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  1. I just went through the same thing. I went with the black because I was worried about white getting dirty over time.
  2. I found one. Please remove Thank You
  3. Any major scratches I'm interested
  4. Is it scratched up I'm interested
  5. I have the Yamah 150 inline 4 it's a great motor so far. I paid about the same with a 6 year warranty and icom gauges,ss prop, new sea star steering. The 20 hour dealer service and 100,300 hour service isn't cheap but makes up for adding oil every fill up. Not including oil change every 50 hours. I doubled my range after reporting
  6. I have a 87 overnighter. Great boat so far. Check around the cabin door for rot. Defently get a moisture check on the transom, mine passed. I recommend trim tabs it defently helped get up with weight on board. I put a Yamaha on it two years ago it sits nice in the water. I may sell it after this year, boats are never big enough
  7. I love the Stryker. I do get hot in it the zipper defently helps.
  8. Looking for a vs 200 in nice condition. If it's scratched up I don't want it. I live in ocean county NJ. Anything out there for sale? Thank you
  9. I keep leaning towards the legend to. Thanks
  10. I was wondering how this rod is. TD has the vs200/cts combo sale. Any input would be great thank you
  11. There starting to make the turn west from the north if you know what I mean. I live in toms river. Last November was good. They are around but its not November yet.
  12. Costa hands down with 580p lens. I been through 10 pairs of oakleys before I bought costa. It's usually scratched lenses or broken frames always made me upgrade yearly. I recently broke my costa frame,it was my fault I sent it in for repair and sent me a brand new pair. I wear them to work they take a beating and haven't scratched the lens yet. Little more money but worth it.
  13. The mc cast is a great feature for chucking bait off the beach. I have no issues with mine I rinse with fresh water after every trip.
  14. My boot dryer is in my garage, I don't leave anything in my truck these days