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  1. I drove two hours to fish a storm and arrived with no waders, no change of clothes. Long wet cold day. Edit to add: that was a learning moment for me and goes a long way to preventing it ever happening again.
  2. That is so cool on so many levels....
  3. At least we got a temporary reprieve from the heat. I so wasn't prepared for a heat wave in the middle of May. I wilted doing things outside and slept like crap. We had a 50 degree temperature swing in one week. My body wasn't ready for it. And now they're saying 95 on Saturday. I guess the 20 years cycle of cold weather got called off.
  4. Bingo!
  5. I can remember the exact day it happened to me. My brother was getting married and we were planning a pre-wedding fishing trip. I broke out my tying gear to whip up some flies, and bang, out of the blue I couldn't see the close stuff. Had to buy my first pair of readers. The distance vision stayed good for another 10 years but now that's going too.
  6. I haven't been out myself but I've been following reports in several different venues. I can't say I've heard anyone talking about micros. Instead, it seems better sized fish are here early. Obviously bigger is better, but it's weird. I've seen pics of way more slot and above than I was expecting and not much at all about the micros you'd expect for this time of year.
  7. I just saw pics of an orca supposedly off the Cape. Anyone here of that?
  8. I actually considered not posting the pic specifically because I was afraid someone would bust my balls about it. I knew it looks goofy. What's worse, there are pics out there of me wearing two pairs at the same time. I put the 2.75× magnifiers on over my sunglasses to ties knots. It's a bitch to get old.
  9. Oh man, I've been waiting for someone to comment about that. I'm such a goober. I have a prescription and I just can't face the $300.00. Instead I wear drug store 100x to see distance, 2.75× for close up, plus I need my polarized sunglasses for fishing. Gotta go get some prescription glasses.
  10. The cunner come in a wide range of colors. I believe much of it has to do with the background colors of where they live. Some. Like the one in this pic, can get bright orange when they live among those bright orange sponges (not really sponges, can't recall real name). Unfortunately, they don't keep their color in aquariums. I actually kept this one and in a month or so it was generic greenish brown. I have seen really small baby tog that were also this bright color living among those orange sponge-like thingies.
  11. What happened to cause it to spike the way it has? Last week I caught the tail end of TV news story, the gist of which was prices might go back up. I didn't catch the reason behind it. I turned to my son and said, "great. They'll hear this story and automatically raise the prices tomorrow morning". The next day prices jumped about 10 cents.
  12. Surprised by all the hate for dunks. I like their coffee much better than all those fancy ass scorched mud brews that are so popular now. I guess I have a sentimental attachment to dunks after drinking it for 40 + years. Back in the days when "time to make the donuts" was a real thing and going in at zero dark 30 meant the smell of donuts being made. A time when they were open late and always available for fueling an all nighter. For me, an extra large regular dunks is the gold standard for store bought coffee. Of course like with all coffee shop coffee, the price is outrageous when you compare it to making your own at home. I used to like the pastries at Tim Hortons back when they had them in RI. The chocolate croissant was a must have during a trip down there. The coffee was ok but the pastry was excellent.
  13. I don't know, obviously, but common sense suggests with vastly more land available to breed and more fish to eat, there would be more seals. Common sense also suggests that there's no way there's more seals now than ever before. That one's a no-brainer. With a fraction of the available land to breed on and a fraction of the available fish stock to eat, it defies logic to suggest such a thing. I never made any argument that humans shouldn't manage the environment. That's a completely different conversation which has nothing to do with my comments about the historical population of seals.
  14. Are you implying there are more seals now than historically? That doesn't even make sense. How many hundreds of miles of beaches that seals would have used for breeding are now highly developed by humans? Also if you're going to compare now to the past, you'd have to also ask, what were the fish populations like back then? Before commercial and recreational fishing, pollution and dams, there would have been enough fish to support a much larger seal population.