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  1. I was impressed, nope sorry just sad.
  2. GW’s hate quahoggers? I hope!
  3. Got some Quahogs today and all I could think of initially is the Buzzards Bay GW! I was a little jumpy with bluefish splashing into bait. I had had never given sharks a serious thought. No I’m thinking I’m part of the bait ball
  4. Hat on backwards using a stick?
  5. My last of “big” fish last year was on September 19th
  6. Congratulations! On our 49th honeymoon in Nahant today! A couple dinosaurs we are
  7. There was an extensive discussion on this about a year ago “best longcast reels”
  8. Thank you chuck and I think we do
  9. Chuck is this auto bail flip? Can it be disabled?
  10. Brother just moved from Seal Lane.... coward
  11. Im gonna start dry scratching. Wickets island seems to close!
  12. Oh boy
  13. That’s pretty much my thinking. I do believe that eventually the high concentrations of seal will result in a die off.
  14. I’m only saying we interfere with things with good intentions and we screw up the balance. We can’t control the seal population without either natural disease correcting the issue or opening up a seal hunt, or even mass extermination. How do you want to handle this? i’m thinking Wet suits will eventually kill off the Great Whites.
  15. Sharks were just doing shark things and we invaded his /her personal space.