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  1. What? no "fresh" bunker sent via USPS? I appreciate you getting back to me. Thanks! Dave
  2. I am also the owner of an oyster business just to be transparent but I would only be interested in selling hand caught bunker or fresh wild hand caught shrimp for bait.
  3. I am purchasing a NJ bait net permit and am thinking about getting a menhaden dealers permit. A dealers permit would allow me to legally sell the permitted amount of bunker I caught with the bait net. Is this something I could sell here in south jersey via this forum? Fresh bunker? Thank you for your time, David
  4. That pic of the white shrimp is what I have been catching. Thanks!
  5. As a side note, the stripers seem to love them! I have seen them coming in to feed on them in the evenings.
  6. I've been catching some relatively large shrimp in NJ, out back. I believe they are white shrimp, not grass shrimp. Any biologist types out there? Relatively shallow water, throw net. Up to 6".
  7. been cleaning up on the perch in cumberland, but have had to work for the larger ones. Using grass shrimp. Thank goodness no eels lately, and I have found by not letting the bait sit for more than 2-3 minutes I avoid the turtles. Hate hooking turtles, especially the cute ones.
  8. That was a good video, thanks! What happened was I missed the shifter connection when I went to put the lower unit on, tried to shift it, then played with the prop when it didn't shift and messed everything up. All the videos I have seen tell you how to to do it properly, not how to fix it once you've messed it up. I'll get it figured out next year...this year I have to move forward and delegate this particular thing out. I'm gonna have them "tune up" the motor while it's there, make sure everything is ship shape. Thanks for the link!
  9. Nice fish and nice crop job! Must be some obstruction of justice or collusion the redaction is hiding lol! Those bluefish are demons though.
  10. Whenever I start missing fish the first thing I check is the point of my hook. It's usually not sharp enough and a light touch-up will get me back into hook-ups. I check the sharpness by dragging the point of the hook across my thumbnail. If it digs it and doesn't want to move, it's sharp enough. If it will move across the thumbnail, the hook needs sharpened.
  11. Went perch fishing in cumberland, non-stop action on grass shrimp. Using a #4 hook. Shallow water. Had to refill the shrimp bucket 3x. Mostly small, but a couple dinner plate sized fish. Took 12 home, made fish taquitos with a side of some fresh jersey asparagus. Have no idea how many fish I let go...had to keep re-honing my hook from so many hook-ups (i'm picky about hook sharpness, probably sharpen every 15 fish). Never had action that hot for so long. Saw a bunch of water snakes. Some guy crabbing caught a big snapper. It swallowed the whole chicken leg and he pulled the dang thing in. He didn't wan't it. I love turtle, and was tempted to keep it, but I figured my wife would kill me if I brought that thing home considering I already had lots of fish to eat (and have never butchered a turtle before). I was using a single hook, too, and the action was still non-stop. Not nearly as exciting as big stripers and big blues, but more ethical for meat fishing IMO.
  12. Thanks! I have all the heat shrink stuff (the butts for splicing wire and tubing) and am using marine wire....when I saw electrical tape holding the wires together I figured the wiring needed redone. The lights were as old as the boat so I am replacing those, too. Thanks for the reminder on the fuse protection as well and the Allox tip.
  13. That's the plan. I'm not a mechanic...obviously. Maybe next season, when I replace the water pump again, I'll get it right. Or maybe I'll delegate this out. Idk...this is a business vessel, don't have time to screw around with stuff if I'm not gonna understand it. Gotta get the boat ready. I would like to thank everyone for their input. Tight lines!
  14. nice pic! I think for the next pic you should hold it up by the lower lip, don't be afraid to grab it like a bass.
  15. So i took the lower unit to a marina and the guy told me the shifter is spring loaded so it won't stay in neutral. He showed me how to put it back in forward but it seems I got something wrong. He said something about when the spine spins freely it isn't in gear and never to turn the shaft a certain direction. I am still tinkering with it. I am thinking I am going to have to take it back with a note pad and write down instructions this time. Ugh. Embarrassing, too. Seems pretty simple.