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  1. Changed my mind again, traded in my 2018 for a 2019. Took it out yesterday. It’s quite different, much more stealthy which makes a difference in the flats, seems faster, far more nimble thanks to the new rudder. Much more real estate in the right places and the rails with tool holders etc is maybe the best new aspect. Won’t take it out in the surf till the weather gets a little more favorable but overall I’m quite happy upgrading from the 2018. It was choppy, 15-20 winds so I didn’t check the standing stability, but the flat deck and portrait orientation of the hatch looks good for that, will find out probably ina few days when the wind dies down a bit.
  2. Went to my local, picked up Seaguar blue, was taLking to the sales dude and it just so happened a Berkeley rep overheard. He was mortified after I showed him my pics, and gave me a new spool. He suggested keeping leader material in the house since heat in my shed might degrade mono and flouro. FWIW. I’ll give this stuff another go & keep my line inside the house.
  3. Is it lasting? I’m still trying a bunch of braids specifically watching for longevity. So far I’ve had issues with j-braid, berkley fireline crystal, all the spiderwire braids. Suffix is better but still wears faster than I had hoped. Surprisingly power pro original and pp slick seem to be lasting the longest for me for now. Gotta try the yuzori. I like 10 in the lagoon, 20 off the beach but I might up it to 15 & 30. seems like all braid sucks for me these days. I was tying an FG knot using Berkeley crystal 10 & cinching down hard snapped it. Pulled about 15 meters off, put my gloves on and fairly easily managed to break it so I’m gonna have to respool that reel with something else...
  4. I’ll try it then. Seems a little counterintuitive that pink is better than clear but what do I know. I’ve been using Berkley big game or something mono 50# clear when toothy fish get big and obnoxious during the mullet run. Mackerel don’t seem to mind and I believe they are a bit line shy. I might invest in Ande mono for my lighter rigs that now have 20# flouro, the same split down the middle happened on one rod with the 20# leader. I’m guessing my line is not more than 2 years old...
  5. Pm me your address, I’ll send it to you
  6. Don’t know about the gulf coast, here SE some people use TA subdarter for snook & tarpon. I have one, haven’t used it much. Bucktails work well for me so since I make them that’s what I use. I think I caught a big bluefish on that plug when I tried it out off the beach. ive never had success with mag darters here, have 2, tried them multiple times early on and gave up. I’m moving away from plugs, hate the trebles, but sometimes that’s what the fish want!
  7. Anyone use Ande pink monofilament as leader material? I was looking through my fishing gear and turns out I have a spool in 30#. Was using Berkeley Vanish fluorocarbon but had some issues recently and in a fit of disgust tossed all my Vanish spools in the trash. Not sure if pink will work here SE Fl off the beach when it’s calm and the water is clear, but frankly I have no idea. I’ve only used clear mono or flouro - this stuff was for bottom fishing which I don’t do anymore.
  8. Pics
  9. Wish I knew. I got it, naturally, because it was relatively inexpensive. Can’t lose more fish because of sh1tty leader so I’ll replace what I have. I need 20, 30, & 40 or 50 lb. whats good but not stupid expensive? I go through a lot! All the fish around here are toothy or have abrasive mouths or razor sharp bits on them... Funny, I was having problems with my braid and went through a bunch to find line that lasts at least a season before fraying and breaking. Didn’t think my leader material was going to cause headaches as well.
  10. Will do, still have it on my rod so I’ll take a pic. So bad flouro? It’s Berley invisible something. Got it in 20, and 40 lb. I’ll try another brand, 30 lb is generally perfect for my beach fishing...
  11. Hiya. This has happened twice: 30 lb flouro tied with PR knot to 10 lb braid. Knot is great, never had a fail there. The leader was split in two from the pr knot down. Happened the second time this morning after maybe 5 fish I’ve been using the pr knot for about a 18 months, before I used a swivel at the top of the leader, this has never happened in that scenario. The flouro is maybe 2 years old. I check for problem areas before tieing it onto the main line, replace the leader maybe once a week or after it gets frayed, which is often. My pr knots are perfect. old flouro, or some aspect associated with the knot? I have mono leader material so I’m going to swap out this 30 lb with what I have, 25 lb mono or 50 lb mono. Anyone else seen this?
  12. I’m loaded in 10mins. Been fishing in the kayak probably 12 days the last fortnight. I’m not into the minutia, I want to get in and out quickly and cleaned up quickly. My truck. Works for my kayaking.
  13. My outback is, what 80-90 lbs? I’m fit and strong, go to the gym 5 days a week, used to run ultras etc. I car topped it and it was such a pain to do so I stopped using it but maybe once a week. Was planning on much more use. Borrowed a friends truck a few times and it was so much easier I ended up getting my own truck. Now I’m out 4-5 times a week, easy on easy off. I have wheels for dragging it if there’s much of a distance between the car and the water so that parts no problem. So my guess a 70 lb boat would be a pain to car top and you’d possibly end up not going out as much as you expected.
  14. Makes no difference. I’ve started using an inline hook with a split ring since the eye of most regular singles are a little too small and get stuck. Also used dressed hooks, work sometimes better sometimes worse. FWIW the 2 oz sliver gator spoon caught me almost every species of fish my first year in Florida including shark and snook.
  15. Nazi defenders. Fine. I’m out. You defend this, free speech over pure evil. I’m out and you can stew in your grandiloquence. My last post to this forum.