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  1. A few wood turtles from the past week or so. It's that time of year. Keep your eyes open when driving. It's turtles time.
  2. Long weekend this past weekend spent in the Rangeley Region of Maine. No nose poke. No papers. No masks. Stayed with my 80 year old father, 2 brothers and my bro- inlaw. Ate in a sit down restaurant for the first time in about 15 months. Shopped in the big stores with no masks. No arrows on the floor. This is why.
  3. I don't know if you're a boater or kayaker but if so, I have three words; Three Mile Bridge. I'm sure tarpon are fun but the bull reds run thick in Pensacola Bay. An experienced striper fisherman can just about Plug n Play his tackle and techniques from cows to bulls. Very little learning curve. Good luck!
  4. Thanks. Never knew a S or SW to flatten the surf or blow weeds away in SoCo. My wingman has been chomping on the bit to go east. To that wonderful land where youtubers from texas land 30lb stripers on every cast. Looks like he may get what what he wants.
  5. This was the report I was dreading but expecting. No sign of settling down by morning?
  6. Is that really a barn owl? I can't tell from looking at the baby. I'm not trying to doubt you, just that a barn owl is a relatively rare sight in these parts. Have you seen the adults? Just curious.
  7. I don't really put that much thought into it. No take my card, no get my business. Especially when there's a half dozen similar joints down the street.
  8. I totally agree. I walk out of cash only businesses on most occasions. I generally carry a small amount of cash for contingencies but not enough to buy a couple of fried clam plates. And I have a real problem paying $3.50 for the privilege of accessing my own money just because the owner of the restaurant doesn't like paperwork. Especially when I'm about to pay $25.00 for a meal served on a paper plate.
  9. Well for her sake I hope she doesn't have to pay but it was an expensive call for the tax payers. Unbelievable how many people and vehicles they had there, plus the boat and heli. They even had a game warden go out there. Probably the first time in history a warden went to the tip of the wall. First time I've ever seen one on the wall in 30 years.
  10. We were joking with the paramedic that went by carrying the backboard about how he was gonna carry someone the whole way back from the tip. Not funny for her of course. That's one expensive broken leg.
  11. Fished So Co Friday morning thru Saturday afternoon, with big gaps in mid day. Both mornings, gorgeous, pleasant weather, flat calm, nice sunrise. Decent action with blues both mornings at first light till maybe 8:00. Was nice before the breeze riffled up. It was calm enough to see blues finning on top. Absolutely instant hit if you dropped a plug into them. Went out after dark Friday night briefly but exhaustion and googans drove us to our tents after only a couple schoolies. Saturday morning died quicker but they were there at first light. We did a tour midmorning, east to west, checked the usual suspects, dead all around. Finally returned to the first spot in the afternoon and got into a nice flurry of better sized blues. We had to hit the road, had to leave em biting. It was a circus by then anyway.
  12. We have a tradition of hitting the RI spring bluefish run every year. It used to be Father's day. Last year it was late May. This year is the earliest we've had them in numbers. Historically there have been some bigger fish in Spring but more recently they tended to be rat sized. There were some decent sized ones this year. We also observed a tiny striper float by missing its back half. We saw the same thing last year. As much as I enjoy blues and hope their numbers improve, let's hope come September they aren't packed in the same places as they were this weekend. That'd get pretty expensive in albie jigs.
  13. There's a decent run going on in RI right now but in recent years there’s been a pattern of a nice Spring run and then they get real sparse for most of the season.
  14. No I don't think so. This rescue boat came out of Point Judith pond.
  15. Must be the same one. We left when they were bringing the boat out. Maybe they couldn't get her on the boat so they called the helicopter instead.
  16. Pretty good indeed. They're hitting spoons. From today.
  17. Out on a jetty at an outflow last night. Crowd of googans on the other jetty made fishing inside impossible. Constant lines crossing. Plugs from their side were landing in the rocks on our side. I screwed outta there before I took a plug to the head. Went to a popular large jetty today. Fire and Rescue were headed out to the very tip (of course) for an unknown injury. They were bringing a boat to get the victim.
  18. They have wind power in Antarctica. The only reason Texas had trouble is because they cheaped out and didn't get the cold engineered version. New England isn't Texas. The cold won't matter.
  19. I found egg masses in Merrimack River fish a couple of times back in the 90s when I occasionally kept a 36 inch fish. It didn't occur to me that they were eggers when I kept them. Thought they were just fat. I always figured they missed their chance and the eggs would be absorbed.
  20. They're built to withstand category 3 hurricanes. You might have to wait awhile before you get to see them destroyed.
  21. You're not tracking this argument. The "problem" as it pertains to this particular discussion is CROWDS! Catch and release, fishing mortality, poaching, - all a different discussion. What we're trying to get through to you is we're sick of hoards of report chasers all showing up at one spot, taking what little parking there is and filling up all the casting room. It shouldn't be so hard to understand. "It's always crowded" is not a good excuse for blowing up a spot. Why make a crowded spot more crowded???? It's gotten so bad at that one spot, after reports of albies hit, I have had to turn around and leave because there was no parking - at 5:00 am! 35 years of fishing that spot Spring and Fall, that's only been the case in the last couple years. It keeps getting worse. Soon No Parking signs will go up.
  22. Oh dude, you awaken so many memories for me with that story. Walden was a favorite hangout/swimming hole for us back in the 70s. I had so many adventures I can't even remember them all. One that stands out though involved skipping school, a cute girl and a bottle of tequila. I remember it, sorta, because I get frequently reminded by running into that cute girl once and awhile, 40 years later. By an odd quirk of fate, she's a good friend of my ex. Sorry. Back to the canal swimming discussion.
  23. I know I could have done when I was young. I used to swim across all kinds of big ponds. Swam across Walden pond, round trip, going the narrow width, regularly. It was my standard practice when we swam there. I also swam the long way once to prove I could do it. I feel like if the water was warm enough I could swim for miles, slowly. Of course at the canal you'd have to do it a slack, and pretty quick before the tide ran, but I think I could have done it.
  24. Kids 12 and up got the OK this week. It will be such a relief when my two youngest, 12 and 14, get vaccinated. The younger is high risk, as I've mentioned here a few times. Once they're squared away, life really will feel like close to normal.
  25. I like the fish reports, don't get me wrong. I'm not critical of guys reporting success. Hopefully soon I can make a report myself. My issue is with naming a spot, even by poorly concealed hints, that is historically very susceptible to being mobbed by report chasers. The spot in question has been one of my go-to places for 35 years. I've seen the crowd ebb and flow like the tide. When the report chasers hear about good fishing, the crowd is at high tide. It's been that way since the report chasers got their news from the Fishermen magazine before there was an internet. Those reports were a week old when a new issue came out. Didn't stop the hoards. Now, there are more people fishing and more report chasers than ever. And the internet makes it easy for instant gratification. All I'm saying, leave the location out. "South County" or "Bay", "out front" or "backwater" gives plenty of information for a good report but doesn't send the hoards to an exact spot. But this is an endless debate that goes on in all the forums every year. Broken record, dead horse.