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  1. You tie some indestructable flies!!!
  2. Well Kid, you just condensed what I love about bass fishing into 5 pictures! Thank you!
  3. Let's not forget keeping the fish out of water as the angler texts the story and caption to the picture. I live on the water and have seen Bass held out of the water for almost three minutes! Lets hold the Instagrammers under for three minutes and check out how their doing!
  4. #1 If you go with a 36 vt system, it will eliminates one kid from the mix with the added weight. When you take a bunch of kids out fishing freeboard is your best friend! Don't ask how I know that! #2 - absolutely a maximizer does just that and almost doubles usage time! Great point! #3 - Yes it is BUT If you are taking the family and kids out fishing you want them in front of you. Bow mount is great when they get older, but up to about 8 you want to see whats happening! #4 - YES You can do everything you want, add batteries, special props, etc. you are getting no more tha 4-5MPH. Sorry no tubing! A 100 pound thrust electric is made to move a 3000 pound bass rig not faster but more efficiently in wind so there is battery power left after fighting the wind all day. Great points Wee Hooker.
  5. I have a 70# Maxxum on a 1448, fully decked with a 3 marine batteries, a 210lb, 25hp on the back, 2 full sized (200+#) men and all of the bass gear two guys could own. The maxxum will run all day on lakes that prohibit the use of a gas engine. That's why I recommended it.
  6. X2 They've been trying to close that establishment forever. Even when it was Cliff's! used to catch Browns during the Dorothea spinner fall using the lights from the back of the bar! Caught fish and heard some funny shixt too!
  7. 1648 Jon Boat , Minn Kota Maxxum 80lb Thrust transom Mount Trolling Motor , (2) size 29 Deep Cycle MArine Batteries., (1) used depth finder off craigslist (color! Kids love it) Galvanized Trailer. Life Jackets and some spincasting rods and your good to go!
  8. B&D are Pumpkinseeds.
  9. Its illegal to stock any type of fish in NYS without a permit from DEC. There are a multitude of issues with it, disease, predation of other species being two of the major points . I have watched fisheries get absolutely destroyed by someone introducing a new species, usually Crappie. Please don't do it. Its illegal and is next to impossible to undo. Even if you think a fishery is horrible, because it doesn't contain the fish you like, it may be a balanced fishery that provides something important for a popular fishery up or downstream or to a segment of the fishing population that fishes seriously for a species you don't. Please reconsider you plan.
  10. I live for Big Bluegill on the fly. Other than the spawn they can be as challenging as any gamefish and on a 4 wt just as tough! Bully Spider tied just as in the book, Bluegill Fly Fishing and Flies by Terry Wilson and his wife Roxanne. The right weight and weight placement matter. Small 10. 12 & 14 Wooly worms. Both flies fished SLOW!
  11. Tried for carp on the fly today. They were deep in the woods foraging in the flooded timber. Not exactly fly rod friendly. Saw two mudding at the park but the person walking the dog spooked them. Two small pumpkinseeds grabbed the clouser nymph and that was it. Sorry no pics.
  12. Set the drag so that it doesn't give on the hook set. using 8# line for panfish you should have the drag set just under the breaking point of the leader. On small light outfits I set mine very tight and back reel when I think a fish it going to pop the line which is very rare unless a good size bass or pickerel hits me. I keep the anti reverse on until I need to back reel and then its just a finger flick. Some folks use the index finger to hold the spool from spinning and keep it off most of the time but that didn't work for me.
  13. I don't know what rod you are using But that may be a factor as well. I like a fast action rod. The tip flexes for casting and the backbone allows a better hook set. If you are losing fish on jumps or right at the boat chances are its a bad hookset because the rod flexes too much. You may only be getting the tip of the hook in and not the barb so when there is a tiny bit of slack the hook drops out. Ugly Sticks are notorious for this as are lots of the mushy ultralight rods.
  14. uh, Should I cut that off and replace it with a split ring?