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  1. Nice. I'm heading to Avon the 11-18. I will be fishing the surf but we are fishing for the toothy guys. Here's my gear list: 2 Avet 80w on 7' 50-130s 1 SSV8500 on 12' Battalion 1 SSV 6500 on 10' Battalion 1 Daiwa BG 4000 on a 9' Battalion I'm just hoping for some action. I have a bunch of tuna heads set aside for us so we should get some sharks on the sand. We always end up with a few redfish and spanish from the beach as well.
  2. So I should be able to buy a spare 3500 spool and put it on my 4000
  3. Okay I’m keeping the 4000. Thanks dudes
  4. Thanks so much for all the replies fellas. This is going on my smallest surf setup and we are often fishing for bait for our shark setups. Smaller rays, mullet etc are the target on bottom rigs but I also like being able to throw a big spoon or SP minnow for blues or Spanish. I also like to go smaller than bigger so I think the 3500 will be perfect with 250 yards of 20 lb braid. I can then swap it to an 8’ inshore setup for the sound fishing in OBX. The 4000 seems a little big for an 8’ rod but then again I’m a freshwater guy ha
  5. Looks like 3500 is the perfect size for my application.
  6. So you would run a 3000 size on an 8' inshore or 9' surf setup?
  7. PS This is what sucks about living in Ohio and loving to saltwater fish - the walmarts near the ocean have a better selection of rods and reels than my BP or Cabelas.
  8. Looking to make a budget combo here on a 9' surf rod for plugging and small bait and be able to switch it over to an 8' inshore rod for reds and such. What size BG would you guys recommend? I ordered a 4000 but looking at it here think it may be a little large - would I be better suited with a 3500 or even drop down to a 3000? Thanks!
  9. Go with the standard 80w EXW. I have been using them for years. Avets in particular are very good in the sand and can resist a lot of the BS that locks up other reels. You'll be glad you have the 80w (or even a 50w has a ton now adays) when a big daddy decides to pick up the bait.
  10. Looking for opinions on which of these 3 options you'd pull the trigger on for a plugging and light bait rod - All right around the same price and both have good warranty. Looking for real opinions on each. The Stars are the same length and even the same rating, but one has heavier line rating and MH action. Star Stellar Surf SG901s - 10-25lb, 1-4 oz, M SG1230S90 - 12-30, 1-4 oz, MH Penn Battalion BATSF1220S90 - 12-20, 3/4-3 oz, M
  11. Like new, used once - Spinfisher V 5500 spooled up with new 40# Sufix Pro Braid. $110 Shipped TYD or would trade for a smaller reel like a 3500-4000 size Diawa BG, Spinfisher, Battle 2, etc.
  12. Still for sale to first buyer to commit. This is getting too hard ha
  13. Ed - Jay has had several days to reply - if you would like the reel I believe it is okay for me to sell it to you...
  14. I can take some pics and fire them your way. $80 includes shipping to the continental US. Located in Ohio.
  15. $80