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  1. looking for ammo for trap shooting #7.5 shot #8 shot. looking to pick up in nj
  2. BUMP
  3. I lost the cap that goes on the handle attachment point on the opposite side of the reel. Handle cap?...yes I know I can fish with out it but It makes me happy ...
  4. Got this lot of stuff have no use for marker works but leaks...great for a project...$200/obo local pick up in nj oldbridge area...willing to trade for vr50 + cash on my end...or flatlander back bay bag I think its called
  5. 4 of us are Going on a party boat out of ft.lauderdale tomorrow 2/4/21..going for a half day I have 5 boats to choose from HELP! Catch my drift Lady Pamela II Lady Helen Flamingo Sea legs
  6. Price location?
  7. Looking for a handle that will fit my slammer iii 5500 my girl prefers t style handle better must be local pick up central nj ish
  8. Got it Follow the rules FWC dont play water + shrimp=fish Live shrimp > dead shrimp Fried shrimp? Will let you know Bucktails swimshads if that fails use shrimp....if I dont get a hit on shrimp move. Will encounter Fire ants gators and snakes Fire ants =bad day Gators and snakes =Dead You guys are truly awesome I cant wait to post pics Flying out on the 30th mostly surf gear but I'll make due Thank u guys for all the advice QUESTIONS. 1. any ways to prevent fire ants 2. If I see a gator what do I do? 3.whats should I be carrying on me first aid/ safty wise 4. Any other activities in the area besides fishing that would be fun for all of us( my lady, her brother and my dad)...any local stuf I must check out any local foods someone at work mentioned a gator farm? 5. Anything or areas to stay away from
  9. Location?
  10. 9 Wow you guys are awesome ....I'm going to be staying in Weston with my girl, her brother and my dad we are all flying in from nj....they all fish ...planning on staying on the east cost mostly .....and thanks for the heads up on fish teeth .....will be deffinatly be using my lip bait shops carry live shrimp.....might want to catch a party boat or a decent priced charter....I really want to see a I need a license or anything....out here in nj we need a salt water registry
  11. Taking a trip to florida for a week ....end of January beginning of February. Flying in to FLL. I'm mostly a surf and back bay guy. And I fish mostly artificial. Bringing my gear with me. Never fished florida before ...any and all info/advice would help....IM EXCITED
  12. Fishtale7.... it's all yours thank you for the consideration
  13. How far from oldbridge are you
  14. Looking for a shield 4k 5k 6k or salt x....just want to try something bailess b4 I pull the trigger on a vs....located in old bridge nj