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  1. 20 lb class bass floating belly-up in the Charles River locks, covered in flies.
  2. Given the lack of any meaningful commercial market or food value for recreational anglers, I’m not sure what albie management really means in practical terms. I’m all for data collection, but I’m not sure I trust the feds to manage a species with a limited harvest. All it takes is some bad data collection and they may be forced to impose things like closed seasons that negatively impact anglers with limited benefit.
  3. There are any number of less loaded words you could use (rude, loud, disrespectful, etc.). If you want to continue to use a loaded term with a racist history, no one is saying you can’t, but it shows what you value and what you don’t value. Carry on.
  4. There is a long and racist history behind the word “savage.” It is not a coincidence that folks tend to use that word to describe the Bell Road crowd, which tends to be more racially mixed than most surf fishermen. You can make the point about folks’ lack of respect and decorum while using a less loaded term. *
  5. I am just noting the hypocrisy of your imploring folks to act with respect and courtesy while using a derogatory term that has racist and classist connotations. Practice what you preach.
  6. Even if not tog, there will be bergall up there, which are for all intents basically small tog.
  7. Yes, clearly the right way to behave and show respect is to call other people “savages.”
  8. Basil has a shelf life. Once it begins flowering, tough to keep it alive for long even if you pinch the flowers. Better to do two plantings than to try to keep one plant alive all summer/fall IMO.
  9. Bounty Hunter (I believe they’re in RI at this point in the season) is a good option. Otherwise, Francis Fleet or Seven Bs in the Port Judith area.
  10. The RMV accepts electronically signed and stamped insurance forms. Your insurance company should be able to provide one of those.
  11. The greater Boston area, which generates most of the state’s business activity and tax revenue base (directly and indirectly), would come to a screeching halt without public transportation in all its forms. Frankly, this was long overdue.
  12. I am pleased that you are at least able to admit that you are acting unethically. Better to be honest and immoral than to be self-delusional and immoral.
  13. Exploiting a resource that you know is severely depleted because “if I don’t do it, someone else will” represents a deep failure of ethical responsibility.
  14. Uh, cloud seeding is not what I would have gone with for the human action causing all of this extreme weather.
  15. Hard to keep pollack alive in a live well.