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  1. stay healthy
  2. my friend glenn Chatfield is building me one of your blanks as we speak for plugging 11' 2-5? I'm in Marathon on Sombrero beach...



  3. In the keys now through mid may... beaches are closed... but join me if you like..
  4. great topic
  5. Oh, I only recommend what I know, not what I've heard.. the LT i haven't fished with at all, I am generally a Shimano guy but for 100 you could buy a penn battle II which is a little heavy but will support your fishing needs well. Nothing fancy, but I still use that down south... Easy to service and to get parts for...oh, and ask scooby he can provide good hands on direction.
  6. Ditto 5000 or so would work...
  7. I wish I had a couple jigsters... and I know what to do with them... lol not a serious question was it?
  8. And I know you fish hard... the rocks on the Canal are tough on all equipment, TFO is a great and versatile plugging rod, I've broken three and last year stood next to an exploding TFO from another fisher... Canal Rocks would have me suggest the Airwave Elite. But, I certainly won't take issue with your statement and its a good opinion Cal.... I'm still fishing a TFO incidently
  9. Hi Phil, They can be seen on Facebook... I don't post anything on this site for sale.
  10. Agree completely and even take a look at Tsunami Airwave for around $125 or an Airwave Elite for around $200. But the thing about TFO is it is fast enough for plugs and can be used (barely) for canal jigging... One word of caution the TFO is (In my mind) too delicate for the canal. Mar the surface and you can expect them to explode... Just my humble opinion.
  11. Thank you Cal. Jim (j-pod) did the right thing here. I'm looking forward to a great fishing season and no reason to put any of our members, families and speakers at risk... We'll catch up..
  12. Color is critical. Not for appearance to us but the appearance to the target in low light, skinny water, dark etc. The Purkinje effect is something worth reading. The colors I paint are a result of that. Its interesting and a lot of reading but it certainly puts science into the decision of color and effect.
  13. I can tell you it is... great moon tide...
  14. my deli does the fan and numerous paper separators but also making sure to keep it lowest in the refridgerator will help as well with lower temps on the bottom such as the veg for me..
  15. Wareham St. run was busy for the last two days...