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  1. Wtt these lures for a light setup for my fish. Something like Cabo40 or similar and light 7-8ft 1-2oz rod. Located in Newpprt RI but will drive a little bit
  2. Looking for a new or slightly used Mak 3 tube. Thanks
  3. Looking for a new or slightly used Mak 3 tube. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know the builder? I got it from a friend but have never seen one like it. It's pretty heavy without weighing it I would say it's 3-4oz
  5. That works send me your details
  6. Bump
  7. Top: SS darter $20 Tattoo darter $20 Tattoo darter $20 BM darter $35 RM Smith Danny $25 Blonde terror (groves) darter $35 Bottom: Plugcaster pencil $25 Tattoo $15 Tattoo $15 BM $30 Eurojett $25 Gibbs bottle $15 Bluesfish (striper bites) popperr $20 Add $5 for shipping
  8. Here is what is left
  9. that is fine
  10. $30 shipped. It is a big fischer
  11. only the slim is available
  12. White popper is Bluesfish or Striperbites. Goes by both Yellow is a Gibbs bottle 3oz
  13. I'll update a pic and see if you want what's left.
  14. Yours.
  15. Sure $45 shipped