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  1. still haven't stated a cause yet. Chinese wet market has already been used.
  2. see ya on the other side.
  3. thinking the same. BM forgets. now do Joe and Kamala on the trail in '20. politics
  4. i saw a video of 15 to 20 fires start at the same time, 6/2/2023. it's an aerial weather cam above the clouds. you see a huge storm front move in, and after it was gone 20 or so fires began relatively at the same time prolly within minutes. it doesn't look like lightning strikes, but who knows. you can't see the fire, but you saw all the smoke start to rise from the area in quebec, and it is not a small area. weather.cod.edu time to dust off my tinfoil hat again.
  5. cool. catching? figured you were not here.
  6. yup. getting bad, supposed to be all night and tomorrow. are you still abroad?
  7. i have feeling the game is going to get canceled tonight.
  8. bad here. noticeably the worst yet.
  9. Good luck Ed. keep us posted on the book sales
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