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  1. No, Not at all. Not even close.
  2. Better line lay and a much better drag are worth every cent! Best advice is to read some professional reviews if you want valid opinions.
  3. Yellow or white because of this:
  4. It looks cool! I have dual pickups on my Z's and my VR.
  5. Would you sell just the 22 spool?
  6. StackedUp, You asked for opinions, you got them. Some good, some bad! Some from actual users and some from couch casters. After all of the back and forth in the last 4 pages you should just go out and get a ZeeBaas. As versatile as the VR and as strong as the VS.
  7. I can't agree with you more StakedUp! The VR is way more versatile for the average user. I own both. The VR is my go to reel on the beach to the point that I may sell my VSX.
  8. I have the 11 foot -3-6 oz insane surf, been using it for a few years and no complaints. It easily throws its range and gets good distance.
  9. These plus I would add the TFO
  10. The trend these days is for lighter stronger set ups. The VS300 is old, slow, heavy and still suffers from the line lay issues. If you are actually fishing it you can do a lot better at less cost. If you collect old reels it may be worth it. Unless you are getting one at a great price I would not bother.
  11. I stopped buying Shimano reels. They complicate things by using 6 parts where 2 would do the job. Then when you finally figure it out, they discontinue that model.
  12. St. Croix Legend 10 '6 3/4 - 4oz paired with VR175.
  13. I would go for a VR. Lighter, great drag with better knob, bail or bail less, cheaper.
  14. Every one I ever handled had the "wobble" It did not matter which rod I paired them with it was present and very annoying.