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  1. I'm about to purchase an original Lamiglas SSU 11 footer that I found for a steal. One piece rod and I believe it's the MH blank. For those of you who own or have fished this particular rod, how does it handle its weight range and what would you say is the sweet spot? Thanks!
  2. I'm a size 10.5/11. Located in MA thanks
  3. Anyone have any experience with this particular rod? Seems like a good deal for 200 bucks just seeing if anyone uses the "canal" model rated 3-8
  4. Bump
  5. Lynn
  6. I have an 8 ft. swimbait rod built by Chris at Aubut rods. It's rated 1-5 oz and throws its range perfectly. Paired up with a shimano cardiff 301 spooled with 20 lb big game mono. I don't do much swimbait fishing anymore so it's just been collecting dust. It could also double as a light bottom fishing/kayak rod. Asking $200 for the combo picked up North shore or South shore of MA. I'll even throw in the wakebait that's tied on. Thanks guys!
  7. I PM'd you. I can't do paypal/venmo
  8. Cast Away and Jay any interest?
  9. LOL! I got a SWEET deal on the truck so the body issues weren't a big deal for me. My cousin works at a shop so I'll probably have him fix her up when I get a chance!
  10. Yeah guys I measured it. It's between 25.5-25.75 inches to center
  11. Yeah that's what I meant a pre 2005. I'll measure the reel seat when I get home and let you know!
  12. According to the gent I bought it off of this is an original gsb with the size 12 tip. Distance to center I believe is roughly 25.5 inches but I can check to make sure, and his friend who is a rod builder built it. It's a beautiful stick let me know if you'd like to check it out!
  13. Really hate to let this go considering I only bought it last week, and haven't had a chance to fish it yet. Have a bit of an emergency and need the funds at the moment. This is a beautifully wrapped 1321m in mint condition that I purchased off a gentleman on here. I paid $400 for it so asking $350 picked up/meet up North shore, South shore of MA, or canal area. Will post more pics upon request. Thanks guys