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  1. Float rods work well that way , keeps the line of the blank better , that is the only reason I do it
  2. CR card $$ gets split , cash, is cash an goes in the pocket of driver most of the time I think ,
  3. Not sure on the Micro but the ones I use have inserts an hold up great , in fact the guides work just fine for my kind of casting
  4. AL has good info on the wrap , I know it makes me better when I do wrap , good insurance I think
  5. Just a question ???? have you posted on the FOR SALE FORUM HERE on this FORUM ? I DID NOT CHECK,
  6. Look very close to the grip an reel seat, it might be TOAST if so, do a R & R on the reel seat an grip all at one time, a great way to learn , lots of forums out there , I feel there are lots of rod builders will shear with you do a search on the web , look around your neck of the woods to find a builder near you to help over the tough spots , just ask on the different forum's you will be sup-prized at all the help you can get
  7. It is always a good habit ti run a flame over the thread wrap before you put your epoxy on your wraps first I think , that is what I do at least ,
  8. section's #! , #2 , #3 , can be accomplished , #3 is the hardest , the butt section for get it , as I see it , also the weight of the fly rod will effect the results , [ 2 WT / 9 WT ] as well as the the stiffness of travel rod , [ line rating , stiffness ]
  9. most of the ferrules are hand fitted if one is missing go for the total replacement , it will be a lot easier do a look for bamboo blanks they will have what you want an they will talk to you also , also try Bamboo fly rod building just looked, the cost of a cheep ferrule set will cost about $4.00 , an good set about $40.00 plus postage
  10. are your old ferrules loose on the rod or loose in side of each other , they can be fixed tighten up do a search on some web site that works with Bamboo fly rods , or some place that sells the make- ens for bamboo fly rods
  11. You forgot the building to hold it all , an "' up keep "" on it , what is needed is not the small room in the basement , plus you will have to turn a lot of blanks to make the payments on the equipment , [sell the blanks ? ]
  12. try a different forum , an do it your self , to costly to pay some one to do it , I think , could be wrong ,
  13. Silverado Has some good points . most of the supply places have sales around all special day's through out the year
  14. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  15. TRY 1-360-225-2211 I have had better luck at that number