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  1. Mike - I love the planning part of anything I do. WHen was coding, I'd love figuring out why somehting happened and how to fix it. My issue is....actually doing the work! lol. Tim - thanks. I really do love what I do and take a great deal of pride in every rod I build, even the plain black on black rods, I do my best to make them look as good as they will fish. I just got a Superman rod order, not quite Stan lee, but close Ernie - I don't have many issues with wraps. I'm 45 now, and I'm starting to have a hard time reading menus. SO I guess it's not long before I cant' see the threads. While I spend a lot of time on teh wrpas, I really breeze through them quickly. There is no secret to the checkerboards/bricks. HEre's a pic before they were turned down. Once they were, I had to dig the grip out to fit the inlays in them, there was no room for error. If I screwed up, which is very easy - I would have had to start making the brick grips over from scratch. It was 6 hours to do the bricks. It took 3 full hours on teh timer to dig the grip out to fit the names in them, and it was very stressfull. WHen I was done, I was extremely proud that I pulled it off. Most of this stuff I can go through the motions and make something look awesome and perfect. THis was a lot for me, and I don't give a crap if anyone likes or dislikes teh finished product - I know what went into this and how far I pushed myself and that is worth more to me than anything including the money fro the grips (which were "only" $675)
  2. THanks Mike. TEh grips were something new for me, I combined several techniques into one grip. I spent 20 hours making them, and another 10 planning the out. Hours finding graffitti fonts, then more puttign togther the fonts for him to pick the one he liked best. THen hours looking at graffitti on a wall to see what color combos might work. I made $25 an hour for this rod, vs $120 for a basic build. I LOVE the Art.
  3. THanks Drew. I love pushing myself with everything I do and being able to do unique stuff, then sharing how I did it with others so they can too
  4. Wild Style Graffiti Fire rod. 45 hours to handcraft, 1100+pieces in the grips.
  5. Most of what I post is for customers, and everything is fished. He's putting a new Avet chocolate brown on it.
  6. Thanks Drew. As Mike said, in person you can really see how well this matches a Blackfish. And the grips are cartoonish but effing kick ass. Snakeheadish though, lol. Yes there is an UW, just not under the guide. I like doing things different, and you rarely see the famed false underwrap on rods.
  7. Thanks Mike. I did my best to make sure every inch of the rod was unique. I almost did marbling.
  8. Right on time for the NJ Blackfish season opener, a Rodgeeks XC 732 Blackfish Theme. Grips are a blackfish looking to eat a crab. The wrap is blackfish skin colors, the guides are also blackfish skin colored, but with some golden copper that you see on certain fish. I love how this rod came out, in the sunlight it looks amazing
  9. There are a million ways to do it, build it it with something, wrap over and epoxy
  10. I have a bunch differnt wrap lines ready to go, lmao. "I'm Still number 1" - KRS-One; "No wrapper can wrap quite like I can" - LL Cool J "I'm The King of Wrap" - Run DMC
  11. I didn't think about that. Maybe I should hire you to coordinate the soundtracks for my rod vids? I just posted another one on YT for my graffiti rod with the Jam On It breakdancing song. Glos, I'll build whatever you pay me for. No $$ no go