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  1. I usually plan on paying for my plate at a minimum. Usually $100-125. If it is a closer friend I would bump it up
  2. yes sporting wood. they are excellent, very similar to SS
  3. Here you go brother. Let me know what you decide. It has 20lb j-braid
  4. I have a great condition VS100 and will add some money if needed.
  5. Here is just a few of the Hab's I have. The only picture I have on my computer. I will eventually post my entire collection once I get to land.
  6. I thought about it and I think I am going to pass. Thanks for the offer.
  7. let me know if you would like more pics
  8. just so you know gold vs150 is not for sale
  9. I do not have a box or bag, if you want to keep your bag I am fine with that. I will get some up close pics. the under side has a few dings/scratches
  10. looks cherry i would trade for that.
  11. I am newer to rod building and currently stationed in Japan. Most blanks here connect at the grip. Looking to build a popping rod but I do not have any experience building grips nor do I have the tools. Looking for suggestions for a fore grip that would work well with this style rod
  12. possibly send some pics and how much cash
  13. Yeti in my opinion are overpriced bc they were the first of the new long lasting cooler or whatever they are called. There are many competitors which makes it hard to chose yeti unless it is a gift. RTIC, OZARK, IGLOO, COLEMAN, Cabelas. They all have there advantages and many will agree they are just as good if not better than yeti. There are many test/comparisons online with a simple google search. You really cannot go wrong with any of them. I would just chose on warranty and budget if I were you.
  14. Looking to sell or trade my VS100 in great condition loaded with 20lb j-braid. I would be interested in VS150, VS300, Stella, or Dogfight. Will sell for $565 shipped