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  1. Out tiffing again this afternoon trying to use my crabs before they all die. Tough bite today even while the tide was in. Lost what felt like a decent one and brought two to the rocks. When which was a hair or two over the 15” mark but I let him go anyway
  2. Took longer than normal with low tide to find a hole deep enough to hold fish. But once I did I landed 3 an 8” and two 14”’s
  3. Lol not talking about fluke. I made two posts one from much earlier in the morning which I guess you did not see
  4. Bite was decent today, got plenty of crabs and tide was already coming in by the time I was done. Took about an hour to find a hole that was holding fish but once I did landed about 8 with my one keeper at 15.5”
  5. Up super early to hopefully catch low tide and a bucket full of Asian crabs for when the sun comes up!! Tog might be my favorite! Hopefully they bite as well this year as they did 2017
  6. Yeah pain was very mild if you even want to call it pain was more just uncomfortable. Was stung once in Mexico on my foot. The pain was excruciating and I was very inebriated and about two miles from our condo
  7. So my grandparents have had a house on the lagoon since before I was born. I have been swimming in that lagoon my entire life, always see some jellyfish every once in awhile but never been stung or worries about them. Since I had kids I’ve been trying to convince them to jump in / swim in the lagoon since they were old enough 8 and 4. Finally yesterday my eight year old says she wants to jump in. We aim around a bit and everything is all good. I jump of the deck railing stupidly attempting a back flip. I failed miserably and belly flopped right onto a big old jelly. Felt like seaweed. I got out right away. The pains was mild like a pine and needles sensation. No marks or anything today. Googled it and I think it was a stinging nettles? Not sure what the point I was making was interesting story I guess? Now my children will never go in that lagoon!!
  8. So finally got a night outing in tonight out back in o.c. Looking for some schoolies. Get out to my spot unhook my lure from the hook keeper and give a little tug to ensure line isn’t wrapped around the tip and crack my 7’6” st Croix avid inshore snaps in two spots!!! I don’t know what the hell happened to it that it would break in such a manner!! Very upsetting and haven’t used the rod in awhile so it hasn’t seen any action that I could think would damage it. Maybe the heat of being left in the car for the last two days? I took extra care to keep it away from doors and windows and the such. And handled it while rigging up before leaving my house?? Anyway arrive to a he’ll of a lot of lightning off in the distance and other than one bite off from a blue fish took the skunk. Please ignore the mess that is my car atm
  9. Looks pretty healed up? Surprised at its survival, you’d think the tail would be crucial
  10. It’s got no tail??
  11. Lived in the desert to long. Little heat don’t bother me, it’s cold that sucks
  12. Hard south wind, lot of birds, bay anchovies, grass and snappers out front tonight. 6-830pm. Was surprisingly cool on the beach considering how hot it was on the main land today. Nearly passed out mowing my lawn. Snappers biting all evening but really went buck wild at around 8
  13. Post is from a few months ago. I’d love to buy more reels lol but not at this current moment in time. Where were all these back when I originally posted !!! Lol thanks for the responses
  14. Annie sez? dont remember which street that’s on. I can ask my grandfather, owned a few buildings on Main Street at the bottom of eagle rock avenue for more than 40 years
  15. I never have and luck with the larger gulp grubs, they look and swim great but never so much as a nibble. Take it off replace with the 4” and fluke all day long same spot only diff is the gulp. Probably user error but??