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  1. You got it. PM on the way
  2. Bump $175 shipped
  3. GRS is an older model blackfish troller (hooks need replacing) Mike's Big Ben in sea herring Unknown 10 inch 7.2 oz swimmer Trying to keep this as a lot at $200 shipped. USPS MO no paypal. Thanks
  4. Old school 1321m. And I mean the pre 2005 blanks (if you can find one) Yes they were heavier than modern rods but can take a beating like nobody's business. If you have one built with modern components though, they're a dream to fish. Good luck!
  5. PM on the way
  6. Selling my VS 275. Serial number is 15699. It does need service, and the drag is currently stuck in place. It also has a little bit of rash on the handle and top of spool. Asking $325 shipped cash check or money order (no PayPal). Located in MA. Thanks!
  7. I wanna try togging from shore in the next few weeks. Water temps still too low?
  8. Bump 136 still available
  9. LOL! No but we usually start off with 6 and have to step up to 8-10 when the tide really starts running or there's rough seas. Like I said just don't wanna eff the reel up
  10. Hey guys was wondering if any of you use this reel for bottom fishing? Ive used mine for swimbaits in freshwater and it's a sweet reel but never thrown more than like 3-4 oz. I have a scup/seabass trip coming up, and Im hoping itll be able to handle dropping 6-10 oz without destroying the gears. I just don't want to buy another reel if I don't have to. Thanks!
  11. Cool. PM on the way
  12. Can meet you in the middle at 275
  13. 26.5
  14. Really hate to do this but I need the funds for another build. The 1m is an original pre-2005 that was rebuilt by Chris at Aubut rods. It's got Fuji k guides built NGC. The 136 Is a conventional and I've only used it two or three times. You can cast a BRICK with this thing! Asking 300 for the M and 200 for the MH (VS and Abu not included). Located in Hull MA but if I can borrow my buddy's pickup, I can meet on the south shore or near the canal. I'll post more pics when I get the chance. Thanks for looking
  15. I am. Why you got one? Lol