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  1. Thanks, just read an article on it. Nice to see an improvement! It explains the nice size white perch too! I'm guessing Salt water is the big draw there and the local lakes are fairly pressure free. Nice Location! Keep those pictures and reports coming!
  2. Nice Fish Again! Usually your pictures are of a smaller area. Are you at the usual spot or somewhere different. Do you usually fish tidal water?
  3. I fart. If I'm not farting, I'm not catching. Just need one or two to get things going. On slow nights my friends have asked; " Are ya feeling gassy?
  4. Thanks Folks. As I mentioned in the original post . I was looking for a gift for a friend. So if nothing is out there, I'll bag the idea and look for something else. Thank you for all the input, I really appreciate it! Thanks, Frank
  5. My buddies birthday is coming up and I'd like to give him a book that details techniques and tips for tying with EP Fibers, Congo Hair, Crease Fly materials and other synthetics for Salt Water. He fishes mostly back bay in South West Florida and the east coast from the Cape to Virginia. Any ideas of a good one? Thanks!
  6. I'm not ruling out environmental factors or man made obstacles, but eels held their own until the last 10 years. No new hydroelectric dams built. In fact obstacles are less now than during the highest stock years. Yes the parasite is an issue, but when you pull 2 tons of recruitment out of a year class of elvers that count about 4000 to an Kilogram its a massive hit annually for 25 years. On a 5 year life span that's 5 cycles that have been whacked. Just on the USA coast. The harvest runs from the Yucatan to Nova Scotia and the European side as well. I think biologists are great but they miss the boat sometimes and this is one of them. They missed on the inshore populations of winter flounder too. I think we just sit on opposite sides of the aisle on some things.
  7. the first glass eel bust on LI was in the mid 90's thats 25 years ago. the harvest has continued since with the perpetrators getting better at what they do and the amount of time enforcement has to work them diminishing. When you have an incredibly lucrative illegal fishery expanding over a 25 year period it will crush any fish population. Remember how fast the blackfish population was devastated in Western LI Sound when the live blackfish prices spiked in the late 90's. Its the harvest of glass eels that's destroyed the eel populations. the harvest of the recruitment. Dams just form a convenient place to gather the elvers.
  8. x2 Keys Fish have Doctorates!!
  9. My purpose when I hit the water is to establish a pattern. What are they on today. I start on a new pond by looking over the shoreline. What do I have, Points, docks, Trees in the water, defined deep edge to a weedline. . Then Whats closest? I start shallow, I hit a section of shore near a MAJOR change like a point or entrance to a cove. On the shore what did I get a hit on? Did I get action on a tree, rocks, dock? If I get action on something I'll continue on the shore to see if I get action on a similar type of structure. If My first hit was off a tree top, and my second hit was off a large rock. what did they have in common, depth? Grass? Wind. I just keep assembling constant factors in every bit of action. If nothing happens shallow then I move out to the deep edge of the weedline and work that. Indents, Points, corners. There's always something different. When I get something going I look for similar factors in another place and usually I am on fish there as well. I fish with the same 6 lures on the deck when establishing a pattern and then just keep what I need when I have established what it is. The devil is in the details, do pay attention. You can get it so dialed in. An example would be; Points on the deep side of a pad bed where the shade extends out from the pads, using a tube so it drops slower than a jig, light colored tube. I would hit that set of factors first at every pad bed I could and you will have a great day of fishing. Then back to the first spot to see if it reloaded. If they stop producing something changed and we widen the scope until we score again. Every bite gives you some feedback. Cast every cast with confidence, it helps. keep a Spook Style topwater, Jig and pig, Spinnerbait or Chatterbait, Minnow type lure like a rapala, Deep wee R, and a Tube with a gitzit Glider inside on deck when I start. I can search a body of water very quickly with that spread. Hope this is what your asking for.
  10. Gold with a black back covers a multitude of forage species. I've scaled back crankbait colors quite a bit too. using gold black back and fire tiger for most conditions, and using a orange and yellowish combo a lot too. Some folks call it Carp color.
  11. Gold, SIlver, and one that closely resembles the primary baitfish in the body of water you are fishing
  12. Canals in SW Florida are Channels that form a grid. So fish the stuff that's a change from everything around it. Corners are the most obvious. Watch your vegetation and fish were it comes out further or indents from the surrounding vegetation, indicating a underwater point or cut. this might only be 2 feet out or in on the weedline, but due to lack of structure this spots have a higher value. Docks and place where a tree grows out over the water creating shade are big attractors as are Bridges and Weirs. After a rain, hit the inlet pipes from road runoff. Lizards and tree frogs get washed in and fish hit them big time. The structures are subtle but they are there. I liked nights down there. The bass seem to roam a lot after dark. And if you catch one keep fishing that area. They school a lot in the canals. The best color for a plastic worm in South Florida is black grape. The best worm for south Florida is a Producto Lures in 6 or 7.5 inches, Texas rigged. And Florida bass like it SLOOW. At night black jitterbug. Have fun!
  13. x2 on Guide
  14. Big barracuda come up on these flats after a cold front. They follow the channels in pods of 5 or 6 fish. You can get shots at lots of other stuff during the warming trend after the front. Late in the day when the water is draining off the flats is good. Warm water draws the hungries up to the edge.