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    Is fishing a hobby?
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  1. Hahaha
  2. Ya never know with those guys . Trick it out and it should pass the sniff test. Someone would steal it for sure.
  3. I don't think an 8 foot rainshadow comes in two piece... I may purchase a two piece 9 footer and go with that... or trim it to 8'6. That fits in the suv for the trip to marathon in march... using it off the beach for Jacks, smaller black tips... and similar
  4. What was the model # on that blank? and is that a two piece?
  5. Send me pics and details if it’s fair / market I’ll take them
  6. What do you have for wood blanks?
  7. I’ve had hooks bend out
  8. Deadly after loading and replacing hardware
  9. Agree full game fish status. But also ban the sale of the ocean striper. Eliminate the market will insure a rebound.
  10. It works so well for Tarpon I see no reason to initiate similar status for striped bass
  11. Welcome to a great club
  12. Limit handling, be camera ready for a quick pic with a size reference, if measured have you measure ready. Try to have barbless hooks and even limit use of treble hooks. Don’t lift them and stress them as little as possible 15 sec is food make them swim from your hand.
  13. I’m moving to Vermont