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  1. I have illegally trespassed on train tracks for so long it's habit. I live and work alongside the commuter rail. I have to cross and walk down the rail bed to collect water samples for my job. It's incomprehensible how someone could "accidentally" step in front of a train.
  2. From what I saw in the news, it wasn't the magnitude of the vandalism, it was the fact that the bird exclusion fences were cut. The vandalism was targeting the birds. To me, the implication was that the police presence was specifically to protect against anti-bird related retaliation.
  3. The sleeping bag and tarp has served me well on many occasions. The secret is picking a safe, dry spot where no one will see you. When I was in high-school, you could crash out on many beaches wrapped in a tarp. I mean beaches close to parking lots. You can still do it if you walk far enough away, but near the lots, probably not.
  4. Years ago I landed half a bass at Watch Hill. In the dark, a so-so fight from a 24 inch-ish fish, one sharp tug and I had half a bass. Surgical clean, arc way too big for blues.
  5. Over the years I abandoned serious attempts to get actual night sleep in cars. To this day I still grab emergency naps or snooze while my son fishes, but any serious sleep is either in a tent, under the stars or a motel. Depending on weather, season and finances. When I bought my Rav4 a few years ago, I actually laid down in the back at the dealership just to check the camping potential. I have camped in it a couple times since. Although being able to lay down in back is a big step up over a car, it's still cramped and claustrophobic and I haven't solved the bug vs ventilation problem yet. The biggest problem though is, on fishing trips, I have no room in the back with all my gear. I don't mean to discourage @curran. In fact, I wholeheartedly and with a twinge of jealousy endorse his adventures. I'm just using the thread to share my extensive experience with sleeping in cars. I started when I was about the same age, but I didn't always do it for fun. Plus, those experiences left me with enough interest in car camping that I also watch or have seen alot of those "van life" and "stealth camping" videos.
  6. If you're committed to sleeping in your car, try to figure out a way to leave your windows open a little but keep mosquitos out. You'd be amazed how claustrophobic and airless a car can be sitting still with the windows rolled up. Especially in hot weather. You end up spending a sleepless night battling between swatting bugs and being desperate for a breath of fresh air.
  7. I think I said it last time; sleeping in cars sucks. I know it's a fad on YouTube but reality and those videos are not closely related. It's one thing to grab a nap during an all nighter. To go multiple days, fishing hard, in all weather, getting wet, all that gear crammed in there, you just can't get enough sleep. But that's just the cranky old guy talking. I remember being young. I did **** like that all the time. I wouldn't have listened to some ole crank back then either. Of course that's how I know how much it sucks....
  8. Wow, what a difference a week makes. The stripers and herring that was in so thick last weekend departed for parts unknown. My son resorted to digging around in our gear for something to target shad. First time he ever targeted them. A generous angler gave him one of those little willowleaf spoons and he used an epoxy jig with no hook for a weight on his trout rod. He ended up getting a bunch.
  9. It's tough, especially if you get excited and try to run after fish. I did fall once, believe it or not, I was trying to video a mink that was swimming under water to catch fish. I rushed to catch the video and fell. No harm done but missed the video. About 30 guys got a laugh. Seriously, it's no joke. Watch yer step and take your time. And don't wear sneakers.
  10. Interesting. Those were still in thick way up were the large navigation obstacle blocks them. No herring or stripers but plenty shad, especially bucks.
  11. I found a similarly nice, well kept camp in the woods in Wareham (I think, we were way out there). It had several items that suggested it was for good sized parties which appeared to be related to native American rituals of some kind. There were several of these exquisite carvings which appeared to be made with a chainsaw from logs laying around. One of the more interesting finds in my travels. I don't know who owned the land. We came in on powerlines, went bushwhacking and blundered on it. We didn't stay long. There was a strong sense we didn't belong there. Not a threatening feeling, more a feeling that we were invading someone's private space.
  12. That's a nice one. Not your typical homeless camp. Looks more like something made by a fan of camping/bushcraft videos on YouTube.
  13. I don't care about spot burning when it comes to this pic. Epic is a word over used to the point of diminishment. This pic is Old School Epic.
  14. I know you're right. I can see it being possible. Unfortunately, jet skies, like their cousins the 4 wheeler and the snowmobile, seem to have in an inordinate attraction for the D-Bag class. Not sure why. I've always wondered if breathing too much gas combustion byproducts causes D-Bagism. All I know is, the vroom vroom crowd and I don't see eye to eye on any level. Present company excepted of course. We know there are no D bags here.
  15. Sheesh. Sounds like the main body carried right on by you guys. What happened to the blues? Any shore sightings?
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