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  1. I’m a bit South of Cocoa, not too far. Spanish Mackerel are in and out now, blues always, the little barracuda called sennet. These all go for fast and shiny, a 2oz spoon. Topwater works very well also, but sharks will go for these also. There are Snook in the trough, catch these with a bucktail, but plugs work and spoons also. I dont bait & wait so cant comment there. weather is fantastic now, have fun!
  2. Sorry, your post was above mine but mine was not specifically directed at yours. Lots of pecker waving in this forum makes me irritable. FWIW I really like skinners books. Took me more than a year of daily fishing to figure out bucktails & now it's all I fish most of the time. I'm guessing I'll glean a whole lot of useful techniques now that he's using pretty much the same gear I have. There's so much crap in YouTube, it's nice for me to watch informative thoughtful video without the yahoo hype etc. cheers!
  3. yea whatever. If your not interested then don’t respond to the thread
  4. Hmmm. You American fisher people are a prickly bunch. Perhaps you’ve met Skinner and just don’t like him. Me, I’ve learned a lot from his books and the bucktail book hit my zone - coming from Scottish fly fishing in my youth where for example shrimp, dead or alive, is illegal for Salmon fishing and artificials are all you use. But of course maybe you are masters and know everything. Ill be very interested in Skinners techniques and ideas now that he has what I have.
  5. First book I read after getting back into fishing was Skinners bucktail book, now that’s mostly what I fish - learned how to make my first few from the book also. So I follow Skinner on YouTube despite living in Florida. Anyway it’s interesting that he just got a 2019 outback.
  6. I’ve posted in this before: they’re all fine initially, my concern is how long they last before fraying and breaking. I’ve gone through a bunch. So far I’m happiest with PP super slick and original PP which is often on sale. Don’t like J-braid 4 or 8 strand, hate all Spiderwire, particularly ultracast which dies almost immediately, I’m fine with Suffix, and Berkeley crystal but PP and slick last as long and are far less expensive.
  7. I crush all barbs for surf fishing, all barbs on bucktails, 2 of 3 barbs on trebles when I’m kayak fishing - often I’ll hook a fish behind me and have to manouvre out of the mangroves which means the line may go slack. Yes I’m uncoordinated.
  8. Right, I’ll try it. Stupid design flaw in my mind not having a locking clip or somesuch. Out in the ocean I tied a rubber band to it and strapped it around the viewfinder which helped a bit but kept slipping. Good thing I knew where I was otherwise I’d still be out there. I’ve had nothing but problems with these connections. When this dies, and It will, I’ll hit a store and look hard rather than buy online based in reviews. It’s a hook 2 5” btw. Hmmmf.
  9. My transducer and power connections were getting corroded. Wd40 cleaned them out but... now the power cable slips out. I can’t get it to stay all the way in. I believe someone else has had this problem, did you find a solution? I’m tempted to soak the connectors in alcohol to de grease them. This is is a Lowrance 5 splitscreen or something.
  10. My experience, YMMV. I have 3 stellar lite rods. Initially loved them but two had issues. Lifetime warranty so no biggie but frankly these are not so well made that I would buy another, and not such a bargain that buying a better rod with a lesser warranty for the same price or a bit more is, in my mind, smarter.
  11. The other the other day I had a Hobie large fish bag strapped on the bow, 10 -15lbs or so in it, my (heavy) sonar battery in the front hatch, in medium chop. Quite surfy on the way out and in. Outback ‘19, with hatch seal fix. No issues at all. FWIW
  12. My wife swims in the wading pool, she saw tons of big snook this morning. I’m going to hit outgoing/slack tide tomorrow morning and see what happens. FWIW I went out on a boat for the first time yesterday, 30 miles out, trolling for Mahi Mahi. It sucked, rollercoaster ride out, troll a few hours, crank in fish, rolercoaster ride back. Engine running the whole time. Nice guys, tuna and a sailfish (& a barracuda) but I missed that connection I have with the water and the fish and the wind, and the quiet and the fight - big rigs, crank, gaff, next one... My lust for a boat has disappeared. I love my solitary surf fishing and kayak jaunts. Catching fish is not my primary goal I guess, it’s the whole experience. And the beer afterwards of course.
  13. I just got 4 reels for $35 each. Shimano Sedona 3000 and Catalina 4000 came for free - it’s freshwater but a nice enough reel so what the hell...$69 for the two. Use them hard and get a new one, my new motto. I’ve had my 4000 Sedona 4 years, used in the salt and more often on my kayak. It just died. Instead of trying to fix it, well read the first sentence. my $00.002. FWIW I have several VS and Spheros and had Spinfisher (which I hated.) the Sedona is as good as it gets in its price range and often you can get exceptional deals.
  14. I hate fishing with others, I am a misanthrope, I’d rather drown. I am less misanthropic with a few beers in me but I don’t drink and pedal.
  15. Modified Albright or Alberto. 5 up and back, nice small knot that goes through the top guides and it takes me very little time to tie. More time fishing, less time fiddling with line, that’s my new motto