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  1. I am fairly certain that VT prohibits the importation of baitfish unless the hatchery it was raised in is licensed by the state of VT. They do license hatcheries and shops in NH, MA and NY but I doubt very much there is a VT licensed shop in PA. The reasons are diseases that run in hatchery grown bait can wipe out a native population in a blink. Think long and hard about what you are planning on doing. Article 10 section 5 Check out Section - 5.6.2
  2. I don't recall seeing any Carll's river maps but a geodetic survey map will give you what I think you want.
  3. More like #10 and #12 trebles at most an #8.
  4. x2 on 6#
  5. Real fishing story! I love a learning experience. It preps us for the big time. What's Luck? Its when preparation and opportunity collide! You'll be ready for the big one!
  6. Bear there's only two ponds that have rock bass that I know of on Long Island . Wildwood and Cranberry bog county Park downstream from Wildwood. Rock bass have a deep sunfish type body. That fish came from tannic water so the color is more to the yellow tone. Good job early in the season!
  7. Thats a LMB. No doubt.
  8. I was there yesterday and that's what I was told.
  9. With the combo you described a 1/2 oz. spoon should be flying a very long way. Do you have enough line on the spool? 10# Fire line diameter is around 6# mono. Maybe you over powered the rod with a 1/2 ounce spoon? If you have the ML Harrier, you might want to step down to a 3/8 spoon.
  10. I should do that with some of my fishing partners!!!
  11. Put them on a sunny windowsill for a day. Those that are still tacky , wipe with some alcohol, then a coat of hard as hull or nails or whatever other topcoat you use. Since I started using the windowsill, I rarely need the topcoat.
  12. X2 on the devcon 2 Ton!
  13. Whitewater in Hampton Bays did right by me! Nice work on some older stuff!
  14. Try that with a gulp minnow!! Baboom!
  15. I'd buy a panfish curly tail jig assortment. with different color twister tails, different size jig heads and some beetle type spinners and that's all you really need for crappie and bluegill most days. This kind of kit.