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  1. Just my 2 cents, it’s all about money and bragging rights. I have more of an issue with a derby that runs all season and targets one fish and has big prizes. So much pressure on one species can’t be good. Multiply that by 5 months and a significant circulation of a magazine and that becomes a formula for serious damage. Weigh and dump breeders are the target! C & R is available but the team and main prizes are for weighed fish. As as I age I realize the beauty of the catch for me is enjoying nature and looking briefly at the fishes hidden colors, getting a quick pic and watching the tail slap. The pics are my trophy/prize.
  2. Marathon April - I’ll be there!
  3. I like a level playing field and I don’t hesitate to buy my gear. If it costs a little more so be it. It may make U S production viable again. I had had to wait 6 weeks for a warranty replacement rod last year that was made in Korea. Maybe we need to think of logistics as part of the overall quality.
  4. I fished hard all day. I love the nasty weather
  5. Wareham good friend!
  6. I’ve been blessed and always willing to share!
  7. Should have kept that bone to go with steamahs
  8. Funny bones
  9. I did that last week but it ended well! Good luck.
  10. I’m in and thank you for the opportunity
  11. I’ve fired a few of them off
  12. Go Sox!
  13. I just did that and the rod doesn’t cast worth a damn.
  14. Funny