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  1. i can send you one ... pm with your address
  2. last time they did this was 2016?
  3. Top water strikes
  4. i carry 40 lb yo zuri flouro and tie my leader to braid and leader to plug... no need for per fabbed leaders... used to do what you do but found i had too much trouble with tangles of the leaders memory .... so pull 38 inches of leader material tie one to the braid one to the bait...
  5. Noooooooooooooooo
  6. it is a good time firm shell lobsters this time of year
  7. two consecutive amazing days on the canal.. from schoolies to slot + no surface feeds just moving south i fear.... eat and swim fish
  8. ban the sale of wild caught striped bass.... Make striped bass a sport fish only ... all must be kept wet and released
  9. that usually signifies the end... still need a november fish
  10. i need to get my obligatory november striper.... that's my focus and gonna do it in the bay state
  11. i'm using a odm frontier with a vr200 very happy
  12. x2 interested to see it working
  13. Agree totally but was a bit surprised with the turnout being as good as it was. We’ll do better, I didn’t get a chance to pick your brain!
  14. nevah
  15. Food was great.. amazing amount of knowledge shared... wonderful event.. thank you everyone... I had a ball