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  1. As I said, my information is directly from a DEC officer. SO you're internet philosophy is what's you'd expect it to be. Not factual. But by all means, continue to post and sound like you know what you're talking about, that's what the internet is about
  2. Any company using guides that do not hold up to braid in 2019 is Pure garbage Fishing. That's the Veritas.
  3. You get what you pay for when you buy crappy rods. Any Fuji tip top will be a suitable replaement
  4. This is why when I rated the Rodgeeks XC blanks I included both a casting/lure rating, as well as bottom fishing rating.
  5. yep, and there is nothing at all the NY DEC can do about it. I'm not guessing, 2 of the officers build rods, and come to my shop. I've been friends with one of them for years before he became an officer. THis happens all the time - all they can do is check every person to see if they have their fishing license/registry. YOu guys can disagree all you want, but I'm telling you for a fact this is how it is in NY.
  6. YOu guys are wrong, it's not illegal. It's a possession law. If the fish is not in your posession, it's not your's. Been through this many times, and the NY DEC who actually enforces the laws will tell you this
  7. What blank would you recommend for fluke fishing Nantucket shoals on a party boat. Dropping down heavy lead around 16 oz or more?  I’m thinking 7’6”?  Thanks for any info and advice. 

    1. Billy 40

      Billy 40

      ROdgeeks XC804, or 805. I fish with Bad Influence, Captain Jeff uses a 734 - that is ptryy much the recommended blank for up there. TEh 8' you can cut a little off the tip and from teh butt to get teh 7'6 and to get it to handle heacier than 16oz. Teh 805 is a lot of rod, but will handle the weight

    2. Jsnake4


      So basically the 734 would be the ticket to handle the weights?

  8. I am not familiar with backtrolling at all. The blank I mentioned fit your request as far as medium and moderate. Maybe give them a call and ask Mike and see if he's sold any for that purpose in teh past. He is very dilignet taking notes and remembering what blanks are used for what based on prior conversations and sales. AS far as teh Eycon goes, I cannot tell you as I do not know, but teh SC2's are teh C2's, so if the specs line up then most likely the blanks are identical. As far as that SC5 go - I absolutely love that blank. I built 3 of the MH's when they were St Croix's, and the sensitivity level and what you feel is really amazing, adn it's actually worth the $$$ if you are looking to feel bites. We used it fluke fishing......I just realized you're not talking about the SW blank, which is wha tI am talking about. I have built several regular SC5's for people, and I used teh 68MXF for Walleye fishing in Lake Erie with a worm harness. I also used a C273MHXS side by side, and teh C266MLF - I ws unable to feel anythign with teh C2's after using that CS5. Tehre is a significant difference in price, again - if you need to feel bites and yo dont' mind spending the $$ for performance, it's money well spent.
  9. I came on board less than a year after it was started. Patrick is the one who turned me onto SOL - he was probably responsible for getting more people to join SOL than anyone else. After all these years, I still scroll down the forum list looking for posts at least 5 times a day, every day. I learned a lot here, and made a TON of friends throughout the years. I couldn't be happier for TIm being able to make a living off this site - it's pretty crazy that it generates so much advertising $$. You know you've made it when somoene starts a evil twin site "****" and spray paints it on a landmark building on the Jersey shoreline. lol
  10. Rodgeeks C273MM fits the Medium Moderate reuquirements.
  11. It's amazing that you had to post that to an adult
  12. If you want o go the custom route, the Rodgeeks XC 733 is ideal for larger jigs like that, and even teh 734 up in NAntucket gets used a lot.
  13. I was just in SAnibel/Captiva - saw thousands of Tarpon teh 3 days I Was out fishing. DOesn't do you much good, you're way south. I was bait fishing and casting ZMan, but the guy I was with caught tarpon 3 days ago on fly and bait and lure. Tournament last week teh winner was tied with 7, 3 and 4th had 6, each hooked up with 10+. I landed one and hooked 4 others, and we landed another one and missed 6 others. HAve a good trip
  14. Rather than share $$, I'll share something more valuable - knowledge. Do you see how simple t was to figure out where the guides go after you cast and moved things around? WEll, now oyu are a certified professonal at guide placement. I'm not kidding. IT's really that simple. Go out and purchase all teh KW guides in all teh sizes. REpeat this process with them and figure out which ones go with which ones, and how far apart they go. Once you actually understand what you are trying to accompish, and you know first hand how to adjust things to get them where you want them - you'll understand why I said if you spent as much time test casting as you did wasting time reading 5 million posts on teh internet, lol.
  15. I don't get paid the big $$$ for nothing