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  1. Without the mouth they're just "Bills"
  2. You came, you saw, you caught! Well played!
  3. x2!!!
  4. The Pond in Mongaup Campground had some serious smallies in it when I fished it a long time ago.!!
  5. A carp over 25 and a bass over five on the fly in freshwater. A walleye on purpose and a smallie on the fly on Long Island. Finally get back on the bay with a fly rod.
  6. Wonderful post! Just curious do you ever fish in Poland?
  7. I did the polishing and deburring on a Calcutta 250, the added the additional ball bearing. Incredible caster now. More distance , but for regular fishing just awesomely smooth!
  8. Fireline with a trilene XL leader on some straight Trilene XL on the others. Flouro was a headache for me. Used Sniper and Berkley, not for me stiff, knot issues. Meh.
  9. I think if you look at the Mop Fly thread, you will find what you are looking for. Don't let anyone discourage you from trying something different.
  10. I love a happy ending!!
  11. Try googling Supertuning a casting reel. There's a great tutorial out there. page.html I had it bookmarked. It works, you will pick up distance!
  12. Orvis Clearwater 9wt is heavier than a BVK 9wt by an 1/8 of an ounce. The Mangrove is heavier, but I like the action better. Just a tad slower and the finish is made for rough and tumble fishing. I fish mine paired with Galvan torques and Rush lites and they balance out well, so weights not an issue.
  13. I thought that was just an evolution of the famous "Green Weenie"
  14. I have one of the ebay specials that runs on 3 AAA batteries. That equals 4.5 volts. What do you think of wiring a USB receptacle pigtail into the light and instead of batteries run it off the laptop or a phone charger. That's 5.4 volts. Light would be brighter and the power would fall within the voltage rating span for those little led lights. No more battery issues! Any thoughts?
  15. For the same money you can get a mangrove by TFO. The finish will hold up better in saltwater and it won't make those funny creaking, cracking noises when you're fighting a really large fish. Not quite as fast as the BVK seems to be the only significant difference to me. JMHO