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  1. He’ll of a day from shore! Nice catches!
  2. Yeah I would be interested whqtw the price range?? More important lol
  3. Looking to add another conventional reel to my arsenal for the rare occasions I get out on the boat to fluke. Not looking for anything expensive if a cash sale 50-100$ max. If willing to trade I have a brand new never fished penn ssv 3500. I have the box and paper still for the ssv. I bought it on amazon on sale for Black Friday at 99$ with free shipping. In efforts for full disclosure the reason I have not fished the ssv is because it was very geary out of the box and did not unbox it until after the return time from as I purchased in the off-season. Otherwise reel is perfect. Will post picture of the reel if there is any interest. Located in ocean county New Jersey
  4. Saw one pulled out the other day while fluking
  5. Greased up and back together, good as new
  6. Well how did you do? Limits!?
  7. I’ve never caught one or killed and cleaned one but have been told by older salts more than one time that the larger ones all have worms
  8. Absolutely terrible. What are they, drum?
  9. I have a giant tub of blue penn grease, yeah less than 30 seconds with the blow dryer was enough, as far as I can tell nothing was damaged other than perhaps the oring
  10. Sounds to me like your fishing a spot where the lure you are looking for does not exist lol unfortunately fish like rocks and usually the rockier the better. I’ve always felt like the round/ball headed bucktails were a little better and slightly less likely to wedge themselves in immediately. I have grown to prefer a “teaser” rig instead of a buck tail in these situations. I tie a bank sinker or a round steel bass sinker on the bottom and then a dropper loop anywhere from 4 to 16” above that. Seems to decrease my snags significantly
  11. Yes but people are constantly stating that it throws 2oz and heavier great including in this thread. This has not been my personal experience I seem to be the only person who disagrees
  12. I have the 10’ as well and am probably the only person that thinks it does not perform well with anything 2oz and up. However throwing light lures is amazing, lures that you typically wouldn’t be able to use or cast effectively in a surf or inlet situation you can. Even with a 3/4-3 or 4 rod it’s way better in that less than 1oz range. And hook set have been a slight issue for me, haven’t quite use the rod and caught enough fish with it yet to have really figured it out. But I have lost more than 50% of the fish I’ve had on while using this rod. Which is not that many being I’ve only been able to get the rod out a few times. I am super interested in that 8 footer also
  13. Interesting reel, heating the side plate worked and it came off, however the super thin o-ring may not have survive unless it miraculously shrinks back to its original size lol I can only imagine how easy it will be to get a replacement. The sealing does however as far as my amateur eyes can tell work. I never dunked or splashed the reel but have rinsed it off lightly with the hose, fished in the rain and other normal saltwater exposure