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  1. I fish penn and they never
  2. Last Bump prices are negotiable open 2 offers
  3. Bump
  4. I think i drink enough water I'm not really've had sea legs for a few hours off the boat mostly in the shower....I'm going to do som research on this vertigo thing if it goes past 7 day I'll see a doctor....i like @Captain Ahab remedy but I'll have to wait 23 more years un till that's an option......than you for the help guys......I'll keep you updated
  5. •1 U.S. general (harbor freight) 5 drawer tool chest/cart with 2 added fold out side tables $200. (3 keys) •2 ingersoll rand (231c I think) 1/2 inch drive impact gun. Needs s tune up $70 •3 ingersoll rand 3/8 drive impact gun. needs tune up. $50 •4 GM no leak oil funnel (fits direct to where oil cap attaches) $10 •5 Harbor freight sandblaster and face sheild (used once) $20 $300 for all Pick up in Marlboro nj off of rt 9 07726 Possible trades....plug bag(ebb,flatlander,gear up, mak, odm, etc) or vs or zeebaas +cash on my end
  6. Sea legs (when I still feel the boat rockin when ur on land(dizzy?) I went on a party boat 3 days in a row great time...but I still have minor sea legs 5 days later....I feel like I'm gettin sea sick on land sometimes....nausea and upset lower stomach (bad poop).....this never happened to me and I've been fishing since I've been able to hold a rod. Any body green through this?
  7. To far for me thank you ....gls
  8. Near jfk
  9. Are you ever near the conduit? Or linden blvd?
  10. I'm interested can I try it on b4 I buy....where are u located
  11. Location?
  12. Location?
  13. Ok cool I am not going to be there till friday or saturday
  14. I live in old ridge work in brooklyn by linden and Rockaway parkway....what parts do you need exactly.....just the bail assembly or everything (bail trip. Brass rotorbrake thing, springs screws)?
  15. I got em....where u located?