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  1. What’s the weight on the wood ones? I was looking for plastic 2.5 oz.
  2. Closing. Thanks everyone
  3. Interested in lightly used or new northbar bottle darters or montauk darters. Im looking to buy a couple
  4. Sure I’ll just send it out with the eely you bought from me the other day. I’m shipping everything tomorrow. Just send me $15 and it’s yours
  5. 2 oz. Gibbs Purple Patina SS it’s purple over white with some bronze
  6. Both Bottles are still available
  7. PM sent
  8. $33 shipped
  9. I can do $70 shipped for those. You’re talking about the Muccie metal lip at the bottom correct?
  10. Clearing out some colors and sizes that I didn’t use a lot this year. Every plug is $15, I will only negotiate if you want more than two of them. Weights for some of them are on the tape. Shipping is $3 for every order
  11. Cool
  12. I’ll take the bottom one for $27 if you end up splitting
  13. $65 for the lot? I can pick them up depending on where you are on LI
  14. Closing. Moving to another post Thanks guys