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  1. Selling a new, never fished custom Lamiglas GSB1201M rod. Fuji SIC Tip & 7 Fuji SIC Guides gold under wrapped with 2 coats of UV resistant finish, Fuji HD reel seat, Hook keeper and X flock butt, Cut 2 inches at butt to 9'10" , 22 1/2 inches to end of butt to center of the reel seat. Built for a VS 150. Top quality build and components as the builder made this for himself. This is a 1 piece so no shipping. $300 picked up in north Jersey.
  2. I don't really need this. But I'll offer $25. Thx
  3. Selling my Mitch Rosen SOS (Spier off Side) belt carrier made for the Sure Fire 6P and a Sig 225 size magazine.(Makarov mag shown) 1 1/2 inch belt slots. Excellent + condition as shown. $60 shipped or $100 with the 6P.
  5. At this point is it even considered fishing anymore? Boat fish dont count and now, Drone fish don't count!
  6. $50 shipped
  7. Looks good! I'm gonna have to try some pipes soon. I made these from knife and fork handles, The wife doesn't know there missing yet! I got my first spanish mak on one.
  8. I can only speak for myself, but when it comes to quality, some things are worth the cost and the wait!
  9. I agree that the gen 1 ZB's had the sand problem due to the holes in the drag cap, but ZeeBaaS fixed that years ago.
  10. Thanks Matt, That's what I'm going to do. They do good work. I spoke with them today and I will drop it off on my next trip south.
  11. BRYLCREEM, A little dab a do ya. I'm showing my age.!
  12. Not much interest for me in the new X2 lineup other then the VSX50 and the higher retrieve VSX100. Not saying I'm a buyer, just interested .
  13. Been fishing VS for 20 years. I haven't seen it. LOL