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  1. THis is serious thing, a few pro builders developed a reaction to teh resins and amines and they had to stop building rods.DO not mess around, take proper precautions, and if you still have symptoms I would see a doctor, and started ordering rods from me instead of building yourself.
  2. *
  3. Grumpy's will be hosting the 4th Annual NERBs Custom Rod Building event on Saturday Feb 9th. 50 builders attended last year's event, we are expecting another nice turnout with awesome builders and fishermen. Topics to be determined
  4. SO why don't you do it and let me know how much time you spent figuring it out, and how little you value your time? Drew, I'm gonna be coming up ot MIkes in a few weeks, just hold on. Before pulling the trigger on this, you should work on Mike's Clemens, and know what other options you have. THere's a good chance there will be a few Clemens lathes up for sale in teh next few months. None of the 3 that I have, but I know other NERBs have been tinkering around with creating their own lathe and if they figure it out they;ll end up selling their current Clemens.
  5. A Rodgeeks XC 733 cut to 6'6 will do what you are looking to do, and if you feel that blank is too heavy, the XC 732. BOth of these 50# Bass were caught from a boat last year on the 732 & 733 - the power in both blanks is all you need, it's a matter of how you like the tip to feel. The XC's are composite with graphite and glass.
  6. You can just take another rod and stick it in teh butt, lol - and you can kind of tell how it will bend. I've got a ton of pieces of blank here, if you give me the dimensions I'll try and bring a couple that might fit when we do something up at Mike's.
  7. Good stuff Chief!! YOu might need a new hat! OR a new Avatar
  8. Drew tha is a long way to extend a blank. I do not like having the joint ahead of the reel seat for a couple of reasons. If the blank you are using as the extension is softer than the blank - it will bend weird. YOu have to find a piece that is stiffer. Having the joint ahead of the seat also makes the rod unbalanced. When I was fishing Fluke JEtty I broke a couple of GUSA 8'ers lifting fish, same blank (PUR 82L which is a billion times lighter than what you've got there) I took the handle from one broken rod + 6" above the reel seat, and extended the other broken rod - and it was awful to fish with.
  9. lol. Not 1 single care in teh world, I rocked them like it was normal. hahaha. Saturdays in the winter are difficult for me, as I have my own events scheduled. I always want to go, but I always need to pay my mortgage more. I do not know who that big guy is, but I hope he's not one of teh guys I mess with on line, he's way too big and angry for that
  10. And from 2009. Good times! BUt I'd be damned if I had to name who is in these pics. lol
  11. I have a few pics from 2012.
  12. LLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha. OMG that's awesome! WHo was trying to loan me cowboy boots? THat was a fun trip for sure, lots of good human beings on teh boat that day. I was playing catch with Joe's son Ben in teh parking lot. So that was probably 2002, he was 15, he's 32 now. I was 29 on that trip. Mind boggling!!!!!!
  13. Ypu're a Moderator, you shouldn't be this clueless. All teh roids were 2 piece over 8'6. Stupid comments like you made are a reflection of how little yu know abotu what you are talking abotu
  14. YOu can't be this uneducated, it stats AMerican Made. John was so big on everything being Made in teh USA, even his masking tape, and all his apparel.