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  1. Sorry for the late response guys. Been a bit tight on cash lately. But I'll take the RM Smith and one of the Conrads. Shoot me a PM with your info
  2. 1321m VS 275 for plugs/eels 1361mh Abu Big Game 7000 for chunking 1081l with a crappy quantum for back bay plugging
  3. I'm having one built and from the feel of the blank it seems like it's got some serious power. Gonna be using mine for my big plugs as well as for jigging
  4. Think I'll try it out. How much do you want for it?
  5. Nice! How do you tune it just bend the line tie up?
  6. You're not gonna believe this guys. My roommate was fishing down at the spot where I lost it and as he goes to leave what does he find washed up? My setup!!! This is no BS I literally can't believe it. VS still attached and everything and it still works fine!!!! Literally a miracle....
  7. That's a beauty. How far down does it get?
  8. Sweet man let me know
  9. Looking for some deep diving metal lips 8 inches or bigger
  10. There's definitely some bigger fish starting to show up. I posted the other night about my little disaster I had. Fish pulled me off my rock into the water and took off with my whole setup. Now I've caught plenty of 20s and a few 30s in my life but I've never felt power like that from any fish before. Definitely a 40 or better. I was catching schoolies up till that point so it caught me completely off guard. RIP to my Lami and VS :'( :'( :'(
  11. Like it says in the original post it was for a friend of mine and the other day he decided to order a pair from a local shop instead....
  12. Hey guys I guess he already ordered a pair. Thanks for your time though!
  13. Bump
  14. My buddy is looking for a pair of strap on korkers. He's a size 9.5 but could probly get by with a size 10 or 11 since they're going over wader boots. Whatcha got?
  15. Haha literally man! I was expecting a bunch of schoolies like I've been catching the past few nights so I wasn't focused and that's pretty much what f'd me