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  1. Since I started this thread, I feel obligated to post the below link on the off chance someone else stumbles upon it with the same dilema. The answer I needed was found there, including advice from The Man, Bob Pop himself. Thx again to Shadow and Suave for the advice.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation, but I used that hook with the 5/8 diameter foam and didn't like the gap or length. I was looking for something 4X long and preferably a wider gap to provide a little more clearance. I have lost more fish than I have landed on Bangers, presumably due to the foam getting in the way of the hook point. I tried using a Patridge Predator 6/0 as well, but don't like the length on the shank. Thanks for the recommendation though.
  3. I'm looking for a hook to tie some Bob's Bangers with 5/8 and 3/4 Inch foam. In the past I've used Mustad 34011 (2XH / 4XL) in size 2/0 for 1/2 inch foam and that worked great. These hooks only go up to 3/0. Does' anyone have any recommendations for a hook to tie a 3/4 Inch popper on? Looking for a 4/0 or possible 5/0 in 4X in length. Thx!
  4. My condolences to all of Dick's friends and family. I didn't know BFD personally, but came to know him through his written guidance and stories on SOL....He was an inspiration to us all. RIP Bonefish Dick, I hope you are in a better place now....a place with no wind or skunks and plenty of young blondes in neon yellow bikinis walking down the beach!
  5. Dick, we never met but I wanted to say thank you for all of the posts and reports. Your Sanibel Island reports helped me and many others get through the doldrums of winter while eagerly awaiting the spring run. I plan on tying some Betsies this winter and will tell any one unfamiliar with the fly where the pattern came from. Fair winds and following thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. -Greg from NY.
  6. Knew a guy in the Corps who crashed while driving across country to his next duty station. He fell asleep b/c he was pushing it. He told me that his insurance went through the roof. He said his insurance company told him the impact on your insurance from crashing due to falling asleep is worse than if you crashed from a DWI. The moral of the story is not to lie to the cops if you crash bc you dozed off. The moral is, if the quantitative wizards who run insurance companies deem that driving tired is more dangerous and risky than driving intoxicated, then that should say something about the hazard. Never drive if you are tired or dozing off. Pull over immediately and take a nap. I drove cross country twice and know first hand that coffee, soda, and nicotine stop working after a while. I'm ashamed to say that I pushed it myself and it was stupid. Stay safe out there guys!
  7. I have a 9Wt OBS in great shape with box. $40 shipped if you are interested.
  8. I use the linekurv and it works great. Love the shape; lets the line shoot out easily. It doesn't seem like it would crack if you fell on it. I just checked the Bucket Works site and see the they are currently sold out of their bucket shooters. I have one of these as well, and it's top quality. It won't break if you fall, and it floats. The Bucket Shooter can be worn low and on the hip as well. This will allow for an easier one-handed strip than an Orvis or Linekurv style basket allows. If you are interested in a bucket shooter, I would reach out to them and find out when they will be available again.
  9. Looking for a new AirFlo Ridge Striper (cold water) fly line in 10wt Intermediate. Please let know what you got Please include asking price and shipping cost. Thx! BB
  10. I'll take this.....
  11. Cool pic of the walleye. The Willowemoc has been on my list for a while but I always pass it up for the bigger water further west. After seeing these pics I'm gonna make it my next trip.
  12. Great shots John! Thanks for sharing. I'm going back Wednesday, can't wait!
  13. Oh, gotcha. Yes, the Airflo ridge does have the benefit of laying down softer on the water due to the long head and progressive taper. If you need a line that lays down softly, maybe sticking to flies that are lighter and are more easy to cast? Think sand eel vs crab. As for tropical lines, Herb, who goes by HL hear says that he uses the Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper line on the cape in June. It may perform differently than the Airflo Tropical Punch. As far at the Ridge striper line is concerned, I think you'll be fine with the 290 grain on your 8wt. I use the 340 grain on my 9wt meridian and my rod loads perfectly and I get a perfectly formed loop when all 40 feet of the head is out of the tip. The tip on that blank is strong to handle a higher grain rating that the AFTMA standard without letting the loop collapse.
  14. Pat, I have a 9wt Meridian and use an Airflo Striper (8 foot tapered tip, 40 ft 340 grain head) among other lines. I know what you are talking about with respect to getting enough line out of the tip to properly load the seems that I always have to do 1-2 more false casts than when using a line with a shorter, more compact head. Since you're asking for line recommendations for a meridian, I can tell you that I have recently lined up a Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper (9wt line, the all light blue colored and not two tone version) and that line works great. People I have spoken to say that the line works fine in the Northeast in the summertime, being that it's a tropical line. This is a floating line however and you said that you are looking for an intermediate. If you are wading the flats, this floating line should work fine, since bass look up and you can always used a weighted fly. However, if you are dead set on an intermediate, then I would suggest a Rio Striper line. I've never cast this line on my Scott before but the taper is pretty progressive like the Wulff BTT and the grain rating looks like it will load your 8Wt Meridian just fine; it's got a 30 foot head so you should be able to get that head out of the last guide and fire off quick shots. Hope this helps.