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  1. Wisconsin teacher berates vaccinated student for not wearing a mask, video shows A teacher in Wisconsin who appeared to berate a student in videos posted online has reportedly been put on administrative leave. Two clips of the incident were posted on TikTok last week, showing a teacher at Poynette High School shouting at a student who appeared to have pulled his mask down from over his nose and mouth. According to a statement posted on Facebook by the School District of Poynette, the incident happened on May 11 at Poynette High School in Poynette, Wisconsin. In one clip, the teacher can be heard telling the student: "I don't care if you're vaccinated, you little dink. I don't want to get sick and die. There's other people you can infect, just because you're vaccinated." "You know what, you're not a special person around here," the teacher adds in the clip. "You should hear about how everybody talks about you. You're a jerk." In response, the student says: "I know how people talk about me. I don't care how people talk about me." Then, the teacher tells the student he needs to "have respect for other people in your life." When the student says he does, the teacher responds: "You're not a big man on campus. Quit walking around here like you have a stick up your butt." Then the student explains that he walks the way he walks because he's "just trying not to crease my shoes." To which the teacher responds: "It's not literal, ya dummy." In the other clip, the teacher appears to continue berating the student, saying: "People don't like you. I don't like you." When the student responds by saying that "a lot of people like me," the teacher says: "They're pretending." Then, the student says: "In a few years look at me and then you'll be like, 'Oh hey, darn, I was wrong about him.'" However, the teacher answers: "No, in a few years, I know exactly where you're gonna be because people with your attitude don't get very far." "You treat people like crap and people that treat people like crap don't get very far, Jimmy," the teacher adds. After the student responds, saying that he treats people "how they treat me," the teacher says: "No you don't." "You don't care about people," the teacher adds. "You are one of the most disrespectful kids I've ever seen grace the halls of this high school and I've been here 27 years. Grow up. Have a little compassion for other people in the world." In the clip, the student says he does, but the teacher disagrees, finally saying: "Show it, then. Show it. Prove me wrong, Jimmy. Be nice once. Just be nice to somebody once." After the clips were posted on social media -- both on TikTok and on Twitter by Wisconsin radio talk show host Vicki McKenna, the Poynette school district released a statement saying that the teacher -- who was not identified -- has been put on administrative leave. "The School District of Poynette is aware of an incident that occurred today, May 11th, involving a teacher and student at the Poynette High School," the statement, signed by District Administrator Matthew Shappell, said. "The District is initiating an investigation and the teacher involved has been put on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. The District contacted the parents and we are taking steps to provide the appropriate support for the student involved." The school district did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for additional information regarding the incident.
  2. Kirkland you maroon.
  3. have you checked your armpits for yellowing?
  4. He did not want to appear to be a deplorable..... Fauci Admits He Wore Mask Indoors to Avoid ‘Mixed Signals,’ Not Science “I mean, before the CDC made the recommendation change, I didn’t want to look like I was giving mixed signals.” Time for everyone who criticized Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to eat crow. They jumped on him in March when he told Dr. Anthony Fauci, “You’re not wearing a mask because of science.” Two months later Dr. Fauci admitted he wore a mask indoors to avoid mixed signals. He did not base his choice on science. It was all about those pesky signals. The CDC finally said fully vaccinated people do not need a mask indoors or outdoors in most settings. In other words, they finally caught up to the science that so many of us already knew: vaccines work. Fauci told George Stephanopoulos: Here is the exchange.
  5. The Lib/Dem/Prog/DEMedia have to feel superior to those they think of as their lessors. The red hat became a totem that triggered fear in them, however unjustified. We have read reports of that and heard pundits say they felt fear when approaching or being approached by a red hat wearer. It was a visceral thing, however illogical or irrational, even when they realized that not all red hats are MAGA hats.
  6. The MASK has become the social equivalent for lefties of an openly displayed crucifix, worn across the face rather than around the neck. It has become a quasi-religious relic, worn to show their piety. As InstaPundit points out: Which is why you get quotes like this from deep blue regions of America: “Whenever Joe Glickman heads out for groceries, he places an N95 mask over his face and tugs a cloth mask on top of it. He then pulls on a pair of goggles. He has used this safety protocol for the past 14 months. It did not change after he contracted the coronavirus in November. It did not budge when, earlier this month, he became fully vaccinated. And even though President Joe Biden said on Thursday that fully vaccinated people do not have to wear a mask, Glickman said he planned to stay the course. In fact, he said, he plans to do his grocery run double-masked and goggled for at least the next five years.” Double-masked and goggled for the foreseeable future, like a crucifix.
  7. MICHAEL WALSH: Freedom Begins to Return as Masks Are Removed.
  8. You are obviously not familiar with Good Samaritan laws. Ever take a first aid or CPR class? You should....
  9. Anyone recall the days, not too long ago, when Lib/Dem/Prog/DEMedia/PG libbies would verbally assault anyone who mocked, scoffed at, ignored or otherwise questioned the CDC or WHO? Accusations of ignoring the science, putting ideology before facts and willing to do things simply as signals to The Trump were the norm. Remember those days? Good times, right? Here we are, May 2021, as Covid is being put down, economies are opening and the CDC is (belatedly) revising its guidelines on masks. Yet, for a certain cohort of people, many professional gripers, that change in policy is not enough for them to give up their mask-wearing. Mask nannies, mask Nazis, mask-philics, whatever....
  10. NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Six Months After the 2020 Election, Fulton County Has Failed to Produce Chain of Custody Documents for 18,901 Absentee Ballots Placed in Drop Boxes.
  11. that tweet suggests 17 plants per year, for 30 years, or 510 plants.
  12. Agenda 21 - human powered dynamos
  13. Mock Fauci, get cancelled, by the Chinese-controlled Tik Tok This guy is hilarious and I have posted his video here, now he's cancelled on China-Owned TikTok China-Owned TikTok Is Banning Satirical Impressions That Mock WHO Apologist Anthony Fauci May 17, 2021 By Tristan Justice Chinese-owned TikTok, a short-clip video-sharing platform weaponized as a Chinese Communist Party surveillance tool, has reportedly removed satirical impressions of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci. Comedian Tyler Fischer, whose impressions have gone viral, wrote on Twitter Monday TikTok banned his mocking of Fauci, the face of America’s detrimental lockdowns, over violations of its “community guidelines.” Fischer told The Federalist two videos were removed on TikTok but remain up on YouTube, including an impression of Dr. Fauci and an impression of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. TikTok’s parent company, China-owned ByteDance, did not immediately respond to The Federalist’s inquiries. “I’d say even if you live alone, I would wear a mask in the house, especially in the shower,” Fischer said. “Because, frankly, droplets can make their way through the drain, and come up through somebody else’s toilet, infecting them through the anus.”