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  1. Does Betsy have a big ass?
  2. Every bait has a set of conditions when it really comes into its own. Heavy cover with retrieval lanes is the spinnerbaits best time . HOWEVER!! If there is no wind swim a jig, it will produce more and bigger fish, BUT when the wind picks up then its spinnerbait time!! Same thing at night, sure they catch but they REALLY catch when there's a little wind. Try burning a spinnerbait just under the surface with willow blades for smallies from mid summer to fall. They key on small pods of baby perch and nothing imitates that better than a tandem willow in perchy colors. Lay on your back in a swimming pool and watch a tandem willow spinnerbait retrieved over you. Looks like a school of perch! Pretty loud too! Hey Kid! Miss the Bass Buster Scorpion don't ya?!!
  3. The entire tool is the same color. The camera was playing games. Its solid like a tap and thats pretty much what it does. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  4. Thank you for the Jump Start. After the usual internet search now that you had given me an idea where to start, I found out the following.. The silver device is , as you said a Choke Tube thread cleaner . This one was sold by shotgun sports Magazine. The Black tongs are Shotgun sports magazine Choke tube holders for Cranking the chokes into the threads in the Barrel. Thank you for the help and Stay Healthy! Frank
  5. I found them in a Boyt Cleaning kit mat. I thought maybe a 12ga choke thread cleaner and no idea what the black thing is. Any thoughts?
  6. Great Report! Thank You!
  7. Playing Snoopy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause at the Ground Round Restaurant. 3.50/Hr + tips.
  8. That's a Winchester Model 12 not finished as well. IMHO the best economical pump ever made!
  9. RIP Mom!
  10. You got it!!! Iksay about the Ephemerella invariasay hatchiemay eitheray!!
  11. This thread has meandered quite a bit, but if you want big browns I don't think you have to go to big water all of the time. Fish at night, fish big flies, minnow, crayfish and mice imitations. You would be amazed at what your normal slow moving rivers have in them that only come out at night! Even a body of water that seems dead and barren in the day time comes alive with activity at night. Especially if its a pressured body of water during the day! I would dead stick a large streamer above a logjam and let it sit for 5 minutes or so.
  12. WHite perch are terrific from tidal water! Maybe even better than Striped Bass. But from Lakes, I found them really bland! X2 on the Clean water. Mill Pond fish have a tinge of the MUD!!
  13. X2 on Box Turtles! Still feel bad 10 yrs later!
  14. Bump! after this its gone! Offers on items will be entertained! Thanks