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  1. If i were to tie direct id use a rapala loop or similar. This would definitelu help with action
  2. I always carry a sluggo with owner twist lock when i would fish shallow areas. The eye definitely is a little small with the twist but you can make it work. This set up has been the matter of skunk vs fish multiple times
  3. If you fish once a week sure you could change the hooks once they rust, but the guys that 4-5 nights a week are going to have rust. Hooks are cheap when you fish 5 plugs a few times a month but when you are fishing 20-30 plugs multiple times a week this adds up real fast. Idk about you guys but i would have a hard time soaking and cleaning all my lures every night at 3-4am. I rinse with my stuff with a hose when i get a chance, but i have never seen surface rust cause me to lose a fish and i would say the same for many hardcore guys.
  4. Sorry line is not going with the reel. $100 in pe6
  5. Going to hold for now. I could do 815 but thats about it. Still $200 off a new reel from a store and no taxes.
  6. $820 shipped usps mo
  7. $80 shipped
  8. About 25ft of rudder line 3 rudder pins Lure pads 2 Mesh pockets. Missing one rivet/hook $25 all shipped
  9. 2019 swc
  10. 2019 SWC
  11. ttt
  12. I'll keep it then. Thanks
  13. anything else. I really have no use for the emcast.
  14. Sounds good
  15. Atom Jr and darters.