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  1. Thought I’d throw this out there, though I suspect it’ll not help! periodically I’ll catch a flounder off the beach. I’ve got maybe 5 this year, all surprises on bucktails. I never know exactly how it happens. Yesterday after dawn and topwater was having no results I pulled out some 4” DOA shrimp and dragged them slowly with twitches along the bottom for no real reason except I didn’t want to go home yet. Caught a small flounder. Cool. Maybe I can do it again... so I did it more deliberately and lo and behold I caught two more, one was out past the second wave and it was a big one. so this morning I went out with flounder in mind and did the same thing, conditions were largely the same. Not a one, and more irritatingly all my shrimp got shredded by little barracuda and blues. So my question is simply is it possible to target flounder and not get your soft plastic shrimp bit up by other fish?! I only throw artificials and mostly use a scented bait oil or gel when I use the DOA plastics.
  2. Toss it out where the fish are, let it drop (watch the line,) twitch it, let it drop, twitch it... slow retrieve. sometimes a moderate retrieve with jerks will excite your target. I use procure scent more often than not. Under a popping cork these are killer some days. On my kayak I can often catch by trolling along the mangroves, slow with twitches. if you can cast way under the mangroves if you’re not hit immediately let it drop, pause, the either very slow retrieve or twitch it. If there’s current you can toss the shrimp upstream an let it float with the current and twitch it periodically.
  3. Off the beach? There’s a bazillions ways to fish bucktails and all of them work. For snook cast along the beach lip, sometimes a fast retrieve, sometimes slow with little twitches, sometimes somewhere in between! Anything that’ll go for a spoon will go for a flashy bucktail retrieved fast. Bottom feeders will hit a small bucktail tipped with something that smells good retrieved slowly along the bottom. Bouncing it off the bottom works well. i know some think color is less important but my white bucktails out fish all other colors, particularly tied with lots of flash. Lots of people don’t bother about the head shape but of the several molds I have popeye heads seem to work best for me, banana heads work much less consistently but are great for when the fish are out far because they cast a bit further. tipped with soft plastic works well but I mostly have a rabbit hair (zonker) tied to the shank for great action and better durability. use gulp if you want, it works but here these great bitten off so much I don’t bother.
  4. I’m not posting or reading in this forum these days but this is worth making a noise about. This act is to be voted on tomorrow, the testimony is for the house judiciary committee, YouTube link follows
  5. Whoop for you. Too bad you couldn’t vote for denying those idiots that saved lives and the now dying of cancer for it. Too expensive of course, much better to hold a July 4 extravaganza or, say, build an inoperative bomb. Suckers. Should have left the twin towers to burn.
  6. It amazes me how one idealistic young brown woman can rattle you jaded old white men up so much.
  7. I like my VR125 and 150. If I drop my rod and reel in the sand I tighten the drag, rinse it off in the surf, go back to fishing. You can’t do that with a Stella! That being said if you are a rookie I’d wait and catch a few on your existing rig before investing unless you have a fair amount of discretionary income. Frankly it’s tempting to get what you think you need, with advice, before you actually catch but you truly won’t know till you do. Then would be the time to re-evaluate. IMHO and YMMV etc and so on...
  8. You probably noticed, here in SE Florida there’s been a never ending weed in the surf issue. Turns out Saragossa is on the rise worldwide, so possibly it’s the new norm. On a related note since I’ve been using topwater to deal with the weed problem I’ve caught my first few Snook on a spook (in the surf that is, it’s a reliable lure in the lagoon.)
  9. Hypocrisy? More to the story?’ Sure there is. The two men were arrested, put in handcuffs, fingerprinted, and spent 8 hours in the police station. They settled with the city after the charges were dropped and the police commissioner apologized, for $1. the right complained it was histrionics from the left, histrionics because two people, minding there own business were publicly humiliated, lead out in handcuffs, not read their rights, because they were black and sitting in a coffee shop. you might want to read a definition for this word that you use so glibly. Do you think it might apply to this thread and your outrage?
  10. April 2018 two black men - real estate brokers - were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks because they looked “threatening,” i.e black. They walked out in handcuffs. perhaps this is a touch of irony from a benign and comedic deity rather than an act perpetrated by “the evil one” in in other words don’t get your knickers in a twist, two for two.
  11. Do you feel a little concerned getting out it in surf? No fishing in this vid but worth watching! Up till 2017 I ran mountain ultras, 100 mile+ races, some scary as hell, some just freaking arduous. This vid reminds me of that sortof. It’s worth taking risks, stupid risks, to live a little bigger. Wouldn’t try this myself now but it’s fun to watch
  12. This one has fishing content. Watch the launch.
  13. Snickering. Actually it was very much like the sort of ugliness posted here, the sort of creepy gleeful mean spirited ugliness that most people are sickened by. In fact it was largely the same content presented by the OP and followed up by the rest in this very thread. “Some of the memes shared on the group’s page that ProPublica reported on include a photo illustration that depicts Ocasio-Cortez being forced to give oral sex to President Donald Trump. Another depicted her giving oral sex at a detention center for immigrants” etc “Make America Great Again” right?
  14. I have several stellar light fast taper rods. One broke, went through a bit of a hassle replacing it despite the lifetime warranty, got a mojo inshore to hold me over. I vastly prefer that rod. Worth the extra, what $25. The stellar lite rods are fine but having used them to death (literally in this case) I have come to the conclusion that they are not terribly well made. My $0.002.
  15. I don’t fish for fluke but I ended up with this one https://www.cabelas.com/product/FOREVERLAST-G-PRO-NET/2224202.uts Works great for the larger fish I catch and ones I want to be gentle with if I’m catch & release. So far the biggest fish was a 28” Snook and many 24+” sea trout + reds
  16. Flair hawks have never worked for me in the surf. When I’m looking for snook I cast short <15 meters 10 o’clock, 11, 12, 1, 2 then move down the beach covering a lot of ground. Usually they’re in or close to the beach lip but I’ve caught a few a little farther out. If the surf is big but not too big and there a decent amount of white water at the lip I’ve had plenty of success swimming a lure as the last wave is cresting - fast to keep in in the white water. Any lure will work, spoons are surprisingly effective in that scenario, as are small bucktails.
  17. I have 2 old coolers I put foam floor blocks on top. When I transport the blocks go in the bed of my truck. When I come back I roll the kayak in my shed, lift it on the coolers and leave the wheels on. Makes for very easy quick exits and arrivals and there’s no stress from the wheels since the coolers and blocks are 6” higher than the wheels.
  18. I’ve read most of Skinners books, great resource but, frankly, I’ve found that the difference between NE and SE Florida fishing makes his techniques somewhat abstract in my experience. Rapid jigging for fluke doesn’t work well for me, and I’m too cheap to use gulp. Warmer water, different species, different baitfish behavior- I started with Skinner bucktail fishing and over time honed in on much better ways to catch here that don’t resemble his fishing style. Anyway ive found the “targeting” concept is amorphous at best since there are so many species here and they mostly eat the same things which is why I figured this would be a difficult question to answer. Still there are are experts in this forum that might help glean something useful!
  19. Yes, they work well in the surf since snook are (here) almost always at the lip so you don’t need to cast far. That being said I’ve caught one on a Danny, many with a sliver spoon, many many on a 5/8 - 1oz bucktail, some on little minnow swimmers, one on a sinking popper, 2 on a 5” talking popper.... i prefer bucktails cos they cost me nothing to make almost and that Danny was what, $20?! I lost it to a shark a couple of years ago...
  20. I rig my outback at home, kayak rinsed, seat, cooler, lures organized and rinsed, rods and reels rinsed and rigged etc. - I do that all when I get back from an outing. In the morning I put the seat on, double check lures, pliers, etc, tie on the cooler and put it in my truck. FWIW I have a foam pad for the front and a bath mat for sliding it on, rods go in my truck rod holders, drive and net go in the back seat. takes literally 5 mins to slide it off my truck and get in the water. Takes 5-10 to get the kayak out of the water and in my truck. Takes 20mins to unload and rinse everything when I get home. my feeling is if it’s a hassle I won’t do it so I streamline it all. There’s nithing worse than arriving at your destination at dawn and watch fish busting out while you’re hassling with your kayak, rushing it so you forget your pliers or lures and then miss it all - done that!
  21. Yes. Quite right. None of these bucktails caught me a beach snook this season. Of course half the time I havent a clue. I caught a bunch a few years ago on a sliver spoon, this year all were in the lagoon with DOA shrimp. Of course now that the season is over I’m catching snook off the beach with a small swimming plug.
  22. Every other outing you need to go without a flag, or pfd, or radio and no cell phone. And don’t tell anyone where you’re going. Once or twice a year you need to go out when the conditions are stupid dangerous. These days that’s my philosophy at any rate. Increase your chances of croaking and you’ll eventually croak well because it’s going to happen eventually, that’s the only thing we all have in common, so why not go out while you’re having fun? cheers!
  23. No fish this afternoon, but yes the rapala are easier to work in the kayak. Turns out I have four of these, 2 small, 2 medium, one I found and resurrected last year and forgot about. I think I need to do an inventory. On another topic unrelated I caught my first doormat flounder on the beach this evening on a 1/4 oz bucktail I made. Life is good in Florida, it’s been probably a year since I had a skunk day!
  24. I use spooks for surf fishing, several kinds. Not on my kayak till yesterday evening. I found it to be difficult to work from a seated position. This was a mirrolure top dog. I couldn’t not use it as fish were blowing up all around me, and it worked fine, I just had a hard time walking it consistently and it was too windy to stand. I have a rapala something, and my go to are Zara spooks or super spooks. Which ones are easier to work from a kayak seat in your experience?
  25. Turns out I have a rapala skitter walk, I’ll try it this afternoon, though I’m not sure I’ll catch on it in full sun unless there’s a frenzy!