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  1. Seconds if the ZB deal falls thru. BTW, did the reel come from ZB like this or was it a parts reel?
  2. I have and occasionally use this St. Croix Fishing Machine. It has a rangefinder function that drops the line to a preset depth.
  3. I have the SS118MHS AC DH. It's the 11'8, 3 -6 oz. All Cork Handle model that was available with interchangeable handles as an option. Great surf rod/rocket launcher.
  4. To be clear I do not live in a flood zone. Here is my set-up concerning my crawl space: I have a 1000 sq.ft space with dirt floor completely covered with a vapor barrier. I sealed 3 vents and have a crawl space ventilation fan in the 4th made by Tjernlund. The fan has a dehumidistat that powers on the fan if the humidity in the space rises above 40%. The idea is to draw and circulate conditioned dry air from inside the living space into the crawl space instead of allowing open vents to let wet outside air in.(think mold) I keep the vent on year round except winter when I seal that vent also. When you see the wet grass and dew in the morning, that is what is getting into your crawlspace with standard open vents. This system has worked for me for years now, no problems with mold or musty odors.
  5. Does this come with legs? thx
  6. Flood zone is a whole different story.
  7. Crawl space vents should be sealed. Studies show they let moisture in and can cause mold especially in the north east. Building codes mandating vents are antiquated and need to catch up with the latest info. Best solution is to add a crawl space exhaust fan in an existing vent opening, then seal the others.
  8. I have a Torque 7 black bailess with a spare gold spool. In box, 10/10 mechanical and 9/10 cosmetic. $450 shipped paypal.
  9. I couldn't wait for the VR power knob to be released and bought one immediately. It took a bit to figure out how to remove the stock knob but when I did get the new knob on I found it to be too big. Quickly returned it. VS should make a smaller size available also. I find the ZB oval knob to be perfect on the VR.
  10. Would you do $95 to north jersey?
  11. No, my offer is for $65.
  12. would you do $65?
  13. Flatwing, Thanks for the informative casting video. I also appreciate your explanation of the idea behind reversing all of the guides on a rod. The reversed guides on my century appeared strange to me at first but after seeing it perform I can't argue with the results.