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  1. In my 3rd season kayak fishing, but my first season fishing the Harbor. I'm usually out on the north side around Winthrop but have a few Hull area trips planned for later in the season when the weather gets better. Also getting two of my buddies into kayak fishing this year as well. If our schedules work out, def don't extra mind company. First year or two is crucial, more time on the water whether alone or with company. Just to get comfortable and build confidence, figuring out your limits and what setups works best for you. Safety in numbers should anything go south. I've already had to rescue my buddy and his kayak once already. Tough workout peddling to shore with a 260 lbs guy on the back while dragging a water filled kayak behind but glad I was close by when he flipped.
  2. Agreed, narrow wheels/tires will just dig into the sand and get stuck and dragged. Wider wheels for soft sand.
  3. Congrats on the yak, I had the talon 12 for one season before switching to the dark side with a PA14. I sure do miss being able to throw it on my shoulder and cartopping it. Can't do that with my current hobie. Def a capable yak, tracks well. I was even able to stand up on it also, took a little balancing but was able to. That half length anchor trolley is pretty much useless, might as well upgrade to a full length setup. There's a few ytube videos on that. Good luck and tight lines!
  4. There's a public pier behind 3 Lantern in Gloucester that's pretty well known for mackerels and other fish. I'll be swinging by there this weekend as well.
  5. Ran into a few guys fishing for smelts in winthrop the other night.
  6. Plenty of good suggestions there!
  7. Great job! Look at that!
  8. Another great video and congrats on 1st place this year at the Shootout!
  9. Yeah....
  10. The rods I bring when hitting the salt on the yak are between 6'6" to 7'. Anything longer I save for surf or shore fishing. I've tried a 8' rod but fighting and landing a fish with it on the yak took more effort than needed.
  11. eBay has a decent selection within your price range.
  12. Just joined from Revere, although I don't surf fish as much anymore since I've gotten into kayak fishing in the last year or two. But interested in the tourneys with the locals nonetheless. Also, I don't mean to nitpick but might want to correct the group description. Don't want to send the wrong message due to a silly typo: Description This group was started to get a strong Boston contingent that enjoys and appreciates the challenges of catching Striped bass within the greater Boston area. My hopes are to get a strong enough following and interest to create a Boston based fishing tournament which will run for a period of 1-2 weeks in June/July/August. Dates to be determined and open to discussion. Areas included in this group extends from Hull to Nahant. Pics and discussions welcome just try (not) to spot burn or be too specific.
  13. What rod and reel type setup are you using? I currently use a 7ft "bait stick" sabiki rod with a bait caster reel and 1oz bank sinker. And I usually fish it off piers and docks which already puts me out a decent distance over the water so I dont really have to cast that much further, about 20-40 yds is good. And vertical jig every few mins. Been successful for pollocks and macks. Also makes it quick and easy to deploy and put away when I'm done without having to worry about all the hooks. Before that, I was using a 8ft spinning rod and reel setup and 1oz bank sinker. I'd trim the rig down to 3-4 hooks to keep it manageble. Same fishing techinique and places. But would need time to tie the rig up and then cut it off after use.
  14. Decent action last Sat in my Warwick spots although smaller ones around 4" in size, caught during the incomings.