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  1. Oh no!! I definitely need to consider moving.... How many days until the end of March?
  2. These articles are interesting... Kind of the opposite of certain arguments and suggestive actions catch and release anglers have preached to me over the years. Has some good points too. Both articles seem to have used the same study to back up their "findings". I am a little bummed about the hooks rusting out part though.
  3. Once caught a striper by snagging the rig they already had in the side of their mouth... Was able to get a new spudnik out of it. What I wanted to know though was whether the fish swam up river with this rig dragging behind them, or if someone was really fishing the Mullica river with a 5oz spudnik?! Rumor has it... Hooks rust out of fish within a week or two. Anyone agree or disagree?
  4. That really would not be difficult to convince me to do.... Especially with the temperatures the past couple of days. UGH
  5. JJC, thank you! Sounds like one impressive fisherman! And it is always great to hear of someone who takes their passion of fishing to the next level in order to incorporate it into a career move. Which is something I am currently attempting to do myself. She sounds like someone I should reach out to and speak with about how she got to where she is today. Women like her are inspirations (even if that sounds corny it is true). Thanks for the "introduction". I will definitely check out the website and most likely reach out to her. Also, it is nice to hear that you respect her as a fisherman. I experience a lot of sexism(?) I guess you could say, with in the sport of fishing and it is hard to not let it discourage me or upset me at the end of the day. But, for every rude and out of line person I come across there is a dozen others that are respectful and beyond friendly. I have to keep reminding myself to concentrate on them and not the negative people I meet or come across.
  6. DOA lures are great by the way. I have quite a few of their products and have had luck with them.
  7. I agree with you about not being exclusive with lures... Although I do tend to start every evening with my normal go-to set up, then usually stick with it for the remainder of the night. But, someone asked me to compile a list of Yo-Zuri lures that they can fish with in Puerto Rico and since I am a northeast fishermen and have yet to fish with any of Yo-Zuri's products I figured the thread was the right place to turn to. Which you guys have helped tremendously. Thank you. As far as killer kits go.... Ill stick to what I currently have. My shoulders and neck are starting to ache from my tacklebag/bookbag, I think I need to take a break from purchasing tackle. And of course I insist on carrying everything on me at all times. When I choose a couple items to keep on me I find that I always need something left behind in the truck.
  8. I noticed the dredging began two nights ago.... Seems like their timing is impeccable every year. Ugh. Aside from that, at least the past two nights have been beautiful out. I hope tonight is just as calm and comfortable.
  9. I like big bass and I can not lie...

  10. Thanks guys! I appreciate it. Dennysnook.... Any specific colors that you use in the pins and 3d minnows?
  11. Hey guys, I reside in South Jersey so I am not too familiar with species of fish down south. I have a small task to build a list of Yo-Zuri lures ONLY that are used to fish for Snook.... I was wondering if those of you who target Snook happen to use any Yo-Zuri lures to do so. And if so, which ones? Thank you!