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  1. I'm interested...I will PM you in a few
  2. I will pass thank you
  3. Is it 602 or 682?
  4. No thanks....thank you for the offer JoeyD....
  5. Title says it all .....shipped 2 old bridge nj
  6. Sorry I didnt get back to you Bob S.. I really was looking for a 4000 ....just orderd one yesterday I appreciate the offer.....I
  7. You nailed it Seadog...that's exactly how I felt on the ride home head scarf and all
  8. About 2 seasons ago I had my slammer iii fully spooled with 30# spider wire invisibraid ultracast. Today I went 2 a local shop to reverse my braid (flip it around so I could fish with the unused end). He said it was on the house because of all the other stuff I purchased. I gave him the spool. When he returned it to me he told me that he couldn't get it even and to cast a 2oz sinker as far as I can and reel it in to even it out (understandable). When I looked at the spool there were 2 finger tip sized globs of grease (penn blue grease) on the clean white line (I'm upset). How do I fix this? I was thinking of pulling the line out and cleaning the spots with some dawn soap water and a rag but I am afraid that the line coating will striped off as well... What do I do? HELP!
  9. Pics and price please
  10. Thank you MassMino
  11. No thanks
  12. Really need a 4000 for the rod I just picked up...but if the price is right I can always use an extra reel
  13. New car need a new rod rack what yall got ?
  14. Wtb clash 4000 what yall got?