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  1. send payment to :    Paul  Turner

                                     2151 Armstrong Ave

                                     Morton,  PA  19070


    I need your shipping address.   I'll get them packaged and ready to go.

    1. crzynate25


      Hi Paul -my address is


      Nathan Linberger

      116 E Landis St.

      Coopersburg, PA 18036


      Dropping a check in the mail today for you. Thank you Much!

  2. Ill take the 2 for $40 shipped...
  3. Great catch CA! Perfect Eating size, hope you able to get a few more while you're there.
  4. I have always had luck for puppys with Fishbites but only in the bloodworm flavor... not sure why, maybe its me but thats my confidence bait in the OBX. Grant it will catch everything in the ocean but maybe pulling off the floats and beads will help stay off the pompano. I will also run two rods, one as far as i can chuck it and one lobbed in at the first trough. Best of Luck and Tight Lines!
  5. Same here - except I'm in Lehigh County, starting soon, I do the "run" as well about once a week from mid-oct through beginning of December. It completely wrecks me as we'll either do an over nighter or leave home about 12-1am and head home about 10-11am. Timing depends on the tide/weather and where we decide to go but man is it worth it. Did get out once already this season and picked up one 25" short on the teaser. Looking forward to really starting my season soon.
  6. JD Please let us know the response. I was wondering the same thing, figured it was a better idea to stay local and fish PA rather than run to NJ and hit the spring run. Was hoping to kayak fish tomorrow and I assume its okay as its an outdoor activity but was not 100% sure.
  7. we fished out of Oregon Inlet on Sinbad... Husband wife duo, they were great. Cant remember if we did 3/4 or full day but we ran out and hit the amberjacks and that was wild caught our limit plus some and trolled back in and picked a few kings and mahi. But they'll run inshore for trout, flounder, croakers or go out the inlet and go for blues/spanish/bonita. And i second calling the captain directly, and skip calling Oregon Inlet.
  8. Dragon dont worry about it - i honestly do not care what any one thinks about what size/weight I quoted and maybe i should have just said it was a big fish. My pops gets out a few times a year and so far he has only caught schoolies, so ya i didnt need to measure it to know its his biggest fish. Needless to say when i picked that thing up, i told my dad this weighs as much as my daughter (who weighs 40#) and I pick her up everyday, so i have a general idea of what that weight is and my dad is on the short side at 5'-7" so looking at a pic would be hard to tell the actual size of the fish. Okay maybe a care just a little but whatever tangent rant over, we don't treat this fishery like a d*ck measuring contest, we go, catch some fish and release to swim another day and enjoy ourselves.
  9. First fish for me for the season - 3 about 30" all fish still swimming and my Pops PB surf fish! We didnt measure or weigh as we quickly unhooked, snapped a pic and sent her on her way. But my guess is about 40" and 35#, weighed enough that he couldnt pick her up after the fight. All in all fun night to be out.
  10. Nockamixon is a difficult lake, its heavily fished and they have a tournament there every thursday afternoon for the whole summer. That being said, i have had a ton of fun on my new kayak this year fishing the lake back in the coves where the boats tend not to go. Throwing spooks at dusk/dawn and then plastics during the day. I also have not caught a hybrid out of there but have caught Bass, muskie, crappy and walleye. Try the bridges if your going to wade, as most of the lake is difficult to access on foot.
  11. What size XD are you using? I find the 7" XDs to be a little difficult to dance as John skinner does. They are just a bit heavy and when they are sitting in still water they almost float vertically and the cupped mouth tends to cut into the water messing up your action. That being said, I find if I crank quickly for just a bit to get the popper on top of the water and then I start my standard pencil retrieve. Make sure you change out the split rings on them, lost a big fish last week at the CCC. Tho' personally, i find that the gibbs pro-series and the larger guppy pencils to be easier to work. I am also using a 10-6 stick and 30# braid and 30# flouro.
  12. BD - yes i did "forget" to post on the lack of stripes in the canal...
  13. Back from CT and we had a blast. Fishing was slow but my 6 year old had a great time with porgies and sea robins. Harness was just loaded with sea robins and they hit everything you threw in the water. Did manage to find a few small fluke and some snapper blues but other then that it was quite. Did see a guy catch a 12-16" striper on a fly, so that was cool to watch. Tho' I think next time I'm in CT I will just charter a boat, shore line was hard to come by, at least in the new london/waterford area.
  14. Ok thanks Brushfly - We are staying right in front of some Jetties - so Im thinking if I can put a chum pot about halfway out and then just cast towards it I should be able to have my son stand on the beach and fish. (don't really want my 6 year old playing on a jetty.) Or I'll see if I can find a bulkhead near by and do some crabbing while we are at it. He'll be happy to catch porgies and crab all day and thats fine by me.
  15. Never fished with sluggos before - but with the summer everyone is having I should probably pick up a pack and try. Just hoping to pull in a few fish with my 6 year old, even if they are sea-robins. Tho' if CT doesnt show any love for me next week, I will be heading up to Mass for that following weekend to visit family and hit the canal. My uncle was riding his bike there 2 days ago and saw a bunch of guys hit a nice blitz of bass. Attached is the pic he texted me yesterday.