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  1. Happy 4th boys!!! it's Miller Time! not you commie
  2. and you know as well, in that little, tunnel vision brain of yours, there was fraud.
  3. you seem to not get jokes as well as simple facts. the only woman i really (ugh) for is asian socialist . you would think that they would have learned something from their countries atrocities throughout the millennium. this country would be a better place if a strong, non leftist woman would be in charge.
  4. agreed. but he was always a gamer.
  5. he knows. he commented on that gallo should spend less time stretching in the on deck circle and practice his swing and look more focused..
  6. no doubt. no one else is less than a free thinker than he is. parroting everything he hears, never thinks twice about it.
  7. blame it on his parents and the indoctrination diploma
  8. saw that too. he is very twitchy. constantly flexing and bending. O'neil called it out as well last night.
  9. SWEET set up!!!
  10. yummy!! make a tomato sauce from the frozen ones!!
  11. we get those too. latin chic's clothing company pops up from time to time. click on it, it's all right there!
  12. all season. not a fan of both, but gallo is a much better fielder than hicks. hicks seemed to have really lost most of his potential over the past two years. he dogs it in the alley too.
  13. exactly. work mornings suck to begin with.