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  1. Looks like you need a shim on the main gear shaft.
  2. I thought it was time to get my VSX serviced. I got frustrated by the scarcity of the Van Staal self service kits as well as the ridiculous prices being asked for the wrench alone. Even sending it out to VS seems to be a problem lately. Since all I really needed was a wrench to open my VSX200 I decided to make my own. I know some will tell you to wrap some tape around the reel and go at it with a vice grip but I'm not that guy. I happen to have a spare VR wrench and saw that the size was very close to the VS , I slowly filed the rounded sections of the VR wrench flat and after about 30 minutes I had a perfect fit. Just go slow as to not remove too much material, you want it snug. It works great and didn't leave a mark. The picture shows the finished wrench on the left.
  3. Looking for a service kit to do my VSX200, Used is fine. Thanks
  4. try a bit of candle wax on the ferrule.
  5. You have to choose the right tool for the job at hand. The VR50 is not the right tool for 15-20 LB bass.
  6. The 10'6 Legend at 3/4 - 4 is my go to surf rod. throwing 3/4 to 3 is realistic.
  7. You can't go wrong with the SC Legend Surf. The warranty alone makes the Legend a better buy.
  8. I already noted that white makes it easier for the birds to avoid my line, but it also comes in handy when my buddies all use moss green and in a bad tangle I know which line NOT to cut.
  9. I use it so that the birds can see it.
  10. Was this purchased as a tuxedo or is it from parts? Thanks
  11. I agree that there are some that like the "fashion factor" with the gold VS, However, I think that most of this gold rush is fueled by flipping for a quick profit.
  12. It's a sickness! For me to pay those crazy prices it better be real gold! It's getting so they need their own dedicated BST.
  13. TFO 9 footer,
  14. No matter what - newest - lightest - greatest is in the quiver, I always seem to grab the GSB.
  15. Very Nice!