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  1. Even better next door at fantasys they have the opened leg trout special after 8pm.
  2. Clambrella rig low and slow
  3. Sounds the menopause coming.
  4. Sounds like morphine and gin.
  5. Also can't have a fun weekend anymore. My hookers have gone up from 200$ a night to 350$ and they claim there fully vaccinated. Also have to supply my own rubbers. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!
  6. I hope it was bluefish they were poaching and not bass.
  7. Use ur brains next time.
  8. Love me fried chicken and some grape drink.
  9. And the wind cries "mary"
  11. They are zombie bunker.
  12. I'm here to report I stink like chit. White castle makes me shart.
  13. I get diarrhea everytime Biden comes on my television. It's been to much lately, to the point where I have a chapped butthole.
  14. Once you get out of that googan stage you won't need to carry all that gear. I feel your pain. We were all once there.
  15. Whats with the crown fried chicken they put on rt 36? I thought crown fried chicken joints were only in the hood. Newark, Trenton ect.