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  1. Chunky Deckhand.
  2. Happy B-Day!
  3. Reduced BIG TIME! After Trump won the election, I knew it would be gloves off and the real BS will start to fly. i24 news in my area is pretty good. It is like the BBC but not Left leaning bias.
  4. C'mon now! Not good.
  5. No comment. I don't want to waste a post. (BTW I agree with you)
  6. Small bass by the lip, bigger bass by the lip and tail. Boca style grips work well too.
  7. Bunker Head
  9. Not directed at you Flysully. Us Gitlanders need to stick together.
  10. OMG!! Like TOTALLY!! Some guys just don't get it. Could you imagine how they would act or what they would say if they were teenagers today. With terms like "senior fisherman" what can we expect from some guys. I have been surf fishing for over 35 years and nothing has changed for the better. Except the gear.
  11. NO!
  12. Also yellow and black/purple SS Darters. Slow roll with teased/good single back hooks.
  13. I thought so too.
  14. Hey..I haven't died yet!
  15. Thanks a lot..Funny way of saying it though. Let's clear the air. Man juice ant my thing, and most likely not yours either.