. It is actually an old Mitchell 410 that I bought back in the mid 70's ( High Speed Version of Mitchell 300 ) . It matches well with my 10.5 ft Berkeley Steelhead One noodle rod. Love those old Mitchell Reels .... Been using this setup to target Albies this fall .... Unfortunately couldn't get one to bite ..
  11. MoCo 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM Water was pretty clean today and I picked up 2 shorts. One was pretty close to being a keeper. Still no keeper yet this year ....
  12. Sounds like you had a good morning. I was just wondering how did you know that the birds that were out a ways were working on sandeels?
  13. Nice! Congrats on the new house ...
  14. MoCo 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM Made 2 stops today. First Stop, Big waves, dirty water and a bunch of surfers. No sign of fish. Second Stop. Bigger waves, more dirty water, and about a hundred of those black ducks sitting on the water in addition to a bunch of working seagulls just about in reach. Seemed like I was getting close enough to activity, but I could not buy a bite... I didn't see anybody else hookup either Rode home with the skunk..
  15. Sorry to hear about your loss.