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  1. It's a redo of Charlie Brewers slider system.
  2. If it's stripers puking them up it a juvenile atlantic herring. Get bizarre runs of them every couple of years. They will be everywhere in creeks and marinas and then they are gone
  3. Azek has been great. No fade, easy to clean, light color doesn't get hot. 14 yrs now looks like it went down yesterday. Had a blue slate patio as a kid, burnt my feet bad.
  4. First job cutting and raking up the cuttings of a half acre lawn for $5. First real paycheck job was Busboy, cashier, Snoopy, Santa Clause and Easter Bunny at the Ground Round.
  5. Not if it's evidence or the law specifically states that the warden has the power to seize it.
  6. Wouldn't want to be in parts of Florida tonight!
  7. The guys last name was Frazier. He had some of the old trifin molds. Sold eel worms and whip tails to terminal tackle. Sorry can't help ya since terminal closed and Chet Wilcox from B&B in Center Moriches passed. Maybe terminals son might know if anyone knows his name to help you find him.
  8. Trash Panda's devastate the turtle nests!
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