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  1. Still new in the box, bought them to use camping and with my SUV but wrong kit! HardKorr makes real nice quality stuff and I can attest to their other stuff, like small LED bar and headlamps. Open to offers, thanks
  2. Cool that's good to know. I'm just searching for what's similar to use possibly. I don't have true braid on anything as I like being able to handle the line w/o getting sliced, and don't want to forget to use some special knot and loose a fish over it; assuming I catch some one day LOL...
  3. Very sorry for your loss, thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
  4. What else compares to Fireline, like Nanofil or anything else? Just trying to find something to spool my 712Z with, local stores only have a 125yd spool which is useless, so I want to be sure I can fill the spool. I don't use braid and would rather avoid the issues that come with it. What's that leave?
  5. I pulled the skunk, was up top SH Saturday from 2-630, water unbelievably violent, bait out of casting distance maybe 100yds off shore/tip, I couldn't reach them. some people pulled some small blues and saw people taking 2 undersized fluke, but I got nadda. Later at night, 930-1130 in back MoCo, has some hits and the tail bit off a 5" gold/black redeye shad, I guess I needed a 4", seemed tooe quiet and good of conditions not to produce. Wind maybe? Nonetheless, had a good time and got my son out in the wash which was fun, till he dropped my Penn 712 in the sand, so that's on the to-do list now if it can be taken apart and salvaged! Either way, good times. Looking forward till next time, few weeks time probably.
  6. It's just the mentality of people now I think really, same thing in traffic. Yesterday I wanted to strangle a mf as he saw my SUV coming and he clearly saw there was no room, just left his signal on and kept on coming. Mind you, I have a huge bull bar and winch on the front, no care in the world if I made him a hood ornament or not. So I got up to the next night and asked WTF was wrong with him, clearly you saw me right?! He calmly replied "Nothing happened to you", to which I told him he was ignorant af. That's the issue to me though, if it doesn't bother someone, whether it affects them or someone one, they really don't care worth a damn, laws, rules or whatever.
  7. Well that's excellent! I read about Capt. Huddy last night, didn't see anything else though, except of course the Jersey Devil but he's in Pine Barrens, and some SH serpent which looked like fun. I think the trail goes straight from the parking lot/bathroom area straight to the point? It was closed off when I went last, and I had to take the scenic route straight out to the shore past the bird areas all strung off, then hard left all the way up. Is this pass for the year to park and fish/camp or sleep in your rig overnight or partially once the gate closes? I don't remember paying when I went but it was day time.
  8. Lol yeah I’ll pass on that
  9. Uhmmm yeah, do tell? "She" ?
  10. Yeah buddy, renewed my registration yesterday, all set. Staying up near Highlands so that will hopefully yield a few spots, not sure where else to go besides SH, I'll be there Sat am till Sunday afternoon. Not sure if my son will want to fish but it's more a go and see trip for him, I'll be back up again solo where I can float around and operate unabated
  11. I'm not sure about the trail, but from that lot out to the front by the bathrooms, then out is indeed a mission, at night solo would be a different level, and if trail is worse, that's gotta be rough. Interested to hear some stories, I think
  12. Yup, guilty there.
  13. Def in on that one! has to be a riot with you characters I'm sure.......
  14. I'm in for the spring version too, never been to that one! Same location or there abouts?