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  1. Bump. $90 shipped for the reel and both spools
  2. Just serviced and cleaned. Two spools ready to fish one with fresh 17 lb mono and the other with 40 lb braid. Looking for $120 shipped for the reel and extra spool.
  3. I can drive to a lot of my locations - but some require the hike with the rods and bucket in hand. What is your favorite bucket organizer? There are so many options
  4. I have an excellent condition Penn Slammer 3 - 8500 size filled with quality braid. I live in Ohio and purchased this reel to go onto a big Ocean Master for casting for sharks off the beach. Unfortunately with the 3 little ones at home and a job change - I don't see myself using it for some time. $250 shipped TYD - comes with a box and both handles (Jig handle and standard)
  5. Hello! What are some of the options for a rooftop rod holder rack (the style that pinches the rod between the bars). I have a 2018 Ford Expedition with the factory roof rack.
  6. Just realized shipping this will likely cost half what the rod is. Just going to keep as an extra
  7. Have you also considered the Hellfire that Bryan makes at Hatteras Style?
  8. This is a 2 piece, 70/30 split. I am located in Ohio, nowhere near the salt water - ha! I was assuming I'm shipping it.
  9. Ninja Tackle Dagger - in good shape. Has some scratches and the butt of the rod has some scrapes but nothing that affects its use. Paid $189 for it in August. Looking for $125, I just have way too much gear! Rated 2-7 oz,
  10. If you'd be willing to ship let's talk!
  11. You have any specs on this? How much line does it hold and what the drag? 90% chance I’ll take it
  12. I’m in
  13. Recently acquired a mojo surf 12' spinner and need to get a reel for it. BG, SSV, etc. 5000-6500 size
  14. Anyone have a spare spool for a 6500 SSV ?
  15. Bump. Price drop to $160 shipped