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  1. Yeah right. Police have found no evidence of cheating, can’t investigate unless there is something...nothing. Incompetence is not fraud, shame on Trump et all lying for political gain and causing the very most sacred institution in American democracy to be sullied and questioned. If voting is rife with cheating there is no point in it, and if that’s the case this country is doomed with a capital D.
  2. I’ve also been using chenille either on the hook shank or the body, ugly but it really works
  3. Off the beach, 90% of where I fish, a 3/4 oz white or yellow popeye or smiling bill jig with a rabbit strip tail. Total length about 3”. If you’re like me though it’s hard to just stick with one pattern, I’m always trying something different. Recently I started using the un dyed brown hair on a deer tail for the top with a lot of pearl flash mixed in. It’s a bit unnatural looking dry, but when wet it looks awesome. I pretty much always tie a rabbit strip tail to the hook shank instead of using a trailer or pork rind. Most often it’s a white jig with a white tail, but I’m discovering different colored tails work in some condition better...
  4. Snook, off the beach. They like the smaller bucktails, mostly very close in the trough. But frankly every species goes for these, mackerel, blues, jacks, sharks, ladyfish, trout...
  5. So I’ve been bucktailing a few years in Florida, which is different to NE bucktailing I think, off the beach. Recently the bigger predator fish are going for a lot of flash, swimming the bucktails fast and with jerks. These two patterns seem to work best in big surf during the day
  6. Provisional ballots. Republicans have systematically removed people for obvious reasons. Provisional ballots take much more time to process. Overseas ballots, from people with a different viewpoint noticing the ugliness inherent to the current anti immigration policies associated with the right, take more time to process.
  7. Another right wing trolling circle jerk. Come on board, there’s nothing new here.
  8. I suppose we just have to disagree on this. The genius of Trump is that he has successfully transferred “my team” mentality from policy issues. Doesn’t matter what the scenario is, us vs them, winning is the most important thing. It’s pretty obvious that mentality is rampant in this forum. Whatever.
  9. Broward County is a stronghold for democrats, the race in that county is very tight, Broward County is always late because, duh, it’s a tight race, Republicans know it swings Democrat, hence alluding fraud because, duh, they don’t want to lose. There’s nothing to see here. On an an interesting topic peripheral but related to this, progressive policies - not associated with a party - nation wide have been passed with bipartisan support (pot legalization, Medicare expansion etc.) take the tribalism out of it and what do you get? This is nothing more than one team against another with supporters of each yelling impropriety because, duh, they want to win. Let the process proceed without unsubstantiated conspiracies, count ALL the votes, may the best man win!
  10. I had a long response to this but it matters not. My comments are these: close elections ALWAYS result in legal action. Close elections ALWAYS are difficult and time consuming. This is hardly unprecedented. Let the process run, surely every vote counts? It’s kind of the point. Let the people decide.
  11. Yeah I suck, didn’t think of that. All the tarpon I’ve been seeing this year - off my beach that is - are big girls. I’m lazy so usually only bring one rod and most of the time it’s the lite one. Got a bum shoulder that flares up periodically these days. Anyway I hear you, and agree, so for the time being I’ll have my medium heavy rig also. Fishing has been very very good the last week with the red tide gone and the mullet run continuing.
  12. OK, good point. It's all conceptual for me now. I do have a rig that'll handle it but so far (3years here) I've lost every tarpon but one.
  13. I’ve been getting lighter and lighter this year for surf fishing off the beach, I’m now down to a medium stellar lite rod and a 3000 Nasci reel, 10 lb braid, which is pretty perfect for bucktails 1/2-1 oz. I’m still waiting for a big fish to test this though! Biggest was a fat 36” Snook, maybe close to 20#. my goal this year is to either get spooled or break my rod on a monster! Im curious if this could handle a 50# + tarpon... I think not but perhaps someone here has landed a fish like that on a little rod/reel?
  14. I have a St Croix Tidemaster TIS80HF 8’ Heavy/fast rated 3/4 - 3 Oz line weight 17-40, hardly used. $150
  15. I'll hold onto the pair, try to sell the combination locally.