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  1. Looking to purchase a Shimano Torsa 20, 16, 16N or Talica 12. Open to other offers as well
  2. Have this beautiful needle but cannot figure out who rp is. Does anyone know or heard of rp lures?
  3. Good condition. Has some hook points and slight corrosion on swivel. $30 shipped
  4. Two brand new Bob Hahn surfsters. $50 shipped Three Gibbs bottles $50 shipped
  5. awesome thank you.
  6. I am looking to purchase a 2wt and 4wt reel for trout fishing. I was looking at Okuma SLV as it is very budget friendly and the reel will not be used too often. Open to other suggestions as well, but any input on SLV 2/3 and 4/5 would be awesome. Thanks
  7. Here's a bunch and I have more. Open to trades for right stuff. The only one not available is the black hammerhead popper. Have tons of Japanese Shimano plastics as well.
  8. Brand New custom built CTS Gamemaster 5'6" #30 trolling rods. Wrapped red white and blue. Slick butt. $600 shipped
  9. I have a few I can post. I have a ebbpoint and custom neon yellow gear up
  10. Up for sale are some quality Habs. Right side: Sr 12in $80 Sr tally whacker $35 Jr tally whacker $35 Jr tally whacker $35 Sr popper $35 Sr popper $35 Left side Jr 3.5oz $45 Jr 3.5oz $45 Sr bullet $55 Sr stubby $45
  11. Works for me.
  12. If you can cover fees I will take $375
  13. Mak $110 shipped If interested ebbpoint cube $155 shipped
  14. i have a used four tube. could use some new tubes. I will send some pics in a bit
  15. Shutting this down.