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  1. I have already said this is not my case to make, it is the lawyers'. Why don’t you volunteer to defend Phillips, or give to the GoFundMe effort that I am sure will be launched. Yup, that’s it, you and Plum should contribute to Phillips' legal defense fund to try and fend off those mean rich familes' high priced lawyers and PR firms. You know, put your money where your mouth is....
  2. Feed a man a a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. Time you learned to fish in Google on your own Spanky.
  3. No, the things he said are NOT supported by video when viewed from start to finish. Stop perpetuating his fraud.
  4. I will not play this game. Go to the Google machine, search "Nathan Phillips interview” and educate yourself.
  5. Will you stop with the drum banging line already? It is slander, what he did AfTEr the drumming that is the matter at hand. Are you just trolling for effect?
  6. slan·der /ˈslandər/ noun LAW the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation. "he is suing the TV network for slander" synonyms: defamation : verb make false and damaging statements about (someone)
  7. Uh, you talking “executive order” or “emergency action”? Not the same thing. The latter is what Trumpnisninvoling and there are EAs on the books for decades.
  8. And all video evidence and subsequent investigation shows that the kids were not the aggressors, it was the BHI and Phillips. BTW, you did read that this same school’s kids bought Obama hats during similar trips prior to 2016, right? Does that change the narrative about who these kids are and what they represent?
  9. There no argument or cloudy definition, why are you trying to make it so? It is a matter of timing, 2000 see Angel Moms created as a group, 2016 sees the rise of a subset of such moms. How is there any disagreement here? One is a subset of the other?
  10. On the one hand, the immigration supporters complain that enforcement pushes the illegals deeper into the shadows where they can’t report crimes for the reason noted. Yet on the otherhand, same people will completely overlook that factor as potentially understating the statistics on crimes committed by illegal immigrants. It must take some talent to bridge that rhetorical valley.
  11. Wow, who peed in your geritol this morning? If the suit is “bogus” I am sure a judge will declare it so and toss if for lack of standing or merit. As for “The people who lament "participation trophies" and "snowflakes"”, these are many of the same people who believe that the Media is out of control, that social media has been weaponized and that the 24-48 hour rule is a good idea. So there is really no inconsistency there. That you are bitching and moaning about these families having the financial resources to seek this action is fascinating.
  12. As Americans, we should all look forward to this, since we all seem to be in agreement that the Media, social media and our culture are all in need to attention and reform. The “drive by” concept has gone too far and there need to be some consequences to foolish folly.
  13. ^^^ You do know that the statistical evidence on this is quite spotty, right? That the incarceration stats, where someone is charges and jailed, support your notion. However, there is an argument that immigrant-on-immigrant crimes are significantly underreported because victims are loath to expose themselves to LE for fear of immigration action against them. Thus, while your point can be supported with statistics, it may not be nearly the difference that many, like you, believe.
  14. Correct and it is still not a political effort. The term is generic and applies just as well to the mothers of those killed in Chicago street violence as to those whose kids die in swimming pool accidents to those killed by stray bullets as MS 13 has a shootout. The mom of those killed by immigrants are but a subset of the greater group. It is a description, not a political term. That said, Pelosi refused to meet with a group of Angel Moms who showed up at her office yesterday. Seems Nancy was making a political judgement, no?
  15. Go to FB and see the Angel Moms page, aka Mothers Together Forever Bonded. Not political, multicultural shared grief and support effort.