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  1. No lets not go there. You have been a gentleman in the face of my hostility (not at you, but it's there I admit). I shot my wad. I agree to disagree. I won't listen to that show. We'll see if the format remains viable long term. Peace. Back to fishing....
  2. Right. That sums up what happened to the morning show. The target audience is now bitter old white men of a certain political leaning. The content and advertising reflects that. Racism. Sexism. Intolerance. ED clinics. Divorce lawyers. I don't like any of those things (I frequently shut the radio off for that obnoxious divorce lawer ads they play every 10 minutes.) But really is the deal breaker for me is the constant crybaby bickering and back stabbing and lame ass personal drama. Reminds me of when I ran an assembly line of all old women. Or being married to a bitchy woman. But I will admit, I seem to be in the minority. That approach seems to be working. I'll check back with EEI when baseball returns but I believe the morning show format probably has two more years left before it readjusts. I guess it don't matter. With the Patriots trending the way they are, I'll prolly be back to listening to Jerry on in the car all the time. NOT Callahan.
  3. Yah...no. they're not exposing any news I can't get elsewhere. Years ago the morning show was bearable. This Howard Sterns wannabe crap has been a creeping problem that exploded when kirk came along. I would submit current events in the last two years nationwide has had a bad influence on many things. Nastiness is in.
  4. If it's not sports related, I don't want to hear it on sports radio. Plenty other places to hear the news when I want it, without the taint of hate.
  5. I tried epoxy jigs friday. No hits, but none on anything else either. One thing I did notice standing on deep ledge; epoxy jigs have great vertical jigging action. I will definitely be trying them through the ice this season.
  6. The best way to sum it up is to say; regardless of whether or not Kirk comes back, you will get very little actual sports from the morning show on 93.7. If you like bitter, nasty old trumpers bringing negativity, meanness and hateful politics, by all means, tune in. Sometimes they talk sports briefly.
  7. The ole license on that hat routine! I lost 3 licenses from hats blown off my head. I think it was $2.00 and a trip to town hall to replace. The one advantage of displaying the license was that people at least recognized you as a hunter when you carried a gun. My last hunting trip I was out for bunnies with the pellet gun. All other seasons were closed so I was not wearing orange. Someone saw me and called PD for "Man With a Gun". Six town cops with guns drawn met me at my car. Was tense the first minute or so but luckily the supervisor on seen was a hunter and aware of game laws. I hadn't broken any laws. Was no fun nevertheless. Last time I ever went hunting.
  8. OMF were talking about him coming back too but his last tweet yesterday sounded like he's not coming back. The whole thing is probably a scam to suck us in. I hate the guy but now I follow the story every day. With baseball over, they got nothing left. People are listening just to hear the Kirk drama. The station really does suck now, with or without kirk. I brought a radio in to work so I could listen to MLB playoffs while I work second shift. I been leaving it on since baseball ended and it's unlistenable. Lots of second or third rate talent and a couple guys used to be good but now just squabble and argue and sound like a bunch of old women. Too bad Zoe wasn't on 8 hours a day. I can't stand the other big names on the other station. I'd listen if it was just him.
  9. I saw two bald eagles, 3 redtails and an osprey yesterday. Also gulls wheeling and turning and diving down as if on bait - on the far shore.
  10. Tried exploring some new areas Friday morning for a couple hours. Worked one area that was all cliffs and ledge that was wicked deep right up the base. Looked really good, decent amount of room despite the high water. The second spot was all sand and gravel and pretty shallow. It's a well known spot with a popular name so it must be good. I found it so shallow my spoon would catch grass half way in. We got nuthin. No hits no bumps. Saw nuthin. I threw metal. My son tried a bunch of plugs and jigs hoping for bass. We couldn't stay very long and I wasn't up for the long walks to our familiar spots so it was more a scout.
  11. I'm not buying the delicate sensibility argument. I don't recall that ever being mentioned back when the change was made. It was always a safety issue. Anyways, the change applied to fishermen too, of which there are many more. No way they changed a law because snowflakes were offended by (mostly) fishing licenses being displayed. The dog crap law is silly nannystate foolishness. I'm pretty sure the license change was not. Btw I love storing my license in my wallet where I never have to think about where it is.
  12. I'm sorry if you feel insulted by my opinions. It's a very very bad thing for anyone to do to give out the impression of not liking dogs. It's the people, not the dogs that get under my skin.
  13. No man, I didn't mean any put down to you personally. I'm trying to say your dog may be well trained (old school) just like all my father's dogs (he's in his 70s), but that is NOT what many other guys bring to the field. I'm putting down guys who don't train their dogs, scream like idiots, then beat their dogs in public. And leave dog crap in the parking lot. Yeah, putting those guys down. But I never thought that applied to you.
  14. I would submit you have an old school point of view regarding the level of training bird dogs get these days. A trip to a public pheasant stocked hunting area can be down right embarrassing for a guy like me raised from birth with bird dogs. Seems most bird dogs today are virtually untrained kennel dogs with zero control from owner. Soon as they hop out of the truck they piss and crap immediately, then take the fawk off. My memories of hunting Bolton Flats is of half a dozen dogs running out of control in one area, flushing birds far from anyone, half a dozen guys screaming uselessly at their dogs " Get the Fawk over here now!!!", no dog obeying, guys beating dogs when they catch em. And on the ride home in my dad's car; "What's that smell? Dont tell me you stepped in dog crap?" Might explain my impatience with dog owners all these decades later.
  15. Seems to me there may already be laws in some places about picking up shotgun shells. Sounds familiar. I have definitely heard people whine about shotgun shells. Some places are really littered with them. They wash up in windrows in the salt ponds in RI during duck season. They do not decompose. Maybe not a lot of harm, but it is persistant litter.