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    Avid fisherman. Saltwater and particularly Striped Bass.
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    Fishing, hunting, Building custom reels and accessories in my shop.
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    Semi-retired Tool & Diemaker /Engineer

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  1. Yes, definitely understood. Just wanted to get in line if he changed his mind. Have a great day, .. Lou
  2. If Dave dosent want it, I'll do the 42. Thanks, .. Lou
  3. Would 50 work for the pair? I'm pretty good on the RM Smith stuff. Even open to plugs that needs repaint.
  4. I did pick up 2 at the Ct Surf show. On the Lupo's, I rewire, change the hooks and swivels and they're good to go. What do you have?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to post, its appreciated. I'm interested in the yellow/ white Hahn and the Eelpunt bunker.
  6. Looking for trollers again. Lighter colors preferred but open to all. Going to fish them so used is OK too. Thanks, .. Lou
  7. Can you tell me aprox weight and length please.
  8. Offer 55 if that will work for you? Thanks
  9. If you should decide to split at some point, I'm interested in the surfster, thanks ... lou
  10. I'll take these. Please send PP info, thanks, .... Lou
  11. good enough, please send PP info and thanks, .. Lou
  12. If 23 will work for the cowboy, I'll take it.
  13. I'll take this. Please send PP info. Thanks, .. Lou
  14. MW, Ill take the pikie for $65. Thanks! PP sent!