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  1. Had my alarm times set but forgot to turn on so luckily I woke up just in time to get to work lol. Pissed I missed this morning as it very well might’ve been my last decent opportunity. Oh well I’ll prob make one more trip sometime soon, I need the closure of the one final trip before the long so long winter lol
  2. Lost didn’t make it this morning, found just enough will power to get up. Line in the water bout 10 after 6 fished till 730am. Water looked great, a little stained but not bad. Still nothing. I agree if I can manage to get up before work again tomorrow that will probably be it for me.
  3. Took it out for another spin this morning to get some final feedback before returning it. It gives 3 distinct knocks when to spoolsis at the very top, the top most 3 cranks each gets a knock
  4. Got out for sunrise this morning 6-730. Fished the only jetty left within my area. Made about 500 casts without a hit. Still hanging on a little hope for just one more before it’s over over
  5. I’m going to go give it a look see again and see if I find anything. Appreciate your input
  6. It’s straight out of the box brand new. Is it typical for screws to be loose right out of the box? In hindsight I realize it would have been smart to check. Worst case scenario Ill just have to return/exchange it. Out of curiosity what damage would be done from having loose screws?
  7. I sent them a customer care thing from their website asking what the best course of action is in this situation. I would not want to have to pay for shipping to send it back to them since that would defeat the purpose of having purchased the reel while it was on sale. Do they normally make you pay shipping or provide you with a pre printed label?
  8. Thanks for the input guys. I’ll probably look into the amazon return/exchange policy and go from there. The reel appears to function fine, the knock is just very annoying. I fish at night a lot and often reel super slow and that knock just messes with my rithym
  9. I got the 3500, I prefer smaller reels for plugging. It reeled smooth out of the box albeit very tight. Was like my 5th cast or so I started to feel the knock
  10. Figure our days are numbered so I’m making an effort to get out as much as possible then next week or so. Got up early before work and hit the sand from 6-730. No good signs of life except for a few wandering seagulls. Water looked good but just nothing going on.
  11. So just bought this reel on sale from amazon, seemed a good deal for 90$. Took it out for the first time today and was pleased except for it knocks pretty good when reeling under tension. not an audible knock but more of a feel knock. Does this seem normal or have I got the runt of the litter?
  12. Had an hour in between work and school 4-5pm. Made as many casts as I could. Surf was up every third cast was decently presentable. No bait no birds and no fish
  13. Woke up late this morning didn’t hit the sand until after noon. First time to the beach and in the daytime since September ish. Checked a cam on surfers view and said high tide was at 12 guess that was wrong since it was dead low. Drove around trying to find a decent spot. Took the skunk. Fleet of boats out about 2 miles
  14. I have two kids, two jobs, go to vocational school and so on. Daytime fishing just doesn’t happen for me. Takes time a lot of time to figure out your area, tides, lures all that stuff. Took me a few years. Still haven’t figured out the beach front though. But in the back I catch all my bass where it’s unheard of to catch during the day
  15. I once lived far from the beach too. I said to myself what am I doing here? I’m not happy so far from the sea. So I quit my job and moved closer to the beach! Yeah I had to start all over, but damn I’m a million times happier! Now a report 9-11pm, threw eels for about an hour and a half while small bass beat up rain fish and my eels didn’t get a touch. Finally threw on a white paddle tail and had two hits right off and then died down. Managed a nice healthy looking dink to end the night and fend off the skunk. Almost as enjoyable as catching fish is watching them do there thing in the moonlight lol. Current was ripping out making it hard to fish the eels. Gotta get used to these temps again. Only 45 degrees and I couldn’t feel my fingers!