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  1. From 2008 Lamiglas catalog Fiberglass Boat and Trolling BT 96 3 M Length 8’ Pieces 1 Line 30 Butt Diameter .765 Tip 8 Average Weight 7 1/8
  2. Very good point. In fact a screw for the handle nut retainer may also be needed as Omoto changed (standardized) the sizes a couple of years ago. Instead of buying a handle only, Omoto recommends buying a handle kit. The kit should / may include: handle, handle nut, handle nut retainer, handle nut retainer screw. Although the correct diameter metric screw may be available from your local hardware store, the length is usually too long. I was able to find one at a commercial specialty shop. Since the length was only slightly long, it was corrected by putting a lock washer under the screw head.
  3. I have a box with an Omoto handle in it that fits the Chief 5000 and 6000 models. Below is what is printed on the box: Daiwa T3/RYOGA/STEEZ/PX ZILLION/AGGREST/VALLETTA SEABORG/LEOBRITZ/MAGMAX HYPER TANACOM/TANACOM BULL ABU AMBASSADEUR S/SX/STX PRO ROCKET/RECORD/C3/C4 REVO/ORRA/MAX The Akios 555 and 656 driveshaft is probably the same size as the Omoto 5000 and 6000 driveshaft. I do not know about the Akios 666 driveshaft. I can not vouch on the accuracy of the above. Don
  4. You will probably find the bolt/screw/pin patterns of the side plates are different between the ABU and other round bait casters. This could require some modifications. " I'll try it on a junk plate first" Good idea.
  5. Hi Scott, The specification on the Omoto web site is 0.40 mm / 360 meters. This is equivalent to 0.61 mm /155 meters or 0.024" / 169.5 yards. (Berkley BG 40# =0.024") Remember 169 yards cast is less than a distance of 169 yards. " I think dumping that reel with 40lb would be awesome." Not very awesome. On the field I cast a measured 170 yards with a Daiwa Sealine 40 and (probably) a 7 ounce sinker. No bait. The Sealine 40 has a capacity of 240 yards of 40# mono. The Jigmaster is about the same. If I recall correctly, the Hawaii state casting record is 187 yards with 0.024" mono. Due to abrasion and cuts from rocks and coral, I am not comfortable with using less than 25# mono. Sufix Elite seems to be good in smaller diameters. I did have a problem with Tritanium. Not so much with abrasion, but the line cutting and parting. Don
  6. Tiburon Engineering lists Penn frames and spools on their website. 1/0 thru 6/0, Squidder, Jigmaster, Surfmaster, and Newell..
  7. I fish areas that are typically a little different than conditions on the east coast and Texas, A longer section of leader is needed if you are fishing in an area with a lot of structure. This is to contend with line abrasion caused by rocks and coral. In Hawaii a long section of leader is referred to as a rub line. A shock leader is usually used to prevent a break off during the cast. The length of a shock leader is usually from the lead to the rod tip to reel and then 5 or 10 turns around the spool. Add an additional 5 feet to redo knots from time to time. Whether it's a rub line, shock leader, or a combination of the two, it will depend on conditions (both fishing and safety). Regarding the sizes of reels (6000 vs 7000), I have been downsizing over the last several years. The more popular shore reels (in my area) were Penn Jigmaster (40#), 4/0 (60#), and 6/0 (80#). First I dropped down to the Jigmaster and Sealine 40 size reels with 40# mono. Now I an using an Omoto 7000 for most of my fishing. With 40# mono, 4 ounce sinker and bait casting into the wind I emptied the spool. Dropping down to 30 mono, I came close to emptying the spool. I finally settled with 25# Prospec and braid backing as optimum for 7000 in the fishing conditions encountered. There are basically 3 different drag sets available for the Omoto 6000/6001. 1. Standard 2. Snakehead available from Omoto - Increased drag by decreasing contact area. I do not stock them. 3. Ambassaduer by Smooth drags - Increased drag area that should decrease drag fade - Ask Donna about them as there are 2 types. Hope this is helpful. Happy New Year, Don
  8. Links to commercial sites are not allowed. Unfortunately I have not been able to dedicate enough time to our website. We carry the Chief line of reels, Poseidon (similar to Penn Internationals), a fly reel, Cratos trolling reels, and a few double hooks. Omoto manufactures reels, hooks, braid, and knee braces for sports events. They manufacture both reels and reel parts for many well known companies that are retail outlets and manufactures. I do not sell on Amazon or eBay. We do our best to work through shops. Contact information can be found on our website. Do a google search for: Omoto schematics Omoto repair parts Omoto Chief Xtreme or if you want to contact Will Nash, google Omoto Will Power. Will is the top caster in the history of US casting competition. He established the US 100 gram record using an Omoto Will Power reel (5000 size) and the 175 gram record using a Chief Xtreme 630 CXS (6000 size reel). He is the first in the US to achieve all the records with casts over 800 feet. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, Don
  9. Hi Roddy, Omoto now supplies the Chief 6000CSM in red, green, blue, purple orange, and black. The 6000CTM and 7000CTM are available in the same colors. Don
  10. Hey Jimmy, wishing you a Happy New Year. Isn't it ironic that hybrid ceramic bearings when shipped to the customer " has 2 Sealed to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination, also bearings are pre-lubricated with grease." And it is implied by some that hybrid ceramic bearings should be run dry when fishing in ocean water. It needs to be remembered that stainless steel does corrode. The most common forms of corrosion in stainless steel are: a. Pitting corrosion - The passive layer on stainless steel can be attacked by certain chemical species. The chloride ion Cl- is the most common of these and is found in everyday materials such as salt and bleach. (several followed. Pitting was the top of the list.) Even participants in distance casting competition use trace amounts of oil in their bearings. About those pesty shields and seals: I "assume" rubber seals are best for preventing contamination. From research on the net: Rubber seals generate the most heat. SS shields generate heat and (of course) No seals or shields generate no heat. This implies: Rubber seals do the best prevention of contamination and have the worst performance SS Shields are middle of the road No seals or shields has the best performance and no prevention of contamination Additionally, I was informed by a shop owner (a service and warranty station for Shimano, Daiwa, Penn, and others) that Shimano had discontinued the use of seals/shields in the some of their reels. This was due to water getting into the bearings and not being able to get out. To my knowledge, the traditional compromise has been to have only one shield per bearing. That shield should face the direction of the coming contamination. EG, with an ultracast spool, the open side of the bearing should face the inside/center of the spool. The above is slanted toward plugging and casting reels. Don
  11. Hi Jimmy, the following is from the VXB bearing site: 6 x 12 x 4 Sealed Ball Bearings With Ceramic balls, bearing has 2 Sealed to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination, also bearings are pre-lubricated with grease. It was under the category "Metric Miniature Bearings".
  12. Long post? 1. Get a cup of coffee and relax 2. Open Microsoft Edge 3. Go to this thread 4. Right click on the thread 5. Select Read Aloud Regarding the issues. Per cheech " Check the guide inserts for cracks. " This is very important. Also, I understand the best way to do this is with nylons. In the past there were brands of braid that were sub standard. Perhaps you could change brands. When I fish my Omoto 7000 reels, I use 150 yards of braid that is topped off with 25# ProSpec mono. The mono is required due to the nature of the structure that I fish. The use of braid provides the capacity of line needed. Your ABU 7000 probably has centrifugal brakes. Try engaging all of them and then evaluate the results of using a lesser number of blocks. Mentioned were break offs prior to release and using a few turns of shock leader around the spool. The tension felt around the spool via the shock lead from a powerful cast can break the shock leader knot. Try using 10 or more turns of shock leader around the spool. When reeling in, the knot will need to go to either side of the spool. Continue reeling in with the line going to the opposite side of the spool. When reaching the opposite side, reel back toward the first side. 5 turns over and 5 turns back. Your thumb pressure on the top layer of shock leader will now press on the lower layer and reduce any tension on the knot. Hope this is helpful, Don
  13. Just FYI, Lacrosse balls weigh just over 5 ounces. Fluorescent orange flagging tape 150-feet by 1-3/16 inch roll surveyors tape caution ribbon marking flags can be cut to length and attached to the sinker to reduce casting distance.
  14. Wow! Well done! Excellent demonstration of the pendulum cast. Noteworthy is the perfect orbital path of the ball. It is very efficient as the ball does not break out of the orbit during acceleration.
  15. Distance casters will try to keep the spool balanced or try to compensate for an unbalanced spool. 1. Use scotch tape to attach the line to the spool. The tape makes precisely one wrap around the arbor/spindle. 2. Use a drop of glue to attach the line to the spool. 3. Try various ways to put the line on the spool. Making humps in the line and cross wraps when putting line on the spool. All of this would not seem necessary for a fishing reel. That said, I would not want to come to the end of a heavy line with a large weight attached to the far end and have it solidly attached to the spool. It is far better to use small diameter braid as backing.