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    Mid-50s. Escaped the People's Republic of Connecticut July 2015.
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    Chasing anything with fins but in FL, no longer LI Sound.
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    Pushing money around (my kids' view)

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  1. There’s one metal stud in that wall on the far right and it has electrical power running through it. While the Romex is usually run up the back of the inside of the studs, there is no guarantee of that. Thus, boring a 1/2” hole into the metal stud could run the risk of hitting the wires. From the middle of that wall to the left, there are no studs. It is concrete block which is the outside surface of the house. There are furring strips over the block, a vapor barrier over the block and then the drywall drilled into the furring strips. That is why I had to use the Tapcons on the left brackets.
  2. Oz
  3. Prolapse
  4. Alternative use for me a couple months back was to keep the red algae out of my nose. The surf was up and aeresolizing the algae. Eyes and nose running as the least of the issues. A buff from under my truck seat was the daysaver.
  5. Yuge
  6. Different types of anglers in South Florida.
  7. @beerdoh - Great feedback and advice and consistent with what I am thinking. Should I have the bike shop apply Frame Saver before he assembles? The Walgoose frame is steel so an internal rust film could minimize internal rust out. However, the guy has never heard of Frame Saver or boiled linseed oil application and I worry that he won’t know enough to protect threads, seat stem tube, etc. is it worth it if I generally take good care of my gear?
  8. Out of curiosity, why a rifle length barrel for 9mm and not 300blk or 223? Or, for 9mm, why not an AR pistol configuration?
  9. Aimpoint T2 on a featherweight Fortis mount waiting for me to buy a SIG MPX as a home
  10. What kind of accuracy do you get with the grenade launcher? Minute-of-vehicle?
  11. 16”+ 9mm ? Glock mags?
  12. Raider's Nursery School Raider's Reality-based Community Raider's Notions Emporium Raider's Rec Room Raider's Stonewall Inn Raider's Colosseum and Baths Raider's Ball-biting Wonderland
  13. Limp Rods Club ?