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  1. Backing out of the thread - too many beers make me irritable
  2. Backing out of the thread - too many beers make me irritable
  3. So I read that shellfish are dangerous to eat but fish caught are not. Had bluefish for dinner last night and am planning on smoking some this afternoon. Am I being foolish? FWIW I was on the beach fir around 6 hours yesterday fishing and 3 hours this morning with no symptoms, no dead fish, and my dog seemed fine
  4. My initial reaction has been similar to both posts, possible histrionics (which is becoming typical of broadcast news these days...) Still, I also spend hours a day, every day, fishing the beach about 6 miles north. Have had some congestion, & my dog has been sneezing during his beach walks (!) on the other hand I smoke, so not a particularly good source for evaluating any of this. I guess FWC will have the answer soon. I think this is the first full on mullet run I've experienced here in my three years, last year and the year before the hurricanes cut it short. Very fun fishing this week. Caught a couple of huge (34") Spanish mackerel I thought initially were kings yesterday morning. Still looking to catch a beach tarpon...maybe tomorrow...!
  5. As your bromance buddy said: who cares.
  6. I’m voting for her, maybe even campaigning for her. It would be fantastic to have an articulate, smart, educated, principled leader vs precisely the opposite: our ignorant, naricistitic, mean spirited buffoon of a president. Drain the swamp, Jesus what irony, the swamp is now a cesspool. Make America great again... this country is now an international joke. Maybe you disagree?
  7. Brilliant article, I can see why you quote it. Stephen Hawkins died in March 2018 but is the first name listed as a part of this “in no way conservative” study, which started in December the previous year. Presumably Hawkins was involved while literally in his death bed. To to answer the question however, common human decency predates the term political correctness. Or courtesy if you like. Or in my mind it’s a combination of decency, courtesy and empathy. So no I don’t hate it.
  8. Lots of mullet in the sea this morning, and big fish causing carnage (and weed impeding the possibilities, though not entirely)
  9. So I've been kayaking at Honest Johns near SI, sea is a bit too rough here right now and I needed to catch something other than weeds! im catching a lot of trout but I'm really looking for redfish. They are elusive to me, never caught one in the three years I've been here... I'm only artificial lures, no bait. Clue me in if you have some experience here where I fish, thanks!
  10. FWIW, yes for three years. I’m up at 4:30, drink my coffee, make one or two jigs, and at the beach right at dawn every day. I usually fish around 3 hours. I’m back in the afternoon if the conditions look good. I live 0.25 miles from the beach. Weekends I miss often. If there are 4-6 people on it I get irritated, my weekday fishing even during the mullet run is usually me and no one else. Three years of that makes for good experience though I learn something new pretty much every day
  11. So I've not had much luck with my typical bucktails that were very productive for Snook at the beach, they are small but have a bit of bulk, maybe 3-3 1/2" long. I figured I'd have to go with a smaller, slimmer profile to match the hatch, so I made some, white with flash. Well they work to a certain extent but I'm only getting hit by jacks and ladyfish, small ones. There was quite a bit of bait in the ocean last night and this morning, glass minnows, but nothing but these little aggressive fish were going for my offerings. could be there were no biggger fish in the mix ... or they have eaten their fill during the night...what's your strategy for dealing with this? Should I pull out the bigger bucktails I've made to entice the bigger fish? Haven't had this problem the last three years fishing here (SE coast) but I'm not exactly an expert despite fishing a lot...?
  12. I’ll trhow this out there, perhaps unwanted but relevant: my go to rod dor 3 years is my Avid- MH 8’. I fish off the beach 90% of the time, Florida south east coast. Love it, with a 6000 size reel it is light, very strong, and the butt is just the right size for casting long but not getting in the way. a few months ago I picked up a stellar lite fast taper medium rod for my kayak, 7’ rated 1/4-3/4oz, 8-17 lb.. love the rod and so I started using it on the beach. With a 4000 sized reel it is incredibly light and with the fast taper it is very sensitive and absolutely perfect for bucktails, which is most of what I throw here. So for my birthday I got a 7’6” one, same rating just fir the beach, and have been using it instead of the Avid, and I suspect will set the Avid aside for a while. Not sure what size fish you catch... here aside from three sharks (not targeting them but I wanted my plug back) I catch fairly small fish, anything between 1 and 20 lbs. I caught 6 Snook all between 15 and 20 lbs on this rod and frankly it was far more fun than in the bigger Avid rig! my Avid and reel totaled about $400, my stellar light combo less than $200. FWIW and YMMV
  13. Yes, lots of fish here! I had a very decent pre snook season, off the beach about 5 miles N of S Inlet, 6 in 3 days, all between 30 and 34”. I was trying out my super light stellar light fast taper rod I got for kayak fishing and I’m now preferring it to all my other more expensive rods for beach bucktailing, paired with my $69 reel I pulled out of storage, super fun catching these on such a light setup. Last one caught (& released) August 31, none since then but a short of course since snook around here are savvy to when the season starts I think!
  14. Well you were right, these got hammered this morning, fast retrieve with pops!