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  1. Just curious if anyone else has run into this problem. I left my 870 in my surf bag out side for a couple days of serious rain. Completely forgot about it. It’s dried out for a day now. When I turn it on it immediately takes a pic with out me pressing anything. Just the power button. After that, I’m not able to take a pic at all. The shutter button does nothing when pressed. Everything else works fine. Still takes video. There’s a bit of corrosion around the button which I tried to clean. Any ideas what’s going on?
  2. I can understand that. But if you choose to keep the rear treble on, is there any benefit to adding the swivel to the belly hook? I guess there’s always the chance that the back hook doesn’t connect to the fish, but if it does, seems like a waste of time to add the swivel?
  3. So a buddy of mine canal rigged a bunch of his minnow plugs but kept the rear treble hook on the my mind this defeats the purpose, considering if both trebles connect, the advantage of the swivel is lost, since it can no longer spin. I thought the advantage to canal rigging was to minimize torque on the hook by using one treble on a swivel. Am I missing something? Do any of you canal rig a plug and keep the rear hook on?
  4. Water temp dropped back to around 43 this weekend up but should warm up quick this week. Just hope we’re done with these 30mph winds
  5. I hope this isn’t how it’s gonna be for the spring season but it’s been going hard for over a month now. Forecast up here in Scarborough Maine is even worse with most days gusting over 20 and multiple days over 30
  6. Things started early this year due to the warm feb and March I’m sure. Sucks that April stalled it
  7. I’ve been seeing them since first week of April. Probably just the first scouts but they have picked up steam. Saw osprey pull five herring out, one after another last week. Diving in the same spot. They were definitely on a school. I’d say 8-10 inch fish
  8. same up here in Maine. Can’t buy a nice day. The wind has been awful. I believe we ended February with water temps at 40.5. Very warm for that time of year up here. Now almost two months later...41.5
  9. Man what a bummer. I wonder why they stopped
  10. definitely! I’ll get them going this weekend
  11. Quick longer available
  12. Sent them an email, if I get a response I’ll share it here. Probably gonna hunt around for a bit. If anyone can recommend another duplicator that’s the same size please let me know, thanks!
  13. First time trying mahogany. Making some 8.5 inch needles. Thinking of just doing a clear coat, too pretty to paint over!
  14. Been using my down time to build some plugs for this up coming season in Maine. Can’t wait to get back out there. We all need it
  15. That would make sense, thanks. Bummer if that’s the case