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  1. Been 4yrs drt and counting...prayer and belief.
  2. Very interested in a bunker and maybe a pink of the sinking version if doable...
  3. Something so innocent turning into crap and for what. Hey @mickrazz it was fun...
  4. A snit is only in the making if those are your intentions. My intentions are clear and innocent not two faced or behind a keyboard. @mickrazz is having fun. He and I were jokingly being childish. You are instigating a snit. That makes you a fool...and for what? What are your motives as you type on that keyboard?
  5. You really shouldn't do that. Very unlike you.
  6. Lol. Soon grass hopper...
  7. I am mickrazz started playing first and i know he isnt being serious Neither am i... @mickrazz is actually one of the guys i like around here. Seems very very similar. I assume he knows this is nothing more than childish game play.
  8. @csteven technically i didnt apologize BUT my statement should be taken as so.
  9. Yes
  10. Dude that was freaking awesome. I laughed hard over here...well done
  11. I see the f**k-up fairy @mickrazz has visited us again...
  12. F-off. @TimS in the case of MP, his gene pool could have used a little bit of bleach water. SORRY!
  13. Playa cant get a seat huh...
  14. Are u drunk or something? Im in my car effing crying already. My son is inside at winter work outs.
  15. I am effing dead with this one. Really?@csteven