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  1. There are no fish in South Jersey...uh yup.
  2. well done
  3. Not trying to hijack this thread. @NJ Dave are you looking to let go of your size large korkers?
  4. Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
  5. Yea CH is a little light on solid fishable FW areas. GC is a fair launch point. Since i travel north, i prefer the free DeRousse launch area...saves me 10 miles of paddling. Im getting lazy lol Welcome to the forum. If your looking for some solid contact your better off making your way to the NJ Main and or Tavern and posting in Random. The guys there are very will informed in random snit and will be able to guide you. Beware, you will be required to pass a few tests first lol.. The guys have been together for a while but they are a good bunch of misfits...NJ-town tavern-random
  6. Keep looking. My best spring fishing comes from the BigD on a yak between Trenton and Palmyra...thats with the understanding that I fish every spot I can find from Cape May to NY... Timing, understanding, and dumb luck will net you some beautiful 30lbers...
  7. Look up pa/nj state parks. There are designated areas for this purpose and are only accessible by craft. If you have difficulties finding it just let me know. Another option would be the pine barons. My brother and I would take an 6-8hr kayak trip 3-4 times a year and camp/fish midway.
  8. Retreated to my prior ways. Read read read. Interject when something interests me like Sudsy's LB retreat post. Im in Long Branch now. Gonna hit the back tomorrow. GL.
  9. ???
  10. Someone called it progress. That's a real spot burn...
  11. I also ordered my blank during the holiday sale but i did receive it within 3-4 weeks.
  12. Been 4yrs drt and counting...prayer and belief.
  13. Very interested in a bunker and maybe a pink of the sinking version if doable...
  14. Something so innocent turning into crap and for what. Hey @mickrazz it was fun...
  15. A snit is only in the making if those are your intentions. My intentions are clear and innocent not two faced or behind a keyboard. @mickrazz is having fun. He and I were jokingly being childish. You are instigating a snit. That makes you a fool...and for what? What are your motives as you type on that keyboard?