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  1. looks good to me.. what's the problem? You're problem seems to be that you expect politicians to stop the carnage?... It looks good we've been doing this for years....
  2. contact evil stevel
  3. i'll be over to the duck key / hawks cay entrance and that little inlet has so many great surprises...
  4. i was there yesterday after visiting RS at bud and mary's... good to see old friends as i don't get over that way often enough... staying here on sombrero beach and now fishing vaca cut as much as i can
  5. I always liked him
  6. I'm in ... thank you
  7. i have a newer emblem and need to fix the auto close bail to manual... is it difficult?
  8. great idea and i'll take a look at mine and try it... do you ever wonder why the Mfg. doesn't do this?
  9. I'm in and thank you
  10. perfect example...
  11. some predators always hit at the head? Coincidence?
  12. savant
  13. Is it coincidence that many fish have spots? If you don't believe what I am saying that's fine... not hear to preach but the question was raised and like lateral lines, dots, on tails and bodies can be an attempt to divert a strike from the head area to a less vulnerable tail area. Believe what you want not interested in arguments but answered a question by the original poster. I'm too old to spend time in arguments over this... I just stated what is science and is known.. that's all... Leave me out of the discussion
  14. Absolutely can improve reaction. The coloration can create the Purkinje effect or shift... the contrast and color effect is an advantage.
  15. Where in Boston?