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  1. That ratty looking single bladed spinnerbait is a Bass Buster Scorpion. Put a hula style skirt on that , not a silicone skirt and throw it at anything when there is a little wind on the water or drop it down a steep bank on a semi slack line. Deadliest spinnerbait ever made!
  2. spool of 50# bite tippet for blues
  3. Blydenburg gets some crazy stuff! When I was a kid working there, a flock of Fulvous Tree Ducks showed up for a couple of days! Saw Prothonotary Warblers there too!
  4. Its the annual Truck migration! Happens early Spring in different spots on Long Island every year! Just before the Plovers arrive! Nice pictures by the way! Hard to capture the true beauty of the sand creatures!!
  5. I was on The same boat. I got back from the Bahamas and had all of these mini clouser things!! Great for panfish!!
  6. They catch yellow perch, white perch and bluegill!
  7. New one for the list! Northern Parula Warbler
  8. Tilapia aka paper plate fish
  9. Really Nice Fish and an excellent Paint job on the bait!!! Congratulations!!
  10. Great post , terrific Brown!!
  11. I feel your pain!
  12. Without Pictures the Post is NOTHING!!!!!!
  13. eye is in the wrong spot for a weiner!