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  1. Remember when we were kids, nobody or rarely somebody used the word Racist. We always said Prejudices, and it wasn't a pre-judgement. It was just how most ethnic backgrounds were summed up (becuase of real life examples). Racist is as strong a word and meaning as they come. Not many people are Racist, IMHO.
  2. That's obvious. Is it the cops you don't like or the assumption of racism the caused his death? Or both?
  3. They will never appease or be satisfied. There initiative is to consistently cause chaos and set social justices fires all over the country and the world. It keeps up the distraction that they have no answers/or fixes for issues and there IDEOLOGY goal is consistently in the mainstream.
  5. Maybe he was off his meds. There can be a lot of maybe's. Innocent until proven guilty doesn't apply anymore for white men.
  7. TDS. Then you realize Trump had nothing to do with your life problems. It was you and your TDS the whole time. Stop listing to the media, start with some New Testament and most likely the syndrome will subside.
  8. I have been using Original Fireline since it came out. Never used U8 and I might not ever. All of my rods are spooled with it. Fresh and salt. Salt I mainly use 20 lb until the fall, then 30 lb. NEVER a problem. I am a big fan of original Fireline.
  9. KB sometimes it is NOT what you say it is HOW you say it. You can't deny that HOW they say it is not a wholehearted condemning if at all a condemnation of there actions. It is very PC. The MSM does not say much against their agenda and supporters. They can have a lit-tiny of information on the protesters and their organizers but never embellish on the shady side of the organizations. Can you at least agree to that?
  10. Snarky ass you can be. The "who" is MSM and every liberal that can be seen on TV. That's who. They might mention that "violence is bad" in one breath, but then for an hour after that it is bash Trump, cops, whites, and rarely condemn the bad guys. No investigative reporting into Antifa, or who is funding all off these oraganizations. No back lash for DiBlasio. That should be most of the news hour is condemning. You know who "who" is. You are being an ass. Do you condemn them? If so, why?
  11. +1 Just thinking the same thing. How so?