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  1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wins Arkansas Governor GOP Primary
  2. Marjorie Taylor Greene cruises to GOP primary win in Georgia
  3. And that’s why my mom would call my creations Dagwoods. I think the first tIme was in including sardines with some cold cuts.
  4. So not sure what this means. Is the 90 day a sort of warranty independent of The Costa warranty?
  5. Still Grandma dry
  6. That’s not me, I was the cameraman at that moment. ETA: It was a 400+ pound Goliath grouper.
  7. It was on frame captured from the short battle. The rod may not have gone fully vertical but it bent at an angle that would have exploded most blanks. Hardy Sintrix 300
  8. So maybe some parents understood this naturally and that is why they sought in-person schooling. SHOCKING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: Reducing screen time increases physical activity in children.
  9. Also, over Texas, the possible end of the Bush political dynasty Texas AG Ken Paxton defeats George P. Bush in GOP primary Paxton, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, sued to overturn the results of the 2020 election.
  10. Goliath grouper on a fly rod bent 180* or close to it.
  11. Was Joan a looker back then?
  12. John, I saw that as well earlier today. However, I noted this as well which seems to be Woot making a point. If the product is covered under a manufacturer or third-party warranty, you can find their contact information in the product details under "Warranty". They do not mention the Coata warranty at that link of the product's page.
  13. You know such things? WhodathunkIt?
  14. So how about a mission-specific rod build? I am going to wrap a new CTS 10’ 5 wt Affinity X specifically for throwing indicator rigs and dry-dropper. Last trip to Montana, high and fast water, made dry fly fishing nearly impossible. So it was dry dropper for four of five days and 5wt Rio Gold did not cut it. That is until I cut the front 6’ off the line and turned it into a junk chucker line. So new rod is longer at 10’ to assist in mending and holding line off water. And the CtS black is fast which will pair well with the 5wt SA Anardo Nymph which is more 6.5 than 5wt.
  15. GOOD: Judge Dismisses Bogus Defamation Lawsuit Against Critic. “Public officials don’t get to use lawsuits to punish people for criticizing them.”