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  1. awesome video!
  2. Gibbs Pro Series
  3. The fall was very rough only had a few nights with some quality fish for the rest it was all dinks..i just keep telling myself its better than getting skunked but would like to see quality fish showing up
  4. I can only speak to van staal as i have owned a few and i love fishing them and personally havent had any issues. I can not speak to ZB as I have never owned or fished one but have always wanted to try one out. Like many others said it comes down to trying both and finding which you prefer and works better for you.
  5. L&H

    Only went there once when I had some questions about getting into hunting and they were extremely helpful. Sad to see a place like that go
  6. I hear you on that. Been a season of dinks for me also. Only a few nights where I had some quality fish. No blues for me this fall
  7. No better company to deal with than LL Bean. Always take everything back no questions asked no matter how long you’ve had it. It’s companies like this where you know you’re getting a quality product that they stand behind..wish it was more common
  8. Couldn’t agree more. I can definitely see the 200 being the perfect fit. Unfortunately I’m lefty and it’s not an option for me lol. I bet the 9 1/2 version is great to like you said especially for getting alittle more distance
  9. The rod was cut from the butt, although, I did not build it myself a friend of mine from Rodworx built the rod
  10. I have seen them before in middlesex county once flying around a park before it took a fast dive, definitely picked something off the ground
  11. I use this rod cut to 9. It is by far my favorite rod and is very dynamic. I throw everything from as low as 3/4 BTs to 3-4 oz poppers. Has alot of backbone as well to pull big fish. Mine is paired with a VS150
  12. I just installed vinyl plank flooring in my kitchen..fully waterproof and extremely easy to install. A very good and cheaper alternative to tile and you cant even see the seems between planks with the tight locking system
  13. Nice meeting you today Phil and thanks again for the rod. Thanks to SOL and Tim as well!
  14. yeah, we are all guilty of it...only takes a split second of taking your eyes off the water
  15. Very sad, gear can be replaced but your life can not...horrible tragedy