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  1. Those the big ones right? If so I will take them sir!
  2. Are those the bigger Gibbs bottles? The 3 oz?
  3. Thanks for the tips guys! One more month can't wait
  4. I'm in MA right on Boston Harbor. Last year lost a real pig on the night of the new moon. Not making that mistake this year lol
  5. How do you guys approach this "magic moon"? I'm looking for a monster this year so Im probably leaving the plug bag at home and cheating by throwing eels LOL
  6. What's the length/weight on the middle one. Also how much would you want for it if you decided to split?
  7. Sounds good boss
  8. If you'll accept a money order, and Rob doesn't take it, I'll take it for asking. Located in Hull MA I'll cover shipping just let me know what it comes to. Thanks
  9. I'm on the south shore, and the early season schoolies LOVE small topwaters (jumpin minnow is my fav) and small soft plastics. Try fishing the last two hours of outgoing at the narrowest part of a river or estuary. The water is warmest then, and the fish seem to stack up waiting for bait to be pushed out. At least that's how it is around here lol
  10. Looking for a VS 275. US or China made doesn't matter just has to be in good to excellent working condition. Preferably black but silver or gold works too. Located in Hull MA
  11. Ok. PM me
  12. Show me what you got!
  13. I'll take the calamari, black, and bottle if still available
  14. Cool I'll take it. PM me your address
  15. What would you want for the far left?