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  1. bump will upload pics when i get back on land
  2. Bought a Maxel hybrid 25 silver and no longer need the reel. I have the cover and tool but do not have the box. Reel is new and has never been spooled or seen water. $275 shipped
  3. I've tried many and my preferred shirts are the columbia pfg shirts. Slightly heavier than others but they do a great job keeping the sun off. I would fish 6-8 hrs in the Hawaii sun on my boat and would not feel any sort of sun penetration. I buy them when they have sales. Some are on sale right now for $25-30
  4. I have a st croix legend 10'6 bottom. I built a rod and broke the top.
  5. trade vs275
  6. i have a VS275 if you are interested
  7. do not want to split. wont be worth it with shipping. $65 for all shipped
  8. Im at $65 shipped and price is firm.
  9. All lures are new in package Lucky craft slender pointer 127mr Lucky craft slender pointer 97mr Lucky craft slender pointer 97mr Lucky craft fat cb bds4 Castaic cowboy minnow $65 shipped
  10. Sounds good
  11. I fish rubber often, probably more than most. My go to colors for lures work just as well with rubber. Some days certain colors work better than others. The thing that matters most is weight IMHO. If its too heavy or light you will not be able to work it as well
  12. I'll give you 385
  13. Do not waste your time with 3M. I went through this with a dark blue hull. Pretty heavy oxidation, but when i was done i could not believe the difference. There is a good video i found on youtube. The guy uses Presta products. I gave it a shot on the boat i boguht that had been sitting in Hawaii sun for 6 years. I was amazed and will use these products in the future. they are not cheap but if you want a professional detail for $100 this is the stuff
  14. I have a vs275 would take $650 shipped
  15. offer 95 shipped