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  1. Do you have a job?
  2. I clicked. I don’t fish freshwater, never seen a bass in my life. I’m way far from South Dakota. this dude puts out the best YouTube fishing videos. My favorite by far. So thanks.
  3. Duh. It’s a political forum. Duh....
  4. Just curious if anyone has experienced it. I picked up a spook off the beach the other day, paint entirely worn off but for an orange blob on the underside, one eye missing, no hooks. I put hooks and and split rings in and took it to the river. Everything hit it, snook, catfish, trout, jacks and to my amazement a fat 22” pompano!
  5. I promised myself I’d avoid this cess pool after I got back to life but this is just too hilarious, WP By Amy Gardner and Josh Dawsey, August 3, 2020 at 10:47 a.m. EDT: As Trump leans into attacks on mail voting, GOP officials confront signs of Republican turnout crisis President Trump’s unfounded attacks on mail balloting are discouraging his own supporters from embracing the practice, according to polls and Republican leaders across the country, prompting growing alarm that one of the central strategies of his campaign is threatening GOP prospects in November. —— ha ha ha ha ha ha
  6. Nope. I blamed my cancer on my service in the British army in the 80s, some of my mates got the same thing. I wasn’t going to fight it but my daughter and wife were very persuasive.
  7. Actually I have no malice for anyone, truly. I did say see you in hell, but frankly that’s where I was expecting to end up... well sort of, I don’t actually believe in that ****. It was a kind of adios with a Harrison Ford flourish if you will. Nice to be back. Not here, fishing I mean. Here you dudes seem to have gotten a little shriller as your boy ****s up his own reelection. It’s quite amusing.
  8. Yes I voted for Warren, I support BLM, I support ANTIFA - who wouldn’t? Do you LIKE fascism? Do you support fascists? Are you a fascist? Oh and I would crawl over broken glass to vote for Biden. i did find the article very amusing. Trump hasn’t a clue, his narcissism has entirely occluded what political savvy he may have had at one point. What a ****ing moron. good luck in November
  9. Yes, I’m dying. Won’t be around for the election, bummer. I was looking forward to seeing your boy go away. Cancer. I’m inclined to believe it’s because of your right wing insistence that filling the environment with pollutants so business can thrive, but I’m told it’s the result of the crap I had to go through in the British army. Couple of weeks max. Gonna get some fishing in before it all falls apart, then I’ll figure out how to go without having to deal with a hospital bed and all that. Cheers, see you in hell.
  10. Practically dead. Seriously. Not covid. This is probably my last PG post ... maybe! Life is literally too ****ing short for this ****, I’d rather be fishing while I can, which I can again
  11. 2019 is much better the 2018. I’ve put in many many hours on both. A bit faster, more stable, the rudder.... its more nimble, like the compass, but my big concern was that it’s more prone to damage vs the 2018 and vs the PA. It comes with a rudder guard, necessary for loading and unloading. Mine got chewed up a bit but was functional. Unfortunately the rudder lines are not accessible since Hobie decided not to put in access to the hull in the rear so if one breaks... otherwise imho the 2019 is far better than The 2018
  12. Wejebe, gotta try that. I have been doing one sharp jerk to set the hook. I’ll be out tomorrow, or maybe late today if the crowds have dissipated. Making a few small bucktails with very sharp hooks and crushed barbs this morning to try. Unfortunately i have just a short bit of 40 lb flouro left. 30 lb I have but got cut off a few times. I do have 50 lb mono I think will be too visible. Lots of good tips here, thanks!
  13. Landed one, lost three in the last couple of days. Frankly I think the one I landed was sheer luck. The only other one I have caught was last year on topwater. I found a part of the Indian river/lagoon that is currently holding half a dozen rolling juvenile Tarpon and have been putting time in on my yak to figure out how to catch them but I’d love some help. These are (or at least the one I landed was) around 40”, some a bit larger some a little smaller. This morning I lost two using a DOA terroreyz, 3” 1/8th ounce. The one I caught was with a 30lb leader, I upped it to 40 lb this morning. The leader seemed fine, but I could not get a decent hook set, the DOAs attract but the hooks are maybe not so good even after extensive sharpening. Though it could easily be my sh1te technique. Both I lost in the second jump, they spat the lure. I’m thinking I might try my own 1/4 oz bucktail since I make them with strong hooks and I can get them super sharp... FWIW I watch for one to roll, toss the DOA in front where it seems to be going and reel in very slow along the bottom with little twitches. I put in a glass rattle which does seems to make a difference. Tips?
  14. So I had an incident, was preparing to die, expected it and resigned to it. My wife who is an ex pro wrestler and 2” taller than I threatened to beat me up if I did not fight it, and my daughter threatened to join in, so I went through treatment and surprise, I made it. My perspective has changed a bit: I have a reasonable amount of discretionary income, probably not a whole lot of time to use it up and I’m cheap anyway. However it occurred to me I won’t be using some stuff and someone less fortunate than I might really appreciate it. For pick up only, I’m close to Sebastian Inlet:: - Lowrance Hook2 Series sounder. Not sure the model, 5” screen, either split shot or triple shot (it’s in the shed.) I have in a box the Hobie battery kit with all the parts, transducer etc. last time I used it (a year ago?) it worked fine with one caveat: the power plug, which I cleaned out with dialectic grease or something at some point kept slipping out, had to hold it in for a minute or so for it to stay in. Probably easily fixed if it still has that issue. Don’t use it, I prefer to read the water and make guesses. - Hobie H-bar for 2019+ outback. Don’t need it since I have a PA now. take em. If you want a trade I’ll take a decent spare 7’ medium rod, or a 3000 sized reel since I’m frequently breaking or losing them. If they suck and you just want to get rid of them, don’t bother. cheers, PM me, I won’t ship, pick up at my house
  15. Now I’m on a PA12 standing and fishing is it. I have a stake out pole bit I can attach to my paddle. In low current/wind I want to stay in one place (obviously) so: knot for pole? string to use? knot for boat? i am not interested in anything elaborate like a anchor trolley, heavy, or that takes too much time! cheers
  16. Thanks!
  17. To each his own as they say but I’m flummoxed at anyone that listens to music on the water. & I’m a musician. I go out to fish of course but much of the pleasure is just being on the water listening to the sound of nature, bonus is the eerie string singing from wind on the braid on my extra rods. Not casting aspersions, just making an observation
  18. Caught one in the mangroves with a mirrorlure yesterday, unexpected. This little plug is good for reds which is what I was looking for. It jumped and I thought it might be a big bluefish. It’s like the mr77 but 2” or so. I have a yo-Zuri shrimp I might try today though I’m leery of trebles for Tarpon.
  19. Nope. My 2018 outback worked well, my 2019 outback worked well, this 2020 PA works well so far. It’s a bit like driving a truck vs a sedan - takes a bit of getting used to!
  20. Back to kayaking again recently. I go out 5 days a week, around 30-40 miles or so. Ran into some submerged rocks at full speed & wrecked my drive. A week before my right rudder line broke...how do you replace it when there’s no rear hull access? a replacement drive is $1K, long wait time due to covid, so I said ****it I’ll get the PA12 my dealer has in stock and trade in my outback. i can post my impressions of my 2019 outback vs the 2020 PA12 but there are endless threads on such things & my fishing style is not yours. Since I won’t go out in the salt anymore I’m thinking the PA 12 will (has) do(ne) just fine in the river/lagoon system I fish. cheers
  21. Cheers! I landed another, fun fish to catch. They don’t look that big till they leap out of the water & you can see the whole majestic animal. Same lure, 40 lb fluorocarbon was enough, got towed for a while, used a fish grip to hold him in the water to unhook. Swam away fine. My wife was nonplussed, wants me to catch fish we can eat so I’ll be hunting reds and trout today!
  22. For me the outback is far superior to all,the other Hobie offerings. 2019. I liked the 2018 but upgraded. No upgrades needed. I tested them all. IMHO.
  23. I got a couple on sale, they looked really good, cast well, swam well, float well, good hardware... i catch way way more on a mirrolure spook, and a Heddon spook. Go figure. This is in Florida: Snook, reds and trout.
  24. Since I started fishing on my yak, a couple of years, I have never fished with anyone. I prefer it that way. It’s possibly because I dislike people in general, fishermen in particular and fishermen that kayak wearing buff masks the most. Seriously though go out, fishing alone is wonderful. No distractions, no sound but the wind and the water and nature. I’m out every day except on the weekends. I lose myself and the rest of the world recedes to an afterthought on the water. Catching is a bonus.
  25. Been a bit ill, lost a bunch of weight mostly from the **** they cut out of me but I didn’t catch covid. I love my outback but I’m not sure I’m strong enough to do it anymore. Anyway I’m thinking I’ll get a Sea do fish pro. No experience in a boat, never thought I’d go that route but life sometimes moves you in an unexpected direction... been reading a bit, but I’d like some perspective from people who’ve used one for a while, nearshore or offshore. I’m in SE Florida. Looking at maybe the 2021model when it comes out, if it comes out at the end of this year.