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  1. Stay Frosty!! Thoughts and Prayers.
  2. Very cool
  3. Cool. These screws were for composite decking materials I think. Maybe 5/8".
  4. I did the same thing. Bought a new pair of Columbia hiking boots ($20 size 13 o the clearence rack). Worked like a charm for years! One drawback was that they would get a little heavy on the walk back to the truck.
  5. Cool. I think you will like the site.
  6. Totally legit Hook. I have been checking it out for a few years. No spam or bullsht. A lot of stats and author articles. No teasers and then diversion onto different sports sites. Just throwing it out there.
  7. Big loss! Cash let that one slip away. Robertson's #'s were excellent last year except for ERA (still not bad). FYI Yankee fans. There is a good web site for Yankee only info:, a lot of up to date info.
  8. ****ing Awesome!!
  9. SUCCESS!!!
  10. Question: How long have you pitch in MLB? Oh yea, never. Jokes are funny, but you are not. The guy almost had an heart attack while exercising. When was the last time you even thought about exercising? Cheap shots are for D-bags.
  11. Thank you. You as well.
  12. FREE WILL. GOD gave us "The" road map. We can follow it if we want to. The Roman Catholic Church is not God's "Church". It is the church of man. Created by men, not God. You don't need to say 10 Hail Mary's to be a good Christian. That is the RCC telling you, you do to be a good Catholic. Big difference!!
  13. They are questioning the Catholic church. If you are not a Catholic, you might not know what you are saying. Catholic church is very different from being a Christian. A Christian is a believer in Christ and The Holy Bible. Not the Pope and Bishops.
  14. Catholics are leaving the "Catholic church". Christians aren't not leaving the "Christian church".