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  1. I am not looking for a jigging rod. I am looking for a trolling/livebait rod that is parabolic
  2. I have been doing a ton of research lol. I am ready to get there for sure.
  3. 5'6"-7ft
  4. I am moving to Hawaii in about two months and trying to finish up getting some gear before I head over. I will be doing most of my fishing from kayak when I am not fishing from shore so I am in need of some rods. They will be used for trolling small live bait or smaller x raps. I would like something moderate and probably around the 20-40lb class. Any honest input or especially from real life experience would be great. Thanks
  5. sounds good. pm OTW
  6. Would be more interested in Torium or something to troll from kayak. I have no use for Abu sorry.
  7. No thanks already have a few Cabos. Thanks for offer though. Willing to add cash for the right deal.
  8. rame: Tortoise Lens: HCL® Bronze - Versatile in changing conditions with a warm tint. Lens Material: SuperThin Glass - Provides the absolute crispest optics available. 20% to 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass, it offers the best scratch and solvent resistance
  9. New price $170 shipped
  10. will trade for saragosa or penn slammer high speed
  11. Somewhat ignorant could describe your post. If you are fishing jersey beaches and can run back to your truck and get different pliers when yours jam up then sure there are alternatives. If you are swimming and wetsuting in the surf for 6 hours a night 100 nights a year there are not many pliers that will hold up. Like I said in my earlier post I have a pair of $50 hansoms that work great but the new ones suck and I have tried a plethora of pliers trying to justify exactly what you are arguing. Nothing has held up. Van staal pliers are proven and definitely the best on the market for a hardcore surfisherman. There are not many people that fish more than vanstaalsteeve and look how well his have held up. I'm not sponsored nor are majority of the people that have van staals but talk to any real hardcore wetsuiter and I will almost guarantee everyone of them have vs pliers and its not bc of the name. You could say the same thing about reels and this and that but once you invest in quality gear you don't have to buy $50 pliers every year bc the old ones broke.
  12. Van staal are probably the best product currently. i have some original hansom pliers and they have been swimming with me for years now. if you can find old hansoms and are on a budget i would pick them up. I know others who have the newer style hansoms and they suck. I am wetsuting 90% of the time and my hansoms still have no issues, plus they are easy to take apart and grease if need be.
  13. something i have not tried but i think would be worth a shot is the stick on weights the freshwater guys use on swimbaits. you will probably have to mess around with placement but seems like a good alternative plus its easy to add and remove weight to get the right action
  14. Brand new pair of Maui Jim peahi tortoise color. Glass lens. Cost $230 new. Will let go for $185 shippdd