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  1. Rodgeeks is hosting a custom rod building workshop at their Albany office on SAturday 9A-5P. Breakfast, lunch and drinks will be provided. Open to everyone. There is also a meet & Greet Friday night from 5-8PM, food and drinks will be served. The entire line up of Rodgeeks blanks will be on hand to check out, and purchase at a deep discount. In addition, Jason Brunner who is the blank designer for St Croix Rods will be there answering questions and explaining blank design with everyone. If interested contact me
  2. Pattern: "2050 Jellyfish" from The VisualWrap Pattern Dowlonads Shade Pack: Sapphire & the darkest from Navy Blank: Rodgeeks XC 803 Neon Blue Not only do I create new patterns, I also wrap them.
  3. St Croix stopped selling blanks. The SC2 & SC4 blanks are still available, they are Rodgeeks. Teh SC5's are avialble, made at the St Croix factory in Wisconsin, but they must be ordered through ROdgeeks. Do a search there's a lot of info on this over the past month
  4. Hey Billy  I'm building a new rod and want to do a fish scales wrap and what i need is a shade pack how can i purchase one from you ?

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      Billy 40

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  5. The ROdgeeks XC 805 is ideal for this. The blank will do exactly what you want it to without being trimmed, and the blank weighs 6.5oz & costs $114
  6. I agree. I cut the filet in half, as it makes cutting the bones out much easier with less waste, and I end up with 2 rectangle fillets (4 total per fish) instead of a filet that looks like Texas. With porgy it doesnt' bother me too much, as I've spent a couple of days helping cut fish for many hours straight, adn I realize really fast eff that I'm not being careful I'm getting this crap done as fast and as best as I can. Point is, all fish are bony, cut them out and there are no bones
  7. For those who were unable to attend the ICRBE, here is what you missed at The NERBs booth. This is a long video, but imo it's worth watching and listening to if you post in this group, lurk, or who value paying respect to others. I got to the show extra early to shoot this video. I am so happy we had 80 rods on display and each NERB got the credit and respect they earned and deserved for the work they do. THat combined with teh Hall of Fame is what I wanted the booth focus to be on, and it couldn't have been better the way it came out
  8. Pike are tough to clean, they have that wierd Y bone. But all those fish you just make a couple of cuts down teh middle and there are no more bones. All fish are good to eat, provided they are properly prepared.
  9. looking forward to seeing ll you guys down there this weekend
  10. THank you for that pic!! lol, that was so much fun. I forget who's daughter she is, but they were from Mass. She as telling me how she was in ballerina class and was teaching me how to pirouette. lol.
  11. Is anyone attending the ICRBE this weekend at the Benton Convention center in Winston SAlem? The NERBs will be there, having a gathering at the booth. WE have featured builders who will be having Focussed discussions every hour, including SurfisherMike going a Fuji guide layout presentation
  12. What does it mean when someone says a fish is bony? All fish have the same bone structure, if you don't want bones then learn how to use your knife. I've always eaten Bergalls, they cook them for me while I'm out there fishing 10 minutes after I filet them. nly problem with cooking fish so soon after death s the meat curls up
  13. CNAssman got him the job
  14. You could do the Common Sense method on your own blanks and then you will have another category for your rating system. IT's been 2 days since you sad there are at least 5 ratings you should have, but we're still waiting for you to send teh ratings for your favorite blank. One time I sent NASA a message and I asked them how many molecules were in the first 18 inches of the underside of the wing on their newest spaceship. The next day they sent me a message back stating the ship goes 17,500 miles per hour.
  15. FALSE. We have a common language. Based on your prior post, you have your own language which makes no sense to anyone - not even to yourself as you admitted that you don't even know what you are talking about.