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  1. I like to kill a bunch of bluefish every year for my compose pile. Make great fertilizer for the gardening.
  2. That is correct. Had that problem last night.
  3. LMFAO!!
  4. Any 706z greenies?
  5. Weakies are pretty rare now a days. But my spring been pretty awesome. Just find the bunker and you'll most likely be rewarded. Good luck
  6. Found the bait and bass up to 25lbs out back in the chocolate milk water. Was a pretty solid night. And the Blues didn't bother me much 1 blue and 5 bass.
  7. Please close this thread
  8. 10$ shipped?
  9. Selling my old town predator 13. Great stable fishing yak with all the bells and whistles. Asking $1,500
  10. Last night was pretty good. Had 4 bass to 20lbs a lot of bunker around. To much in my opinion. Tonight should be good before the front comes through. Fish will be on the feed. New moon too. It's Saturday make sure you guys spray down with googan repellent!!
  11. 130 for all 3??
  12. What kind of $$ are they going for? Love the odm line up. Great rods.
  13. Had them good last night into the low 20s if I had to guess. Past week had them solid every night. Get off your a$$ and go fishing adoboboy.
  14. Is this still available?
  15. Yup. Last night too.