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  1. I know it's not the same thing but, when I was little, every spring my dad would take me fishing for bluegill and we would take a bucket full to my grandfather who would bury them under his tomato plants. He swore it was the best fertilizer. Do people still do that? Does it work? Seems like a good way to use stunted overpopulated bluegills or maybe invasive carp.
  2. A few of the critters I've seen lately. I already posted the spotted turtles so I didn't include them. Box turtle Redback salamanders (one in the "leadback" color phase) Garter Gray tree frog Brown snake Ringneck snake Blandings turtle
  3. We had one hammering on a guard rail behind my work. It had me totally mystified for awhile because the guardrail runs along the rail line. There often is rail workers out there using noisy equipment. The flicker pounding on the guardrail sounded like some kind of loud machine. But when I looked up and down the track, no trucks, no workers. I didn't see the bird at first. Had me totally confused.
  4. How much longer can such a cult following be sustained without a distribution network? Doesn't it seem likely they will start mass production and selling in stores?
  5. You could say the same for anyone who chooses to be a cop or prosecutor as a career. For decades cops and prosecutors made their careers on the backs of marijuana-related offenses. In their defense, they didn't write the laws. Once in their jobs, they had to work within the confines of the existing system. Only by becoming a politician does it becomes possible to change the system. It would appear she is throwing her support into doing just that. Federal legalization would be a huge move forward. If for no other reason than it would allow scientific/medical research that is currently severely limited by the federal prohibition. KH has come out in support. The bottom line is, a certain segment of the population has an ax to grind against her. It wouldn't matter what she said or did. This is not related to weed in Ma and therefore not worth cluttering this thread. I regret taking the bait from the PG troll. For the sake of this peaceful and non-contentious thread, I hope the haters save their KH hate for the PG forum where it belongs.
  6. Right. And because the monstrosity has been built, "market" goes up majorly in town, so net result is "affordable" is higher than the previous market. The result being the service workers still can't afford to live there. Meanwhile the town losses acres of land, increases the drain/pollution of the aquifer, vastly increases the traffic, adds to the burden on the schools and only puts $$$ into a select few pockets. But we just had this discussion here last month.
  7. I wonder if the crowds and lines were persist or if it's just the novelty of something new. Many neighborhoods went through the same problems when pot shops opened. That has worn off and not been a problem after a certain period of time.
  8. Oh brother. It figures. Just a couple nights ago my kid was surfing the tube and comes across a brand new video of a guy catching rats from "a popular spot". Just what that place needs.
  9. Thanks for the sane and factual posts. It is very cool that we were able to avail ourselves of that information in this venue. What, if anything, are you hearing on the duration of immunity imparted by the vaccines? Do we have a resurgence to look forward to next year as immunity wears off? I wonder if people will be as motivated to get boosters every year if the fear of the pandemic wanes. With the virus alive and well and percolating (and potentially mutating) in the large pool of unvaccinated people still out there, I wonder if it will surge again as immunity wears off.
  10. She put about 50 in jail as a prosecutor. The 1500 number comes from when she was attorney General. She didn't try those cases. She didn't "put 1500 pot smokers in jail". You're blinded by your hate. She has nothing to do with Massachusetts legalization. Take your hate back to the PG where it belongs.
  11. I definitely got off easy. My arm hurt the next day but not enough to stop me from doing my chores. I had the day off and planned to lay low but I had no sickness. No fever, nada.
  12. Can Maine residents even afford to live in Harpswell?
  13. BB guns are legal in Ma although totally worthless for any type of hunting, except maybe house sparrows, but most are so inaccurate they're not worth it. Lots of boys in the 60s and 70s had BB gun fights. I personally had a BB surgically removed from the muscle of my lower leg. I tried to hide it from my parents but I couldn't hide the limp. They took me for an xray and that BB just glowed in the film. I wish I kept a copy of that. I did have the BB itself for years before I lost it. My friend was so mad at me for telling on him. Even way back then, ER docs were required by law to report gun related injuries. Boy was his dad pissed when the cops knocked on his door. We were 12.
  14. Probably gonna jinx myself but I just passed 24 hours after Moderna #2. Nothing but a slightly sore arm. Roughly the equivalent of casting a surf rod all day. Much better than expected.
  15. BTW, just to insert a little bit of fact to your misleading insinuation, Kamala was good at her job as a prosecutor, but very few people went to jail for Marijuana on her watch. As a politician, she has used her experience as a prosecutor to take a fresh look at Marijuana laws and her views have evolved. She now has supported several legalization reform efforts and come out in favor of federal legalization as well as expunging the records of those with nonviolent weed convictions. I don't find that inconsistent. Just as ex-addicts often make the best drug counselors, I believe former prosecutors should be very well qualified to reform the costly and repressive weed laws. From her twit feed; "The Senate must pass my Marijuana Opportunity Act to legalize marijuana at the federal level and expunge non-violent marijuana-related offenses from the records of the millions who’ve been arrested or incarcerated. Too many lives have been ruined by these regressive policies."