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  1. Yes, I’m dying. Won’t be around for the election, bummer. I was looking forward to seeing your boy go away. Cancer. I’m inclined to believe it’s because of your right wing insistence that filling the environment with pollutants so business can thrive, but I’m told it’s the result of the crap I had to go through in the British army. Couple of weeks max. Gonna get some fishing in before it all falls apart, then I’ll figure out how to go without having to deal with a hospital bed and all that. Cheers, see you in hell.
  2. What an arrogant patronizing statement. Not surprised, but Jesus. Read endless posts here about socialism and you see, plain and simple, how old ass right wing stuck in the Cold War propaganda, not too intelligent, and very gullible fools describe socialism. Wrong. You included, no offense. But, you know, read a book maybe. Stupidity is kind of unworkable, ignorance is not. Not sure where you are. Books help.
  3. Not sure you right wing morons actually read the article. Nothing to see here. But sure, carry on interpreting (inventing) your idiot narrative if it makes you feel less anxious. . See you in November.
  4. Lotta drooling old men fawning over their presidents daughters tits in this thread. Not a good look at all.
  5. Ah. like his president.
  6. Bummer. I was hoping to be illuminated.
  7. Hit a nerve I guess
  8. It’s intro to philosophy. Middle school. Remedial reading. I’m still interested in the point of this. Probably it’s quite deep. I did enjoy Toms pretentious mansplaining so there is a bit of entertainment value I suppose.
  9. Still waiting for the OP to make his (her) point.
  10. Willing to ship? I’ll do 130 shipped to 32951
  11. Lots of differences. Johnston is a career politician with a history of winning. Trump is a one off no one knew could win. Before you get all hot and bothered I’m simply pointing out the difference, not attacking your boy. Labour is/was fading for years, losing touch with all but Londoners. The progressives party that actually is in touch is the SNP who won handily over Labour in Scotland. Johnson is funneling money back into the NHS, did you know that? Yep, he’s a ****ing socialist. The campaign had a simple message uncluttered and direct, didn’t need much explaining and could be written on a pice of paper: get brexit done. My feeling is after all the chaos and bumbling since the vote, Britons were just fed up, even those who opposed breaking off with the EU respected the referendum results. The Liberal party fumbled on that.
  12. Wow. Tom, you must be very happy. And I’m happy for you.
  13. Clay pigeons, birds, tree rodents (squirrels?) - all done in the UK and many many many other countries that have reasonable gun laws, not Elephants in the UK however. And how about those home invaders and gvt officials. You could do that also in those same countries including the UK. Not recommended of course but quite possible. Are you going to answer my question? Seems like that last bit was most pertinent to your outrage. How many? Let’s give it a time line... say in the last three years?