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  1. *edit- you are obviously not cut out for the PG forum so I’m removing you. Please enjoy the rest of the site responsibly.
  2. What video was that. D-bag. Not terribly observant are you? Tell you what. You repost the video I provided, easy, just quote the post that contains it. D- bag. And then prove you researched all the other 100s of videos. D-bag. And that will conclusively show your non tribal balanced evaluation. D-bag.
  3. You seem strangely obsessed with this. Are you catholic? Might want to check out the back rooms of your church if you are. Could be revealing.
  4. That’s because you didn’t look. At all. Relying on your partisan news feed. ****ing tribalism, the core value of republicans. Facts are irrelevant.
  5. You either don’t understand the definition of circumvent or you haven’t read the constitution (or you have and are a stupid dumb ****.) I’m guessing all of the above.
  6. What the **** is a Credentialist?
  7. That is true. The rest, well Biden had 0 coattails. Trump got 2 million more votes than before. He made inroads in the Hispanic community. He even got a larger percentage of the African American vote. He broadened his coalition. andvthere are two incompatible democratic stories going on. Miami, Florida, where voters didn’t like the word socialist. Detroit, Michigan, Georgia where the progressive left and people of color - BLM etc. won those states for the democrats. The leader of the party by going with either group will seriously piss off the other. Meanwhile the republicans Will suddenly become very concerned about the deficit and the national debt now that the democrats are in power and will spend the next two years obstructing every attempt to right the economy, Decline any covid relief for all but big business, and basically make everything suck. Then they will gather the Trumpers and use the frustration and anger at how even more ****ed up the country is to retake the house and get a bigger majority in the senate so they can squeeze even more in prep for 2024.
  8. Yeah. Keep those gems coming. You educate us all.
  9. Brilliant. How many notaries were in Iraq? How many in po dunk Oregon. The nearest one to me is 20 miles away. And you pay for it. So basically you’re for making voting hard and expensive and inconvenient. ****ing brilliant. You on the right are utter hypocrites. You fetishize the constitution and ignore the principles of a constitutional democracy....if it serves your tribe that is.
  10. Love it. Good logic. Sort of like the rights stance on science, climate change etc. You don’t buy it because... So how do you explain the down ticket disparity?
  11. Not very good a reading comprehension are you. What words tripped you up. “Both parties?” Yeah I know, hard to be articulate when you’re wearing your tribal blinders.
  12. The GOP should have faded decades before. Who was the last republican president to win the popular vote? The system is rigged, Trump got that right. Both parties bow to money influence power and the “elites” and give lip service to the disenfranchised in order to drum up votes. Then run away with the cash and leave things exactly the same or worse.
  13. Dude you have no clue. Seems all your posts are this way: an unflinching rejection of everything your tribe is against bar reason, “reality,” including policy, people and inanimate objects. It’s called tribalism and is what will and is destroying any chance for a reboot.
  14. No chance. Trumpism 2.0 is just around the corner. Same message, same voters, different leader. And if that leader is even marginally less abrasive, narcissistic, self involved etc. it will gain traction. This is the world we are in now, get used to it.
  15. the biggest voter turnout in 150 years (or something...) besides this was not a referendum on Biden, it was a referendum on Trump. That attracted the flies.