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  1. Words of true wisdom...lol.
  2. +1 on the Mohawk and Christmas week in NJ. Maryland in Jan is at times uncomparable...
  3. @jimmy z 2 Timothy 3:16...
  4. Do you? Which one? Ill sell you one of my unused spinners...lol
  5. @mickrazz
  6. Md rain calms around 11...im ok with some rain. Monmouth county is gonna wash out Im like an addict wanting the blank wrapped... To many options @Snaps Eff gonna wrap this jigging stick...
  7. Plan A: Buddy has a 31 parker in Maryland which i generally dont fish until January... Plan B: Osprey-Mohawk-Have a 6 pack filler spot invite... Plan C: eff this weekend and wrap my loomis blank...new jigging stick
  8. Cant decide where to go saturday...
  9. Lmao...take those words with a grain of salt...being silly. No one gets that attention from me...
  10. About to get childish on this ish...i need to be dinghy's first eff u...life mission of mine...
  11. Lol...that makes 2 of us... @TimS what do you think of that unlike/hate/effu button idea thats been floating around...theres a dinghy or two i would love to tell to go eff himself...
  12. Selfie?
  13. You're...your life mission is officially accomplished...
  14. Lol. I use my phone to type and since im using Swype it auto corrects to your not you're...had to manually type that...
  15. Your welcome. I anchored that accomplishment...