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  1. Earlier this year before this thread, I tossed a rusty old camp percolator and vowed to get a new one and master it. Definitely on the "new gear" list for coming season.
  2. I mentioned before I don't carry picks. I'm a KISS guy and wearing extra gear - of questionable practical value IMO - is not on the program. I prefer to rely on experience and commonsense and the conservative nature that comes with age and maturity. Of course there are no guarantees, but by starting on ice you know is safe, you take that stress and the extra gear out of the equation. For me, the huge ice safety issue is falling ON the ice, not through it. I won't wear creepers. I mostly ice fish for trout. Trout do not appreciate CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH echoing in their heads. Especially since my sets are two feet under the ice. I have a buddy who wears his every trip no matter how NOT slippery it is. We catch lots of kivvies and bass. I don't get flags on the trout sets. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH all day long. Gets in my head, nevermind the fish. I get by 80% of the time with no slippery issues and my trout flags pop. 15% of the time I'm relying on long practice at the ice shuffle, good balance and luck. 5% of the time I'm taking my life in my hands and should just strap on creepers and go for panners.
  3. How bout camp coffee? I've seen it all. A good deal of my fish camp coffee when alone used to be old fashioned instant, a tin pan of water and a stick fire. The other end of the spectrum I've camped with coffee nerd dudes who grind and press and fuss and fidget 30 minutes per cup, while the sun rises. There's no denying which is better coffee. It's all about what kind of camp it is. Family vacation, casual vacation style fishing trip, by all means, I'm inviting the coffee nerd. Serious hardcore sleep in the car fishing or other extreme nature adventure road trips require fast simple low tech caffeine dosing. I'm not ashamed to admit I bring my countertop coffee maker to campgrounds with electric hook up. That auto timer alone makes it worthwhile. Old fashioned camp percolating I never mastered. Too many grounds in my cup.
  4. I'm content with whatever major brand is on sale for home brewing. I like dunks or dippin for takeout. Gas station, cumbies and McD all emergency caffeine doses only. I'll go without rather than go there normally. My big problem is dunks doesn't stay open late anymore. I depend on late night stops for fresh coffee when on roadtrips.
  5. One of the these things doesn't belong here.
  6. That wind kicked up fierce last night. I was sitting next to a drafty window during the game and the wind came right inside. We were so lucky all that rain didn't freeze to trees and wires. That wind would have been devestating.
  7. Once again it's my son's photo that I stole. He's the one who takes the bird pics. Last night's moon.
  8. It's not really rain. It's rain drops frozen before they land. Sleet I guess. The cold is gonna save us from power outage. The sleet isn't sticking to the trees.
  9. What's the liquid they were spraying on route 2 Saturday afternoon, hours before the first precipitation? Looked like water, went right into the pavement. Also all over my car when I passed.
  10. So bizarre, standing in rain, then going inside and see 16F on digital thermometer. Thought it was broke.
  11. Hmm, half in of ice at 4:00 pm. Just in time for power to go out during the game. Good thing I have it on my phone. Of course I'll get called in to work soon as it goes out so...
  12. It is stocked but they are not blocking access, just ice activity. A woman drowned there in 2015 while cross country skiing. My guess is there was a law suit.
  13. Well yesterday started great. Venus was bright in the predawn sky and trout were on a mad feed. Flags went up in the dark even as we set up. We ran like maniacs chasing trout flags. A bit rusty, we dropped a bunch. Still managed some decent browns and real nice fat rainbows. My son kept a good supper for his family and the rest went back. Then the hammer fell. We got kicked off a pond I have icefished for 35 years. Apparently we walked right by the new sign in the dark. No ice fishing. Apparently a liability issue. I'm devestated. Any suggestions on how to fight it?
  14. I have done volunteer work for a group that protects land by buying it, helping towns buy it or set up conservation easements on agriculture land. Buying land in the Boston suburbs ain't cheap obviously and they can't usually bid against developers $ for $. Instead they try to convince the owner of the value of the land left intact. Then they pay a reasonable but not exorbitant price. With the conservation easements they get tax incentives to put aside a percentage of land to conservation while keeping the farm operating. Of course the sellers have to be of the correct mentality. With the value of the land being developed, I'm sure it is very hard to resist the Big Payoff.
  15. Heading out zero dark 30. Hopefully have some trout pics tomorrow.