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  1. WTF!!! She's packing lunch and dinner!!
  2. At least they all get there fair share of garbage and trash. Look at it, there's so much to go around and no long checkout lines or fighting.
  3. Slave states=democratic party since its inception. Blatant facts.You're right about that. Truth hurts if you care enough about it. Now the nitty gritty is that it is still and always will be. the FAIREST way to elect a President. Not quaint or unacceptable. These were men sorting it all out while trying to gain independence from the world's superpower. Amazing job they all did. Sorry about the few bad apples, but if it weren't for them things would be much different today. Please try and pay attention better.
  4. They are dropping like fly's down there. Is this Tampa or Port St. Lucy.
  5. I agree. Merit doesn't mean squat anymore, so it could come down to a coin flip with her. Tough to predict crazy, but she is definitely note going away from a social stand point. If she stays she just alienates the Dem party even more to the point of no return, if she goes she will be the face of a generation of division and prejudice, and that's not good for the "good 'ol USA".
  6. Well duhhhh. that's what they say so it must be true. I feel the guilt.
  7. I think she is a flash-in-the-pan. She will not last long. Her "whole being and ideas" will catch up to her and she will be irrelevant on the political scene. Most likely, in my opinion she will be working for CNN at the end of her term. Money is better and the constant controversy will wear her skin very thin, or at least I hope. Not that I don't think that she couldn't win another term, her district is obviously a joke. Her ramblings/ideology are cancerous to young easily influenced minds. Bad, very bad.
  8. He's coming. I don't know the time frame, but hopefully by june. They should be able to ease Dellin back slowly. Alot of good arms in the pen, most likely Britin in the the 8th.
  9. SHHHH. Don't tell. Because every cognizant thought of ours will not be valid anymore.
  10. Answer to your question; White males voted. That was a long time ago. Now I would like to see you in the same room as the Founders were structuring and building this republic. You would be and are, most of the time, the blathering idiot. Almost 200,000 post on SOL of blather. You know zero history about how and why the US was constructed. Get up from your computer and read some real history books and maybe you will think twice, or three times, before touching your dirty keyboard, about the uninformed, uneducated comment you are about to make.
  11. Electoral Collage can be and is confusing, but it the fairest way to elect a President.
  12. Not a fan of Keuchel. Lost his stuff two years ago. Gio is a good pick up.
  13. Optimism. Makes a better fisherman.
  14. Good luck. Try Cow Harbor B&T for some gear and help. Good guys there. Located on 25A in Centerport, right in your neighborhood.