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  1. The other day I was at the beach splashing with the kids and I was trying to dig up a few bugs to drift and half a dozen times came up with a calico hanging on my finger instead
  2. I feel like every time I drive down green street they are everywhere!!
  3. That’s awesome!!
  4. I accept your offer of 65$ shipped sold pending payment to valentine
  5. Finally broke two consecutive skunks last night although just barely with one fat short in mid 20”’s. Started out front but just wasn’t enough water to feel confident not to mention I blew out my tip guide insert on my Suzuki rod!!!! Of course reeling a bomber so slow it must have been hanging in the air in front of me for a few seconds before reeled the swivel to far lol. Moved out back after that where I landed the one fish. Twice while I was out there bass exploded right in front of me on as far as I could tell was peanuts. About 5 minutes of total chaos right in front of me and the rest of the two hours total dead calm
  6. I have a few different shims and stuff, honestly I have a few other penns that are geary after a couple years worth of use and replacing gears and adding shins and what not. I still can’t get them like they were. If the reel doesn’t sell I’ll mess around with it more
  7. So I’ve decided not to keep this reel. I purchased it last November on a Black Friday sale off amazon for 99$. I sent back the original reel because it was super clunky and geary. I didn’t go through penn just returned from amazon and got another brand new one. Straight out of the box it was very geary which drives me nuts. I waited to long and missed the return window for amazon. Figured I’d just order new gears and hopefully solve the issue but it seems I’ll never get around to it. So never been used never seen line or left my house for that matter. I did remove the side plate to inspect the level of greasing which was quite adequate. I’ll post some pictures in a few hours when I get home. 75.00 shipped or best offer. PayPal prob the easiest form of payment but open to other forms as well.
  8. Took the skunk last night in ocean county out back. Had thoughts about heading out front but chose the back instead, think it was the wrong choice as the current was ripping pretty good making it very difficult to maintain a slow retrieve.
  9. Easier said then done sometimes, I release every bass I catch I don’t enter tournaments because I don’t want to be tempted to kill a big fish just to win the tournament if I actually catch one. When I dream about catching the world record striper that dream usualyinvolves me releasing it and no one ever believing me but who cares right? Your the only one who needs to know? All that being said last year I caught my biggest bass ever by far 48” 40lbs. Spent over a half an hour trying to bring her back to life but all she would do was turn belly up. The pictures are cool but still breaks my heart I killed her
  10. Skunked our back last night, o.c. 930-12am. Everything seemed right for a few fish but nothing going on. Would have preferred to fish the outgoing which started to move as I left.
  11. Was wondering the legality of that as I posted it. **allegedly** they are dead in the cage and harvested dead
  12. Grandfather always puts out a horseshoe crab for bait in the eel pot
  13. That’s funny the two colors I have are bunker and bone lol
  14. Been throwing the mag darter a lot lately because I’m 3 years of owning two of them I haven’t even been able to get a blue or even a nice rock to bite one off