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  1. I just started using double sided Tyvek CD/DVD sleeves. I think the Tyvek helps keep them dry, kind of wicks away moisture. It's working well so far.
  2. That's cool. I hope some more companies start doing this. Do they do other rod sizes like this too?
  3. Totally. It's the feel of the hit that has me hooked on fishing. The fight is fun, but feeling the strike through the rod is where the adreneline hit comes from for me.
  4. Well if it does work, you can bet it won't last long if word gets out. Unless they turn around and market the rod with interchangeable tops to adjust actions as the selling point. I think that would be a great idea, but I don't think rod companies do or it would probably have been offered already.
  5. There is no right or wrong really. There is what works for YOU, and that just might not be what works for me. As long as you're catching fish and happy with your results is all that really matters. I haven't seen them side by side, but it is possible that the footprint of the Persuit II is longer or wider or in some way different than the footprint of the Spinfisher V. I put mine on and forgot about it, so I can't remember if it was a tight fit to get in the opening or not. I do have other rods where that was the case with one reel, and then a tried a different reel, of the same size class, and the footpring of the reel was shorter and I had to snug down the seat pretty far. Regardless, I hope you find what you are looking for. Like I said in another post, that is how so many of us end up with so much different gear. Keep trying things until we find what we are happy with.
  6. I wondered too if there was a change in reel seats on that rod maybe, or if the reel he tried, being a different model than mine, has larger feet. That would all affect how the reel sits and balances on the rod. That's why we all end with a bunch of gear though. Keep trying to find what works best for us. The way I grip the rod, what I expect to feel, I like a different point of many variables.
  7. The OP doesn't like how a 5000 size Penn fits or balances the rod. That's the setup I have and I have no issues with it myself, but different strokes for different folks and all that.
  8. Another ditto for the Supreme.
  9. I have that rod paired with a Penn Spinfisher V 5500 which has just a bit more line capacity and weight than the SS2600. My outfit is pretty well balanced, so I would go with the larger reel.
  10. Great service from these guys. My go to site for stuff.
  11. That's the way I would approach it. Throw some lead heads with curly tails around until you get an idea of what's going on below the surface. You'll lose some finding out where the structure is, but it's a cheap approach to figuring things out. Once you know the layout of the bottom better you can try other stuff.
  12. I got this setup this season, but with a Penn SSV5500 and 30# Sufix 832. I've been real happy with it so far. I have the Dolphin rod, not the tc2.
  13. That thing looks intersting. Any comments about it you might have?
  14. Korkors received. Thanks again.
  15. There are some other very good points here but I think some of it is that you are new and you don't get out to fish very often. You need to spend more time on the water to "Get the Feel". It's like so many other things, you don't get it all at once. It comes with practice and experience.