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  1. Oh, gotcha. Yes, the Airflo ridge does have the benefit of laying down softer on the water due to the long head and progressive taper. If you need a line that lays down softly, maybe sticking to flies that are lighter and are more easy to cast? Think sand eel vs crab. As for tropical lines, Herb, who goes by HL hear says that he uses the Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper line on the cape in June. It may perform differently than the Airflo Tropical Punch. As far at the Ridge striper line is concerned, I think you'll be fine with the 290 grain on your 8wt. I use the 340 grain on my 9wt meridian and my rod loads perfectly and I get a perfectly formed loop when all 40 feet of the head is out of the tip. The tip on that blank is strong to handle a higher grain rating that the AFTMA standard without letting the loop collapse.
  2. Pat, I have a 9wt Meridian and use an Airflo Striper (8 foot tapered tip, 40 ft 340 grain head) among other lines. I know what you are talking about with respect to getting enough line out of the tip to properly load the seems that I always have to do 1-2 more false casts than when using a line with a shorter, more compact head. Since you're asking for line recommendations for a meridian, I can tell you that I have recently lined up a Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper (9wt line, the all light blue colored and not two tone version) and that line works great. People I have spoken to say that the line works fine in the Northeast in the summertime, being that it's a tropical line. This is a floating line however and you said that you are looking for an intermediate. If you are wading the flats, this floating line should work fine, since bass look up and you can always used a weighted fly. However, if you are dead set on an intermediate, then I would suggest a Rio Striper line. I've never cast this line on my Scott before but the taper is pretty progressive like the Wulff BTT and the grain rating looks like it will load your 8Wt Meridian just fine; it's got a 30 foot head so you should be able to get that head out of the last guide and fire off quick shots. Hope this helps.
  3. I was in Sorrento, Capri, Positano last Sept 24 to October 4th for my honeymoon. My wife and I hired a guy to take us on a boat tour of Capri. I saw two blitzes within a thousand yards of Capri.......the Capt told me it was "Tonno" (Tuna). Probably albacore??? Anyway....while we were on our tour, the Capt was using a hand line and was trolling a hook with blue and white bucktail on it. It looked more like a teaser than a fly and was old and beat up. I plan on tying him some new "flies" for his handline and sending them to him, I kept his card and contact info b/c the boat ride was incredible. He took us to all the grottos, which were "closed" and had no tourists waiting and let us jump over board and swim in all of them. He never ended up hooking anything. I saw another blitz not far offshore on the ferry ride back to Positano from Almafi. I'm not sure of any guides in the area or what exactly will be running, but I know that last year I was there at the end of Sept and there were fish, unfortunately I was on my honeymoon and did even bring up fishing for the sake of my marriage.
  4. D-D-D-D-DAAAMN those are beautiful!
  5. Awesome story and pics! Congrats! Must have been some fight on the 8Wt! Can’t wait to watch the video.
  6. Sold to LeeSHF. Thanks SOL!
  7. Too low....shipping is included in my price.
  8. For Sale is an AquaSkinz Elite Hunter Pro Bucktail & Tin Pouch. Made of durable sailcloth. Item is in very good condition and was only used for one season. Retails for $95, asking $55 shipped. PayPal Only. Thanks!
  9. This is the good stuff guys.....Aquaskinz Elite Hunter Pro Series. This is the Double Barrel Model and is made of durable sailcloth. It holds 4 large plugs and 6-8 plugs if you are packing SP Minnows. You can even store numerous tins between the tubes. You can fit about 4 bucktails or 2-4 swim shads in the front pouch. No tears or rips, the tubes are not broken or cracked, there is some light fading on the top of the bag near the edge. These retail for $135. I am selling for $90 Shipped. PayPal only.
  10. I just flew to and fro Florida with a 9wt in a metal tube and had my fly wallet in my carry on with about 20 flats flies. I did not have problems with either. I was very worried about the flies getting pulled from my bag at security but checking bags was not an option.
  11. I just got back from Islamorada yesterday. I waded the flat at mile marker 74. Great access and lot of patches of grass and sand. I saw two bonefish but the chop from the 20 mph winds the three days I was there made sight fishing tough. Basically, I couldn't make out anything on the bottom unless I was right on top of it. The flat at Bahia Honda looked the same, I would definitely give that a shot as well. Hopefully you can find a boat and get out to more secluded areas. Good luck!
  12. Manhattan

    Adding to all of the aforementioned comments....A bike with a good lock will greatly expand your access to spots as well as cut down on the time it takes to walk from the train/subway. Also, if you are willing to take the train, don't neglect the western long island sound along the Connecticut coast line. If you have a bike, you will be able to ride to some of the parks and other good shore access points. With a bike, you can also get into the parks before they open (pre-dawn and early morning hours) and stay after they lock the vehicle gates (at dusk and even later, when the fishing is typically best).
  13. No problem. Thanks very much!