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  1. Thanks. In the back technically
  2. Back out tonight as I had two eels left from last night. Split em with a buddy one for me one for him. He lost his to a snag fairly quick and i lost mine to a rock shortly after. Did get one solid take on the eel before loosing it. No other luck for me and my buddy ended up with a nice schoolie. Here is a better pic of last night fish in the day light, ended up 41lbs on the scale. My kid was super excited too lol
  3. It’s MOST definitely to early and water is too WARM!!!!!!! I tried so hard to bring her back nd see her swim off but she just wouldn’t do it. Spent a half hour and got soaking wet trying to revive her. Breaks my heart I killed the beast. Caught her on a live eel with my 7 foot bay rod, took about 15-20 minutes to get her to my feet. My pb by a long shot. Only took a quick measure and weight on a crappy old scale 50” 40lbs
  4. Skunked tonight, beautiful night though. Literally zero wind. Had high hopes after recent success, no mullet present tonight. Had one decent hit but he went airborne quick and threw the hook
  5. Loads of mullet heading towards the sea last night. Surprised not to see more surface action with so much bait. Was super sleepy out there but with those light winds I couldn’t resist. In about a million cast I lost 4 and landed two didn’t measure but probably 26-28 range
  6. Decent action last night under some dock lights. Mostly small bass and snappers. But with decent visibility in the water from the lights saw quite a few more decent sized bass and blues taking swipes but very touch hits. Also had one fluke follow my shad for like ten feet all the way to surface. Was a nice looking fish
  7. Easiest answer is you gotta get out there often and try different stuff until you find what works for your area. Most the time when it’s rough or windy the schools of peanuts will be further from the surface and more scattered that’s why you can’t see them opposed to when it’s calm and there bunches up tight al together near the surface much easier to see. For me I’ve had little to no luck with top water plugs. Almost all my fish were on bucktails near the bottom or soft plastics in mid water column
  8. Likely was peanuts they were feeding on. I fish a bridge in oc often and often they are there busting up peanuts and won’t hit anything but them. Might even be the same bridge
  9. Made it out after work for he break in weather 5-630. Quite rough and a little grassy but not unfishable. Managed one sink on a Kroc spoon
  10. Skunked for tog again Thursday afternoon. Had good conditions good crabs good holes but still no fish. Last night out on some rocks tough fishing with the wind. Had about ten fish on but only two made it in both were bluefish and small.
  11. Nice fluke off the beach today while messing around with the family
  12. Decent time late last night. Tough conditions in the dark something felt off with my rod/reel but couldn’t figure out what was wrong in the dark lol still didn’t see anything amiss in daylight. Landed two, one at 20” and one closer to 30” lost another and had a bluefish chomp me in half. Buddy that was with me hooked and lost three as well
  13. At he beach with the family yesterday. Was able to sneak a rod in and was throwing a bank sinker with teaser and gulp new penny shrimp for a lost fluke maybe. Ended up getting nailed by a nice kingfish about 14”. Got excited and yelled to the old lady to run to the car and grab my little kingfish bag w/ fish bites n kingfish rigs. Had one other hit on the shrimp while I waited for her to come back and then nothing else on the kingfish gear. Was a bummer and my first decent king since like 2016
  14. Couple late reports Wednesday night one 16” fluke on a teaser rig out front right in the midst of the saddest Little Rock pile of a jetty. Thursday same area but with the kids still threw the teaser rig a bit but nothing. Today put another four hours in to my togging which has still been a real bummer. Couple of crabs bit in half but real slow action
  15. Another tog trip today, little disappointed at how much action I’ve been having. Last year by this time I had several keepers in the books. My usual holes have been empty. Ended up landing three but nothing worth measuring. Just to chime in on the beach temps, I was swimming around in ocean county and it was a bit chilly I think the lifeguard stand had the water temp at upper 60’s. Which was expected with all the south winds of late