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  1. This is what makes the internet such a great place
  2. I have a custom set on my porgy jigging rod which saw about 300 days of use the last few years. THe spinning reel clips in like your feet clip into skiis with a spring loaded mechanism. IT looks goofy, but much to my surprise it is extremely comfortable.It's rectangular/ovalish in shape and fits perfectly in my hand. Much to my surprise it never got slippery ever with my hands caked in clam juice and fish slime. I can definitely see how a fly rod wouuld be uncomfortable with these grips, moreso if they were perfectly round.
  3. OK, so by your own admission the turnout at the Berkeley was a pretty good one
  4. OK so rephrase - what number of people do you consider a low turnout?
  5. If you had to guess how many people were there, what would you say? 200? 500? 1000?
  6. We had a great season of Grip Workshops. Awesome work on these, especially the GD ones which started out as an idea for 1 grip which came out awesome, and you ended up making an entirely new style with the leftovers. THe basket weave...good thing you started glueing in October, you barely completed it by April. Lots of 1 hour glue sessions in between to get that one done,
  7. A few of the ones I did since the last post, I've got about 50 more that I've made in teh last year
  8. *
  9. IT's been windy almost every weekend this year there, and a lot during the week. I was out last week, we went 8 for 14 on Tarpon 90-130#. Was planning to go PErmit fishing but was too windy to run off. NExt day the captain I was with had a dozen up to 30#. I fished Matlacha Sunday and it was too windy. We ended up catching a few 26-30" Snook 100 feet from the boat ramp, and a few more around docks. We fished mangroves for hours with nothing. . video-1618869482.mp4 video-1618880460.mp4
  10. The NBA is awful. Here's my FB posts, 12 minutes for 25 seconds, and at least 19 minutes for a 5 minute OT.
  11. The womens games are tough for me to watch. THey are just boring. And half the games are 20 point blowouts. lol, as I flick on the 2 games being telvised, 20 point blowouts. And USC up 30+ on KAnsas is far too enjoyale to turn off
  12. Big man from Loyola was awesome last time Loyola went ot eh F4. I've watched every game excpet fo a couple today, great tourney. Big 10 overrated, PAc 12 way underrated. Absus from ORal Roberts showing why he was the nation's leading scorer. Disappointment is the big names who are top NBA picks playing mediocre at best. Cunningham was inviisible for long stretches again last night and why OSU lost. Kofi's D was so bad yesterday, and Ay Yo...where's Ayo led to Illinois geting dominated yesterday. THat was a bad showing. Texas was awful as well, 3 guys projected in teh draft and they was outplayed the way they were. Rutgers was disappointing to say the least
  13. Google Billy Vivona, NERBs, Decorative Wraps
  14. Finishing up first batch of 2021 builds
  15. THat's why they came out with the lock nut. It does have to do with how the seat is installed and how you hold it, it's not hard to figure out. If you hold the rod with your right hand or your left and it is on teh nut, depending if it's up or down it can loosen. I never had it happen to me but I build every rod the same way. NEver had any customers come back and tell me they had a problem either