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  1. Simple answer, No.
  2. Two 6000's, an 8000 & a 10000. The wobble issue was enough for me to swear off Shimano completely. If you are chucking bait it won't be much of an issue. If throwing lures it will drive you nuts!
  3. Thanks Dave. PM coming
  4. ill take this.
  5. If available, I will take it for asking. thanks
  6. They should do something to eliminate the "wobble".
  7. This is the original sales thread with pictures.
  8. St Croix Legend 10'6 3/4 - 4
  9. Can you post a pic of the ZB scratched knob? Thx
  10. ZA and AF, Thanks for the great info. Any idea on the reasoning behind all of the guides being reversed? Is that a "carp" thing?
  11. I have a Century S1 Stalker Stealth 11'0 carp rod. Marked Century S1 Stalker Stealth --3.25 LB-TC--Autoclave Technology I don't fish for carp but the rod came to me as part of a package deal. I took it out on the beach and the thing cast a mile! Weird thing is that all of the guides are reversed on this rod. I called Century and they said that this blank is basically their S-1 1325, 1-4oz, 10-30#, I'm going to give it a shot during the spring striper run, if there is one.
  12. Lets be realistic, the VR is a good reel. It's not the best reel on the planet. But neither are a bunch of other reels that have their fair share of horror stories chronicled on these pages. Some people set their expectations a bit too high. Van Staal bought the RK designed Subaqua and improved it with changes to the gear quality as well as designing a better spool that did not slice the braid like the Subaqua did. Van Staal made a wise business move (as evidenced by VR sales) since if they did not buy it a competitor probably would have. The VR offers a platform that no other VS product could match, interchangeable rotors and spool sizes similar to that of the ZeeBaaS. Now, I'm not saying that the VR is of a similar quality as the ZB, but remember that it is half the price! As far as being "dunkable or sealed" both my VR and ZB both get opened for a look-see after use. this takes about 2 minutes. These reels are too big an investment to be lazy with, remember, seals wear and stainless steel does in fact rust. A little care goes a long way.
  13. Unless you know the reels owner/history, I would stay away from a used VS150.
  14. These two are big and loud but they still see some use.