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  1. Awesome, my next setup will probably be a 9' legend moderate and the Stella 6000 swc. Right now I run a gosa 6k with a 9' mojo moderate, great combo but i need a spare setup.
  2. From May to November
  3. Excellent observation, I honestly did not notice that. Now I know why they call them cows
  4. Hi I hope you all had a great season for 2020. I went out for a last of the season outing on November 11, 2020 to the surf with a buddy of mine. I caught a 28" on the 7th so I knew there was an opportunity to catch after the warm couple of days we had upto (21°C). It was low tide when I started about 11am and I fished about an hour with the ss needle working the beach along the structures and when I got to my last spot about 12:30pm I decided to switch to the mag darter (5inch). I made a cast and hooked a piece of kelp so I quickly retrieved to remove the kelp. Soni made a second cast next to an under water reef and was retrieving the lure slowly and once I got 20 feet from shore I had a hit. The fish made a break about 5 seconds after I set the hook before she ran the longest run of life towards the west by the reef and rocks. I was able to steer the fish and she went east towards another reef the protrudes about 100 yards but again was able to steer her away and after 9:35 seconds of pulling drag every few seconds I landed her. 51.5 inches long and 28.5 inches of girth. After the quick measurement my buddy took a couple quick photos of the fish I released her back into the (48° F) water and swam off like I didn't catch her.
  5. surffishing

    I love the 6k gosa on the 9' mojo. I swapped the 1-4 tip for a ¾-4 tip.
  6. Few of the first gen still available on Amazon.
  7. With that setup using bait what's the heaviest sinker you would use?
  8. Hello i was looking for input if anyone has used the uglystik tiger elite casting rod 5'10 heavy 6 - 10 oz 80 - 130 for jigging cod. I was thinking of pairing with a Torium 16 or 20 and mostly use it between 50 and 150 feet with 8oz Norwegian jigs and or 8oz bell sinker/ bait.
  9. Thank you
  10. Are the replacement rod tips still available i cannot find them on new st croix site??
  11. Great idea i wonder if i can get a 9' 3/4 - 4 tip section for my 9' 1 - 4. I find my 1 - 4 a little stiff.
  12. I find it way too stiff for my kind of fishing.
  13. Does st croix sell the tip section for $35 or is it warranty fee deductible?