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  1. I might be going down to the canal. Are there any good lures under 6 dollars?
  2. I was wondering how you'd jig it
  3. ive fished these rigs on docks and had success i was just wondering about the ocean
  4. i do add a weight*** 1oz pyramid
  5. my rod is only seven feet i do ad a qeight
  6. I was wondering if a sabiki rig would catch baitfish from a beach. I cant cast very far, just about 40 yards. would it work?
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  8. what lures could i use for surfcasting with the 7 footer
  9. could i get a 9 footer rod and reel combo without breaking the bank:0 thanks for all your guys help
  10. Any good spots along jerusalem, in the narrows, little harbor, cohasset harbor?
  11. thank you ill look for others
  12. does anyone here know about the south shore area? just wondering
  13. thanks
  14. I'm new to fishing, and havent caught a fish yet, and really want to catch something. I fish the waters of Cohasset and Hull.(Greater boston for you out of town folks) and have been trying a lot to catch a fish i dont have many lures, just some soft plastics, weights, and a sabiki rig or two.
  15. what about for the rigs, like fish finder and high low