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  1. i will be tuning in at 7:07 puck drop. MSG network.
  2. fake news, never called for insurrection. post is invalid. next.
  3. that's what the O' stands for.
  4. rayyysssissss. but they are white. prrrivvviiilaaagee
  5. good deal. that's a good sign, somewhere.
  6. If SOL only had an audio feature. Derp Derp Trump. Derp Derp Trump.
  7. unemployment is for not being able to get a job/no one is hiring. TEMPORARY, when there are thousands of jobs available it should be cut off. it's not the states responsibility if the available jobs are not on your list. suck it up buttercup.
  8. he no push over like I am.
  9. cool. My go to when they were around was a white or pink assassin. when did you catch it?
  10. Plandemic is working like a charm. They always knew it would, just needed a time and a place to do it.
  11. alright always. you are one tough cookie.
  12. i called a smart friend of mine. he said NEVER
  13. I don't know if he is serious or not.
  14. just like Snow White. Fake news.