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  1. Thanks everyone and tight lines!
  2. I was going to tie some tutti frutti clousers for albies and I've seen pink over chartreuse and visa-versa. Is there a right way or wrong way with this color combo? Do people have better luck with one or the other? Thanks, Paul
  3. I hope Bob doesn't see this...but how do you open it to rinse out? Do you remove the spool and then unscrew the knurled portion on the reel body? I have a new Terrapin 789 that I'm hoping to break in next week with some albies next week on the Cape o'Cod.
  4. I don't know how to prevent it but to get rid of it, I've read you pull out about 3 or 4 feet, let it hang between the reel and the stripping guide and if it twists onto itself, remove the reel (or spool) and rotate it to eliminate the twists. Then, pull that line out and repeat with the next 3 or 4 feet. I need to do this as well.
  5. I have an Orvis Clearwater. The drag works great for albies so it should be able to handle most stripers. I'm not sure how long it will last in saltwater but at under $100, it's work considering.
  6. Goggled needlefish images and that's what it was. He was pretty cool looking. Thanks all.
  7. The 4 in the top picture, thanks.
  8. Nice ties! If you don't mind me asking, what material is that on the baitfish patterns?
  9. So as the title says, I need help figuring out what type of fish I caught (sorry, I don't have any pixs). I was at Old Silver Beach this past Sunday afternoon...drizzly, windy, slack low tide...not the best but since I was there, I figured why not. The fish I caught was about 12" long with a small pickerel-type body (slender with a long toothy snout) but it had silver sides and a dark top. Any ideas? Thanks, Paul
  10. Sorry, this is the engineer in me coming out but I've read if you put grease or anti-sieze on studs and torque the lug nuts as usual, the actual tension load in the stud is much higher than if you had torqued the lug nuts with dry studs and you risk yielding/failing the studs. Has anyone else ever heard this?
  11. Oh man, first post and someone already hates me!! Thanks for all the replies everyone. I think the fish saw my casting "technique" and the fact that I had no stripping basket and took pity upon me, they were pity fish. I'll check out the intermediate lines you guys mentions and thanks for the tip about the reel in the hat. When I put the reel down, I kept thinking that I wished I had a towel or something to lay it on. As far as the sand eel goes, I tied them with medium ez body and epoxy almost down to the bend so I'm not really sure why the bucktail kept fouling, I'll keep trying. I wasn't in CT, I was on the Cape. The albie was luck but the striper in the picture was luck plus a little knowledge I gather reading forums like this. My wife and I were leaving the Cape and I knew it was high tide at a Buzzard's Bay beach my family and I used to go to when I was a little kid growing up on the south shore. This beach has an estuary with jetties on both sides and we got there about an hour after high tide. The flow out of the estuary was thick with bunker and I managed to catch the striper in the picture but nothing else. I think I may have spooked them which is why I was asking about the clear tip. Thanks again!
  12. I've been a long time lurker on this forum but this is my first post. I've been fresh water fly fishing for years but finally got the chance to try out salt water fly fishing a few weeks ago on MVY and I'm hooked. My first salt water fish was an albie on a #2 chart/white clouser I tied. I also caught two stripers and lost what I think was an albie. Sooo, I have some questions I was hoping I can get everyone's opinions on. First, I used an 8 wt floating line but I have an extra spool that I think I need to load with an intermediate line. Is a clear tip line better than a colored tip line. My guess it that clear tip is better but I really can't seem to find any 8 wt clear tip intermediate lines? Next, I tied some #2 sand eels using bucktail but the bucktail kept fouling the hook so I quickly lost faith in them and stuck to my clousers. Is bucktail not a good choice for sand eels or this a common occurance? As an aside, I've been following the stripping basket with interest, I don't have one but will before I do this again. Having that line wrap around my feet and the jetty rocks from the swells was a hassle!!! Thanks, Paul