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    Avid fisherman. Saltwater and particularly Striped Bass.
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    Fishing, hunting, Building custom reels and accessories in my shop.
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    Semi-retired Tool & Diemaker /Engineer

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  1. Anyone??
  2. Thank you, I can offer 50 if that could work for you?
  3. I'm interested. Do u have a pic?
  4. I'll do 65 for the AH trollers. Please send PP info, thanks .. Lou OOPS! sorry, Hand quicker than brain! .. Lou
  5. Looking for a GRS giant and/or Troller. Used or new OK. Its gonna get fished. Thanks, .. Lou
  6. Thanks Arron, got a white one the other day. Looking for lighter colors if possible. Appreciate the offering! ........Lou
  7. Yes, I'm going to fish them. Picked up a few NOS Lupo's at the Fishing show a few weeks ago but can probably use a few more. Are they new or used and what are you asking for them? Thanks, .. Lou
  8. If you should decide to split, I'm interested in the white troller. Thanks, .. Lou
  9. If you should decide to split, i'm interested in the surfster. Thanks, .. Lou
  10. PP sent and thank you! ...........Lou
  11. Would 55 work for the white/green back OSC and the RM troller? Thanks, .. Lou
  12. Have anything like this a couple inches longer with 2 belly hooks? Thanks, .. Lou
  13. Can you tell me the weight and length on these please. .......Lou