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  1. Offer 75 for jigs besides 6 gold on right and two balls on bottom row
  2. Weighs exactly 2 3/4 oz with no hardware
  3. Bm still available
  4. Sounds good
  5. Yes sir
  6. Two new habs metal lips $130 shipped New bm single belly hook darter $50 shipped Two pichney darter blanks. They are not rigged. $75 shipped
  7. Ok no prob. I can do 200 shipped if you cover pp fees
  8. Prob rum about 25-30
  9. I can do $180 plus shipping. to break even otherwise ill just hold on to it
  10. i have a cape cod blank i bought off of here recently i would sell. ill post the specs later today. do not plan on heading back east anytime soon
  11. i have some metal lips posted in the plug page if you are interested in any
  12. 55
  13. All yours pm me your info
  14. All yours pm me your info
  15. 75 fir those two