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  1. Could only handle so much south wind in my face last night so I packed it in fairly early. P.s does this make me a bunker sharpie?!?!?!?
  2. 12-230am out back. Loads of big adult bunker around but nothing big around eaten on em. Still managed three micros and two dink’s pushing 20”
  3. My 9’ penn prevail is my longest surviving surf rod. Has outlived some much more expensive set ups. I also second the penn fierce. Of course only if your trying to go easy on the wallet. A penn fierce can only handle about 1-2 dozen gators before the gears are shot
  4. Yeah above my rod repair skill level/capabilities, will take it to the bait shop down the street from me where I’ve been going to forever. Thanks
  5. Yeah definitely my fault for that
  6. I agree that I am fortunate that the outcome of the situation ended in my favor. Although it would have been great to not have to have gone through this at all lol but stuff happens sometimes I suppose. Did not have good luck with my online purchases this winter
  7. Yeah I totally understand
  8. I know right!
  9. And thanks to kil song for being cool and helpful. It was in no way my intention to be difficult
  10. I’m pretty sure if purchased in a store I would have noticed before making the purchase and leaving the store. But who knows I missed this. The damage definitely did not happen while in my possession. Of course you don’t have to believe me but I have absolutely no reason to lie, it’s just I barley touched the rod since owning it and fished at for about 20-30 minutes on an open sand beach before finally seeing the guide. It’s not like I fished it every day for a month and then realized a month later that there was damage. It sat untouched for a month before being fished. Now if the rod is brand new and I don’t inspect it thoroughly on day one as opposed to day 29 does that really change anything? If I felt that I was in any way responsible for causing the damage to the rod we wouldn’t be having this conversation as I would not attempt to make a warranty claim, and there would be no reason to post about it unless there was a fun story about how I damaged my rod lol. I don’t have a large arsenal of rods to choose from I have a couple and when I finally scrounge up enough cash to get something new and that by my standards is expensive and I find out the first time I use it it’s damaged was a huge bummer. Also the only tackle shop I frequent I have known the owner my entire life, would consider him a close friend and doubt he would harass me in a situation like this. But if I bought a rod from him and damaged it myself I would not try to return/exchange whatever. I’d pay him to fix it. Hopefully some of that makes sense lol sorry for the long winded post
  11. Honestly I’m not sure either. I opened it, pulled out of the sleeve stuck the two pieces together and imagined my self fishing with it lol. Then popped it back in the sleeve and placed in the corner of the room where it stayed out for more than two weeks before finally taking it out to fish. What do you mean about the recommended shop?
  12. Thank you, to who or where should I send my info?
  13. Getting my gear ready to head out when my wife gets a call from her mother, somethings happening at my mothers house she doesn’t know what’s going I. You gotta go check it out!! Ugh ok, turns out expansion tank blew a hole in the crawl space blasting water all over. Make it to Lowe’s in time buy a replacement get her fixed up, never tell people your a plumber!!! Finally get out for a little over an hour and was not prepared for how cold it was. Freezing out there!! Might’ve had a few bumps but who knows. Skunk for me!
  14. Honestly I don’t plan on purchasing anything else anytime soon. So would prefer the cash. Which would be plenty to cover the repair and make me 100% happy. What’s the best way to move forward?