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  1. U think she's wearing panties under there?
  2. Fight with the wife?
  3. Looking to get into pouring my own soft baits. Looking for molds,plastic ect. Thanks
  4. Banjo minnow. With the banjo minnow you can catch any fish at any place or time.
  5. 3 inches
  6. Happy birthday suds!!
  7. I'll take the rip splitters please
  8. It's assbury not Asbury! U guys get lucky once in a while!
  9. 430 am. Done fishing. Fish were caught. I'm exhausted and feeling horny...
  10. Offer 40$ shipped?
  11. Turn off the tube and turn on the lathe chum.
  12. Looking forward to you going back into plug production next month chum!
  13. Offer 20$
  14. Jnski slopehead please
  15. I fish naked when I'm wearing waders. Just socks and that's it, so neoprene waders aren't bad for me. Tonight was was chilly naked in the breathable waders. But I'm used to it.