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  1. This is interesting and unfamiliar. Would you throw the rope to try to snag the kayak as it drifts away?
  2. My friend and fellow kayaker is convinced that having a tether connected from himself to the kayak is a prudent safety measure. We kayak mostly on Jamaica Bay and on rare occasion in the ocean. On the surface, it would seem that being tethered would keep the kayak from drifting away from you if you fell in, a good thing. It may also be that getting tangled up in a tether could mean drowning. He's using one of those retractable dog leashes zipped into his life vest and feels that a quick unzip would get him out of any trouble. Please share any thoughts about tethering oneself to their kayak in these kinds of kayaking environments. I realize that a river kayaker might not want/need a tether as much. Thanks for any input.
  3. Why should I pay for something I already paid for (shipping and repair)? That would be ridiculous. The bigger issue was getting approval to have the reel shipped and repaired. Sharing an actual experience on the appropriate forum is not bashing. I had a issue. The company responded. I shared. I think I’ve been fair. The fact that you have used them for a long time or that they are a classic (?) company is irrelevant to my issue.
  4. It was a Gmail account.
  5. Well I am truly impressed. I received a phone call today from Penn about my reel and return issue. Someone must have done some work to find my number. I assume it was from the original order. I did give them another email address. That worked and I have my return label and instructions. I’m glad and thankful for having stripersonline as a resource for all things fishing. Thank you Penn for the effort to make this right...Impressive.
  6. Thanks for the ideas JTR. I have checked my folders, but no email. I know it's quite odd as you say. I'll have to call them during lunch tomorrow...again...
  7. I really want to like my Slammer III 5500. It started making some noises and grinding when reeling so I sent it in for service knowing it was out of warranty and that there would be a fee. No problem there. I received the reel back in about three weeks and there remains a scraping sound when I crank the handle. I have called now at least 4 times to address this issue. Each time I'm told I will receive an email with a return label and instructions. Each time I receive no email. I'm at my wits end and I guess I'll have to call back again to speak to a supervisor if that's at all possible. What horrible service.
  8. Mine are about that age, too.
  9. I have these Kast steelhead gloves as well and mine are awful. Not waterproof and not warm. Not only that but the company has refused to reply to the multitude of emails I sent. Not good business.
  10. Sent my 4 year old Simms waders in and they replaced them at no charge! I was shocked.
  11. Fished with a new Simms Contender jacket this afternoon for the first time. I like it a lot. It’s thin and light, but because it is goretex it kept me bone dry and warm. It wasn’t that cold today so time will tell. It is very comfortable. The biggest downside is the price but I got it from Simms while they had a 50% off flash sale.
  12. The Clash 4000 is light and fun to use to cast for bunker on my kayak. I very much appreciate it after a day of fishing. A light/medium drag is all that's required to bring in large fish after a run or two. It's also great for fluke/porgy fishing on the beach/kayak. Again, it's light weight is appreciated jigging for fluke after a few hours. I don't expect it to last forever, especially using it the way I do but I take care of it and use it how it suits me.
  13. Sent my VS 200 to Saltwaters Tackle about a month ago. Sent it on Monday. Got it back on Friday. Can't ask for more than that. On second thought, yes you can...the price was great, too. They sent all of the used parts back as well. Wonderful service!
  14. The mean high tide "rule" seems to be in effect everywhere except for Breezy Point. I remember reading somewhere that there the rule is the mean low tide mark. Either way, they don't want you fishing in certain areas there.
  15. This looks like it could be trouble if taken up...