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  1. Hold on Gents, I can tell you from a work perspective down here DHS is cutting over their primary data center to the secondary if that tells you anything, VA to MS, oh but next 2 storms go there! Cross-fingers fellas, should be good
  2. Received the following in an email yesterday, assuming it's from the list from registering for the license, just a FYI from the VA guy! Dear New Jersey Marine Resource Stakeholder: In a continuing effort to make stakeholders aware of offshore wind energy development plans in the New York/New Jersey Bight, the NJDEP is alerting you to 3 meetings and 1 webinar being hosted by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) in September. The public meetings will discuss the feedback BOEM has received in the recently published Call for Information and Nominations (Call) for potential offshore wind energy leasing and development in the Bight. Dates, times, locations, and other information, are included in the attachments. There is no cost to participate in the meetings or webinar. Please feel free to distribute this information to any interested party. Letter+to+stakeholders+re+Sept+public+hearings.docx You are receiving this email because you are registered with the NJ Saltwater Recreational Registry Program. If you would like to opt-out of receiving Division emails, please log in to your registry account and click the opt-out button. This service is provided to you at no charge by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.
  3. My aunt had an early gen4 4R, V8.
  4. Damn that's BS, agreed. My aunt just bought a new 4R SR5, had a 2003 with the rust issue, but they wouldn't do anything for her since it wasn't a Taco~ WTF, same frame. Essentially why she just bought another, wouldn't pass inspection and only 150k on the clock, brand loyal otherwise though but that's piss poor customer service on both accounts.
  5. dayum, that's scary as hell.
  6. I plan to head up in a few weeks time and try my luck. Been a hell of a year, job ended 31 March and just now started working again full time a couple weeks back, so I need to catch up and get some ends right again first, but I'm comin' soon
  7. Post a link curious which one
  8. Stellar suggestion right here! Congrats and enjoy the warm weather buddy, FISH ON!
  9. *
  10. yeah man no doubt, the invite is only extended for cool people, not antis or anymore good idea faires GIFs, god knows there's plenty here already as you head towards the lovely District of Columbia~ As soon as the Fed Gov just takes that place over and abolishes it as its known know the better, just my $.02
  11. Que Es el dia de Goya┬┐!
  12. Hahaha word to that buddy!
  13. Bunch of vaginas. Save the world, hand out Country Living magazine for free then ~
  14. Agreed, and let's not hunt things for the ****-sake of it anymore either, makes no sense as you know, most of mother nature's dwindling and all as it is.