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  1. IT's up the the artist. FOr me, I can get my point across with a shorter wrap, I don't feel teh need to spend 2-3x time doing something really long. THere are a lot of people who do long wraps, 12-18", they just dont' post in here.
  2. Thanks, finally figuring it out after all these years.
  3. KEllen and Anthony did a great job on their Collab rod. Kellen made the tie dye acrylic inlays himself, and inalyed them into a random abstract in the cork. Anthony did teh wrap and guides, the BLue Rose on teh white background matched an album cover
  4. Bill had a spare set of grips from the prior rod posted, so he ent ahead and made himself another GS rod - he's a GD fan so why not!
  5. Bill Thompson wanted to make some Bernie Cohen style inlays on his Collab rod. We did a Gripshop together and he made teh background of the grip, while I put together the Lightening Bolts. He then went home and over the course of the next month, inlayed them into the grip. Bill always does spectacular threadwork, as seen here. \
  6. Ed V sent me several images that he wanted to make fo rhis grips. HE came over to my shop, and the original plan was for him to help me make them. He had never done a grip, and with literally thousands of pieces in this grip, it wasnt' the right one fo rhim to learn on. These grips took me 3 sessions to complete, 25-30 hours. Ed did teh wrap and guides, and had to do the wrap 3 times before he was happy with one, and it came out amazing!! Ed has only been doing Dec WRaps for 2 years, but he's accelerated to teh to with precise crisp work with awesome color choices.
  7. Paul Allwright & I collaborated on this one. We discussed the grips, and did a Gripshop, and he ended up with an entirely new pattern. This fit the GD theme perfectly.The wrap he did came out awesome, matching the pattern in the grips. This is only Paul's 5th wrap and he ended up having to do it twice to get it to look the way he wanted it to.
  8. This Collaboration rod was done by Mark Berry & I. I made teh grips and designed the wrap pattern in VisualWrap, and he did all teh thread wrapping. The pattern has similar shape and 3D-ish look as the grips.
  9. The NERBs theme for 2021 was Grateful Dead. We built 7 rods for the show, each was a :collaboration" between 2 builders - one did the grips, the other the wrap and guides. Made for a fun project and allowed us to hang out and do workshops together and bond. I made this Lightening Bolt grip out of a 20 segment checkerboard with 50 rows, there are over 2,000 pieces in this set. The Dec Wrap is supposed to mimic the Steal Your Face logo, the white skull and the split red/blue. The guides and wrap background is all split, blue on teh bottom, red on the top, to match the way the grips are split. While this was supposed to be a Collaboration Project, I wanted to make a rod myself
  10. If you are on FB or IG I have a bunch of videos of GD rods, that was our Collaboration theme for the ICRBE NERBs booth this year. CAn't post links to the vids here
  11. Nice is a really nice guy. I hope he's doing well. If you get in touch with him tell him I was asking abotu him.
  12. If someone orders fly grips, I'll make them. THese are for another builder, one of his customers. I have never even heard any GD songs, and couldn't tell it apart from LEd Zepplin or Janis Joplin, lol
  13. It was fun making these sets
  14. All you have to do is read their product page