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  1. Love this post, need to bump it back up for mroe people to ignore
  2. Ok. SO when people drop down before teh boat settles up, that is a nightmare which nobody can do anything about. I can't tell you how many times I yell at people for doing that, and they will still do it, and they are the same people who refuse to reel up when the horn blows. YOu really have to wait like you are doing for teh boat to straighten out and the lines to hopefully move. Scope kills when you drag with heavy weights - you might be better served to drop down to a lighter weight and keep teh sinker off the bottom, every 10 bounces, drop back for the sinker to touch bottom, bounce 10 more times repeat. YOu do NOT need the sinker to drag bottom to catch fish, it just has to be close, and dropp back down every 10 bounces accomplishes that. USing a chicken rig, as the line scopes out the top teaser will actually get closer to the bottom as you drift and let line out. I'm not saying to scope out hundreds fo feet, just trying to help you not get hung on the bottom as much while still being in the window for getting bites. It is not easy to fluke fish with a lot of people on a boat, you really have to adjust what you do, and what you want to do in order to be in the zone longer. Eff Dogfish! at least you are smart enough to reel up when you see someone's line circling or taking off left or right. HAve an additional rod rigged up, and if you do get into a tangle reel up as fast as you can so you get the tangle in teh mono/leader instead of the braid. THen just cut your line and grab your other rod, let the mates sort it out, adn reirig on a move. Lastly, teh guys who get the prime spots out there often go there for a couple of days and sleep in their cars, and thye are out there every weekend so you'r enot going to beat them to their spots no matter waht
  3. You're not going to like this, especially with people posting about knuckleheads causing tangles, but thi sis the truth. Hopefully you understand I'm trying to help you an not poke fun at you. If you are tangling with people on the other side of the boat, while using 8oz and mono and you cannot cast out - you are the one causing the tangles. Here's why I say that: 1. If you are using 8oz, you are drifting pretty fast, so the lines have no choice but to scope out. HAlf the boat will be away, half will be under. 2. If you are using mono and everyone else braid, which is what 90% of people use fluking, even on party boats - then your line is bellying in teh current more, and when everyone else is drifting the same way - your line is acting different 3. IF you cannot cast out, then you are dropping down righ tinto all the lines scoped out on the other side. YOu an't get pissed at them for letting line out, you have to understand that this i drift fishing and this is what the lines do, regardless of sinker weights used. You ALWAYS have to maintain your own line, and cast out. This will keep your lines away from everyone else adn significatnly reduce the number of tangles you get in. HAving said that, if you decide on getting a custom rod built for out in MOntauk or anywhere else, the Rodgeeks XC 732 has been a great choice and has landed a lot of fluke out there this year. Base rice on a built rod is going to be $325.
  4. Mike, now you understand what this means, and why I don't post a video showing the proper way to do stuff. Last thing I need is a hack telling me tehre are a million ways to skin a cat, that's the typical reply of a know it all bunghole who insists on perfecting a crappy way to do something, instead of becoming more efficient
  5. Will also have Grilled Swordfish steaks. That alone is worth the $25 admission. lmao should do a surf gathering and serve Striped Bass
  6. Not sure if I should waste time posting more pics in this thread.
  7. lol!! IT's a mutual feeling, spurned on by years of anti-surfmetic slurs Saturday's NERBs Gathering is going to be Jam Packed with a full line up of topics, world class builders stretching from Virginia to almost New Hampshire. On top of the rod building fun, we've got a full menu to stuff our faces the entire morning, day, and night. TOPICS: - Rod Show & Tell - Installing EVA grips without ****ing up (for Michael Lauritzen) - How to build heavy ****, with Skip Donahue - Guide wrapping tips & tricks with Russell Mazza & Mark Berry - Translating VW to a rod (for Don Livingston) - EVA Basics (for Jonathan Ginsburg) - Extreme Rod Bending (for John Crumlish) MENU - Cronuts (Crossiant Donuts (thanks to Bob M) - NJ Style Breakfast sandwiches, egg, cheese, bacon, taylor ham (TOny) - Philly Style Roast beef sandwiches (thanks Mike Baker) - 5 star chef sausage & Peppers (thanks to Bob Morrissey's son) - Tony's Famous TP - Maybe german sausage (thanks to Mike L)
  8. Don't forget to ask. Thanks
  9. We've got almost 20 signed up. Topics are all over the place - installing EVA grips, using VisualWrap and transferring what's on teh screen, to the blank, were goinng do some sever testing on rods, maybe break one, how to set up yoru workshop, how to build heavy Offshore rods, and show and tell. There are 2 guys driving from Northern Massachusetts 4 1/2 ours, and another guy driving up from Virginia 6 hours. Fortunately we do not have anyone attending from Long Island and no surf guys
  10. No thanks to EBAY, with their fees I don;t think there'd be too much interest in someone paying $900 for an off the shelf rod
  11. Built n a ROdgeeks XC 733 with MAtagi MEtallic Red seat
  12. Built n a ROdgeeks XC 733 with MAtagi MEtallic Red seat
  13. Will be hosting a seminar on Saturday October 2oth in Staten Island NY. If you're interested send me an e-mail
  14. Calling known as fake news - Those mfers don't know anything abotu "work"
  15. Good news for NY, they are looking to open the EEZ *