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  1. There around out east but difficult to spot with the winds and swells. Should be a good week after the winds subside though. There usually around till end of October so plenty of time to still get on them.
  2. The only one i have seen atleast locally is osprey custom tackle. There quite pricey but they look like the originals.
  3. Bucktail is considered a lure. So no need for circle hooks. It was all exempt from the regulations in regards to using trailers/baits on the back.
  4. Best combo I’ve used this season is an 8’6” St.Croix Triumph Steelhead rod paired with a stradic 4k. Rod flings tins a mile and the stradic keeps up the speed if needed. Can cast anything up too 2 ounces and is only 130$ with a 5 year warranty can’t beat it.
  5. Your in a great early spring/ late fall area. Most of those bigger Hudson fish are migrating thru as we speak. Definitely worth a shot at any public beach/pier. I’m not too familiar with certain spots that way as i live and fish out east but like valley said google maps is your friend.
  6. Going to list somewhere else. Thanks sol.
  7. Thanks for the offer but I’m gonna hold tight to my price.
  8. Unfortunately no.
  9. Appreciate the offer but prefer to trade or sell it local.
  10. Looking too either trade or sell my vsb150. Reel was damaged and fully restored by saltwaters tackle in islip by the van staal service center. Comes with the extra spool and original drag knob. Original spool has a dent in the side and some rock rash on the body(all pictured). Was serviced when repaired last spring. Really looking for a vs200 in the same condition. But willing to sell aswell. Both spools have new line 30# power pro super slick. Local pickup/trade only not shipping. 500$
  11. Love using mini’s for the back bay, have had better success in the fall when everyone is out front. Sneak into some spring spots in late fall and usually find some good fish. CCW and LIVT are my go to’s. Have tried others but those work the best for the current and depth I usually work. I know Mike’s custom makes the baby beast but there about as hard to come by. CCW also made a pond darter that works well mid summer when all the small baits come flooding out of the back estuaries, they seem to be alittle easier to find on the market and aren’t as sought after as the others. Top to bottom on the image: Black label, BM, LIVT and CCW mini and pond.
  12. Low and slow with soft plastics in the spring. Throw in a short tap here or there. Especially in the colder waters late march thru mid may. Paddle tails on small jig heads, Small storm shads, fin-s fish and sluggo style baits all work well to match the various baits that start to come to life in the bays. Look for current, high tide. outgoing is better on the sunny days, late afternoon seems to produce better for me. And later on the night tides. My go to is a yellow bucktail 1/2oz to 3/4oz with 4.5 lunker city shaker on the back.
  13. Didn’t say it was an albie fisherman. Just saying it’s a constant issue with anyone and everyone. Whether it’s garbage or parking. People in general need to respect the beaches on the east end from riverhead,southold,and southampton. Otherwise enforcement will be stricter and more beaches taken away from the responsible ones. Unfortunately southold is the first but i do agree with the decision they’re making on it.
  14. Heard about this 2 weeks ago. Only travel that way for the albies when there not biting at home. The amount of people i see disrespecting the beaches and the locals is wrong.Wish they would start doing it in riverhead too. Got this photo the other day from one of my buddies. The road that leads to this beach only has 5-6 parking spots and it’s always packed on the weekends by none locals/ nonepermit holders. Will be getting my southold pass next year. Too late and too expensive to get it now.
  15. I have 832 on one and pp super slick on my other. Both 30lb. Love both. No issues, just proper cleaning and keep out of the sun for extended periods of time and they lines will last you a long time.