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  1. The old ABUs were great when you could center the line guide before casting. The other option was a free floating line guide during the cast. The newer subject reel has a synchronized levelwind. Don
  2. VXB carries several bearings for fishing reels. It will be faster to find them by selecting "Bearings for hobby", then "Fishing reel ball bearings" Interesting that they carry plastic ball bearings with glass balls. Search on "Plastic Bearing POM". Item: POM 623 Bearing Type: Plastic Radial With Glass Bearing Material: POM (Polyoxymethylene) also know as Acetal Inner Diameter: 3mm Outer Diameter: 10mm Width: 4mm Size: 3mm x 10mm 4mm Another source is Smooth Drags. Although I have not tried their bearings, a local tackle shop uses them as a supplier. Don
  3. Well, here are the numbers. Almost everything had to be converted to meters and mm. Spool capacities: All with 0.35 mm line. Omoto 6000/Akios 656 275 meters Akios 666 SCMW 302 meters Omoto 7000/Akios 757 383 meters ABU 7000 424 meters
  4. An Omoto Chief Xtreme 730 CXS would be fantastic. However I can't afford it.
  5. Overall, the ABU 6500 has the same line capacity as an Omoto Chief 6000/630 or Akios 656. Sometimes Omoto will change the characteristics of the reels they manufacture and this may impact line capacity
  6. 6000 size to the left, 7000 size to the right. Spools Pinions
  7. To Gentleman you could add Bold, Courageous, and Spirited. Who else would wear a superman outfit to a casting tournament ? Once upon a time, I was asked by George Pope (many people will remember him as Gowge) to come to an expo that he was planning to be held by the beach at St. Augustine, Florida. I was asked to bring a fishing rod and reel that could be used to slide bait in Hawaii. George's intent was to have me do demo casting between the casts of Neil MacKellow and Roger. This was to allow extra time for Neil and Roger to wind in their sinkers prior to the next round of casts. Since the gear ratio of my reel was not taken into account, the plan failed. As the exhibition continued, I offered to let Neil cast my fishing rod. While polite, he said something about not being dumb or stupid. Roger was then offered the use of my rod and reel, he took them up and made some great casts. He finished with a big smile, said he was proud to put a bend in the rod, and asked if I had bigger sinkers. I did say he is courageous! The next time when I met up with Roger in Hawaii, I brought along larger sinkers.
  8. FlatWing, It looks like we are on the same page. Thank you for the clarification. The only issue was the over sized magnets. In the past I installed some center mags made by Merlin on ABU 5500 reels. They worked well, but I was not consistent using them. Will Nash's work takes him through Hawaii from time to time. Prior to his first visit, I came across some pictures of Chief 6000 RA reels. They came with a standard mono mag installed. I was able to order a couple from Omoto, but they did not arrive before Will's coming business trip to Hawaii. When Will did arrive in Hawaii, we took two Chief Xtreme reels to the field for testing. The results did not meet our hopes. Later the 6000 RA (Chief 6000 CT Mono Mag) reels arrived and they were a very good entry level reel for long casting. I removed the left side plate from one of the 6000 RA reels and installed it on a Chief Xtreme 530CXS (5000 size CTM reel). I then had a brass label made and engraved with Will Power and attached it to the left side cover. It was then shipped to Will for testing. This was the first Willpower prototype. Using serial number 7 of the first run of Willpower reels, Will set a new record cast for 100 grams at 816 feet. Since that time, Will increased the distance to 873 (?) feet using a reel from the second run of Willpower reels. So, what am I getting at? All the Willpower reels come stock from the factory with a mono mag having a 5mm magnet. The size was selected by the design and testing of skilled people. Capefox Just a thought. If there are problems with a backlash at the immediate release of the sinker, it may be you are using a shockleader that is too stretchy. Upon release the shockleader may snap back sufficiently to cause the spool to over speed. The backlash will be immediate. The following are requirements for Sportcast USA tournament casting: 0.65 mm (0.0256 inch) for the 125 and 100 gram weights. I have reduced the immediate backlashes significantly by increasing the diameter of my shockleader to 0.70mm for 125 grams. Don
  9. FlatWing, I apologize for offending you. It was not my intent. I simply wanted to correct wrong information. To restate: The centrifugal brakes are most effective at the start of the cast. At apogee, the vertical component of velocity drops to zero. This decreased line demand can cause a backlash and may require additional braking from another source (thumb, line size and amount, oil viscosity, magnets). After apogee, the sinker regains some speed. In reference to over magging a reel, the stronger magnet will require it to be drawn farther away from the spool. There is only limited distance available. The original spin time of about 12 seconds may have been set by the owner to meet his/her needs. Was the maximum spool spin noted after the bigger magnet was installed? Regarding all the reels listed, it seems that the reels better noted for distance capability were left off the list (ABU, Omoto Chief, Rocket Reels, Akios). All have both centrifugal and magnetic braking. Fish'aholic I met up with Roger Mortimore when he was making an around the world tour a few years back. He stopped by Honolulu and kindly volunteered to hold a casting workshop. He was a great sport and continued instructing during a heavy downpour. I asked Roger his setup for his ABU 6500. It was one brake block and two magnets. If I recall correctly, he mentioned casting an 8 ounce sinker a distance of 795 feet. Don
  10. If you are having trouble with speed and backlashes, go to a higher viscosity oil. Perhaps 30 weight or 40 weight oil (not 10 w 30 or 10 w 40). If that does not work sufficiently, use a thicker diameter line. And, if it is still not enough, use less line on the spool.
  11. Capefox, The only 11-foot Okuma Solaris rod I found was a spinning rod rated at 3 to 8 ounces. For the most part (not always) I have found that I achieve optimum distance when the sinker is at or less than the minimum lure weight stated by the manufacturer. When you are pushing the rod for distance the tip is slow to recover when it is over loaded by using too much weight. The lure rating by manufacturers is frequently in error. To correct for the problem, start slow and focus on keeping the sinker moving in the biggest arc possible. (The sinker should be moving outside the path of the tip.) This will transfer some of the load down to toward the handle section. Remember, you must continually accelerate the lead to keep the rod loaded. As you gain confidence, you can then increase your speed while keeping the sinker to the outside. FlatWing, " Note that a specific recommendation is that a Mono Mag should be 8mm (diameter) by 3mm (thickness) " That is far to much magnet power, even for tournament casting. The centrifugal brakes need to be maintained for control at the start of the cast. The magnets can be used to adjust for changing conditions and during the cast if necessary. Don
  12. STP is an engine oil additive. It is similar to Motor Honey. When cool, they are about the consistency of thick pancake honey. STP works great in a Penn 6/0 casting 80# mono. In order of viscosity: engine oil transmission oil (about 90 weight) STP
  13. For general fishing the Omoto Chief 6000CTM is recommended. For my specific location, I use the Chief 7000CTM. For field use: 100 gram and 125 gram Omoto Chief Xtreme 530CXS (Will Power Version) 150 gram and 175 gram Omoto Chief Xtreme 630CXS Will Nash set the US record for 100 grams using the 530CXS. He also set the US record for 175 grams using the 630CXS.
  14. Never trust computers. It's just input output as predetermined. " I do use my thumb btw but as an aid in difficult wind conditions. Using as the sole means of control would give me fits. It really neat to see how others manage this. " Well, in the old Penn Senator wide 6/0 reels it was: Line size - usually 80 # Line type - low memory, soft, Maxima Amount of line on the reel Oil viscosity - often heavy weight motor oil or transmission lube (90 wt) After releasing the spool, the thumb moves immediately to the left to within 1/4" of the spool. You then gently thumb the side of the spool. If you are using a Newell reel, your technique will be to apply pressure to the spool with your thumb nail. After a few casts with a Newell, your thumb nail will be flat on one side. And Brian, Yes I do call Hawaii my home
  15. The white line through the bank sinker indicates how it broke apart. I am assuming there was a cold fracture in the lead when it was poured. There was no indication of a problem when the sinker was purchased. If you are in the field, a claw sinker may be an alternative to a tournament sinker. The important issue is that the wire runs the full length of the sinker.Cut off the claws to about 1/2 inch, bend them in and you will be set to cast with reasonable safety. Please do not forget to attach a clip from your shockleader to the sinker.