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  1. I'm thinking about parking a camper in the mid to outer cape for the summer. What are my options for a decent place that isn't too expensive, if that is possible on the cape in the summer?
  2. I'm using pencils and on bigger fish and I appreciate all the replies there's some food for thought here.
  3. I'm changing all of my striper top water lures from treble to single hooks. I'm thinking a 9/0? And what type of single works best on a lure?
  4. I've had good luck with Bushnell and Moultrie and absolutely terrible luck with Wildgame Innovations!. Actually there was no luck involved with the Wildgame Innovations they just make a piece of crap product and don't stand behind them at all.
  5. My family and friends and a few new friends were very happy!
  6. Up need a recreational tuna license for NOAA. $30 i believe?
  7. Thanks, and yes on the rec size 70"
  8. We switched gears and gave up on the stripers. But, as they say there are other fish in the sea!
  9. Our's was off Monomoy
  10. Got this one about 10 days ago.
  11. I'm going to have one or two swivel rod holders for bent butt tuna rods installed in 26' fiberglass center console. What is the best way to anchor then soundly? Do anyone make one that can be locked so it can't swivel when you want that option? Thanks for any help you can give me!
  12. I'll eat striper but it would be pretty low on my favorite list. I'd never buy it. And, by the way $3.60 to the fisherman for that $34 a pound striper!
  13. Thanks puppet and Billybob for your help! It always amazes me how helpful people are on this site whether it be someone giving up their favorite spot to fish or the best seafood restaurant in Key West I've always relied on this site for good intel!
  14. I live in Vt. and my grandson in western Ct. That's why I was looking for advice. I got the book today, Tiderunner and it's great! It's exactly what I was looking for. All our Ct. fishing will be done from shore. I have just one boat a 26"Grady that I dock in Chatham. Ma. I fish stripers and tuna there and sometimes use it on champlain for salmon. I'm really looking forward to some fishing adventures with my grandson!
  15. Thank you for all the info especially Tide Runner, I've ordered the book. That's exactly what I was looking for!