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  1. Well,,,,, The pros use 3/8" PVC Bag Sealing Tape and it comes in a variety of colors.
  2. Depending on locality, surf rod may take on a different meaning. A recoil guide appears to be a small Hilo guide. Here's a little something about the originator of Hilo guides. The original "Hilo Guides" were introduced to Hawai'i in the 1940's by Sumie Tokunaga, founder of S. Tokunaga Store. These flexible, durable stainless guides were designed to replace the old "boat style" guides. Grandson Michael Tokunaga, avid fisherman, custom rod builder and present owner of S. Tokunaga Store still sells these guides. "Hilo Guides" have a more weather-resistant surface and a higher frame for greater line clearance. Copied by many but still the best! If you go to the scubachris youtube channel you should be able to find a video about the Okuma. scuba chris okuma gt Shimano also produces a rod equiped with Hilo guides. As some Hilo guides have been known to groove, the quality of the stainless steel is important. Some are home made.
  3. Dinger, If you are looking for tournament casting distance, I highly recommend you contact Will Nash for a Will Power reel (he used one to set the US casting record for 100 grams) or a modified Chief Xtreme 630 CXS (he used one to set the US casting record for 175 grams). Will Nash is the greatest US tournament caster is US recorded history and achieved a first with record casts of over 800 feet for 100, 125, 150, and 175 gram tournament weights. Both tournament and fishing spools are available as well as left side plates equipped with CW mono mag, CCW mono mag, or knobby mag. This lets you go from fishing to field with minimum fuss. You may also want to contact Ryan White for an appropriate power Century rod.
  4. Jerry Foran specializes in maintenance and repair of ABU reels. He also builds custom ABU reels for fishing. He would be a good source for info.
  5. US National Casting Tournament, October 27 & 28, 2018 Kenilworth Athletic Field, Washington DC 4001 Deane Ave NE, Washington, DC 20019 The entrance to Kenilworth Athletic Fields (active recreation area) is located at the westernmost end of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, N.E. It is approximately 0.5 mile south of the Aquatic Gardens entrance. There are no facilities at the site. Coming by auto: Take Route 295 southbound if you are coming from north of Route 50 or Route 50, to the Eastern Avenue Exit. Go straight up the ramp to the second street on the right, Douglas Street. Make a right onto Douglas Street. At the end of Douglas Street, make another right onto Anacostia Avenue to get toKenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Go left to get to Kenilworth Recreation Park. If you are coming from south of Route 50, take Route 295 north to the Burroughs Street Exit. At the bottom of the ramp go left. Go straight to Kenilworth Recreation Park. 38 Degrees 54' 31.64" N 76 Degrees 57' 0.83" W Additional Info (non commercial): Visitors are welcome. Due to insurance requirements, membership in Sportcast USA is required to participate in the event. Start time is 9:00 AM on Saturday. Start time Sunday to be determined by casters on Saturday
  6. Hi fishhappy, I was told the nylon cog was used due to a safety issue. If you got your finger stuck between the side plate and line guide, the IAR and/or anti reverse cog might make it <almost> impossible to remove your finger.
  7. CDubbs wrote: " Here's something I learned here at SOL a ways back to make some of my HSN's 4.1:1 winches. I could be wrong, but I think it was a member named DonB. " Not this Don B, maybe another.
  8. Regarding thumb screws, totally agree. Some tournament bass fishermen find them acceptable on the handle side if they are short.
  9. The last two national casting records (100 gram and 175 gram) were set by Will Nash of San Antonio, Texas using Omoto reels. Will now holds the four records (100, 125. 150, 175) with casts over 800 feet. He is the first in the USA. Will is the exclusive sales rep for the Omoto performance reels based on the Xtreme 530 and 630 CXS reels. The easiest way to find him may be to locate the Dons Tackle Hawaii website. Go to the Omoto page and find the Orange reel. Don
  10. 7 days until the Northeast Region Tournament (Sept 8 & 9) Coming tournaments: Northeast Regional, Dates: September 8 & 9, Location: Kenilworth Athletic Field (DC) US Nationals, Dates: October 27 & 28, Location: Kenilworth Athletic Field (DC) US Open, Dates: December 1 & 2, Location: Riverview Farm Park (Newport News, VA)
  11. Dsc, 10mm is close to 3/8" Apex Magnets has a wide variety in diameter and thickness. Strength up to N48 Lee Valley Tools has a nice variety of magnets and hardware (magnet cups and washers) Wood crafting shops may have what you need (cabinet latches area). Dawgfish's recommendation is a good one. You will have better performance with an aluminum spool. OBTW, 80 yards is quite good with the equipment that you are using.
  12. Ditto !!! #2A Use larger diameter line. (Same outcome as #2, Speeding up the spool creates a small amount of drag.) #4 Use heavier oil in the bearings.
  13. Did you try doing a google search on how to mag a penn 4/0 or how to add magnets to a penn 4/0 ? For a source of magnets I use the Apex Magnets web site.
  14. Reminder, 25 days until the Sportcast USA Northeast Casting tournament. Dates: Sept 8 & 9, 2018