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  2. I like it.
  3. I know. #IGNORE
  4. I heard she put on a hell of a show.
  5. I just scroll by his post. Respect is given, then lost, then needs to be earned again. Never going to happen in my book. Him and a few others. #IGNORE
  6. RIP little bunnies. That sux Schnapps
  7. Exactly. Personal ATM machine.
  8. His angle is he wants some "walking around cash" from donors. Tax free, basically unaccounted for cash!!! His chances are obliviously 0%. Shameless loser.
  9. I was thinking Ozzy Ozbourne
  10. I hate to say it's going to be "fun" to watch, but when justice is finally served it will be very gratifying. Ahh f@#k it , it will be fun! Sad that this stuff goes on everyday. Certainly a black mark on our Republic. D's and R's and bureaucrats that are corrupt should serve the penalty to the fullest. Do you think any or all are grounds for TREASON?
  11. You are CLUELESS. You need to find a better source of information. Guys like you would rather win an argument or an election for all the wrong reasons. You probably cheat when you play games. DC is corrupt and the one's to fight corruption and crimes are corrupt as well. When are you going to admit this. At the end of the trials/indictments that will be held for all of the above mentioned CIA, FBI. DOJ officials. If you can't admit that there is a hint (or a billboard size of eventual evidence that Horowitz will provide next week) of partisan corruption within our gov't agencies to undo/unseat a newly elected president, your opinions are a waste of everyone's time. Head's will legally roll in the months to come. So hedge your bets because you will look like an ass if you don't. You lost in '16. Suck it up sissy mary. I had to for 8 years of Barry's crap. It's your time now. HANFL
  12. He's a douche. They all think its about religion. Its about right and wrong.
  13. The good ole days when government did not fund/promote/protect the killing of innocent babies.
  14. Sounds about right. 2024 is the Dems next chance in the White House. Forget about 2020.
  15. 1 is Satire (above) the other on Capital Hill with AOC is real life mental issues.