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  1. Both sides are glued in and do not come out. When closed, the knobby side sits very close to the side for the dry flies.
  2. Is this still available? Would you take $250 for the reel and spool shipped?
  3. Looking for a Shimano Trevala S spinning XXL (Model Number: TVSS66XXL). They discontinued the XXL about 3 years ago and I can't find one laying around in any shops or online. I live in Westchester would be willing to meet up somewhere in CT, Northern NJ, or Long Island. Please post pics, description of condition and asking price. Thanks!
  4. I see. Thanks for the input. I wonder if this could have been designed for dry-dropper rigs? This appears to pre-date the dropper box designs.
  5. Thanks for the offer and info, but since this was gifted to my by a friends late relative I can’t part with it. Do you know what the side with the raised knobs was designed/intended for?
  6. Lol! Exactly! I could have something very unique here! Maybe some die hard still water guy is searching for this and would trade me a sweet Islander reel for it so he can store all his Chironomids!
  7. I remember the rod combo you are talking about. That’s definitely a possibility.
  8. That thought crossed my mind. Possibly a Stillwater box for a rowboat? The design is definitely unique.
  9. Thank you all for your input. I've gotten a response from Orvis's fishing tackle technical team and their response is below. I'm going to leave this thread open in case anyone come across it and wants to comment on what the case was designed for. I'm also going to head back up to Vermont once the Covid-19 threat is over and will bring it with me when I visit their flagship store in Manchester. I'll tote it along to the Orvis outlet as well and see if they know. I find it hard to believe that they couldn't find the answer within the Orvis company. This case appears to be from the 2007(ish) era as I recognize the green fabric outer material and foam from other fly boxes I bought around that time. Also, I find it hard to believe that the mounds would be used to hold lures as they would snag the flies on the other side of the box. Who knows From Orvis: Thank you for following up with us. We do not need your billing address since you got the box from someone else. We passed around your photos and no one had seen this particular style but it is definitely an older generation lure box, likely for spinning lures, hence the mounds. The interior looks almost new and it would be great for larger streamers, etc. If you get any additional information on the history of the box, please let us know and we will dig a little further. Stay safe and healthy. –– Spencer F. Orvis Outfitters The Orvis Company, Inc 1711 Blue Hills Drive Roanoke, VA 24012 1-800-548-9548
  10. Here are some more pics I took so people can get a better idea of the design.
  11. That’s possible, but I checked to see if that was the case and it seems that when I close the case the knobs would actually crush the hackle and wings on dry flies that were stored on the other side on all but the smallest flies. So, it might be the intended purpose, but I don’t think so. I called the Orvis fishing tackle technical hotline (yes, there is one) and spoke to a guy who requested I send an email with photos. He said that if he didn’t recognize the case he would ask around the company. I’m curious to see what their response is. I will post here once I get an answer.
  12. That's a good guess HillTop, but it's rather small for a line mat. It's about the size of a piece of printer paper (8.5X11 inch) and the little domes of raised foam wouldn't do much to keep your fly line in place. Also, I think that a fly box would be a weird place to incorporate a line management mat. You may be correct however if Orvis marketed this as a "boat box" for drift boats, row boats, canoes, etc. Still a mystery
  13. I received this older Orvis Fly Box from a friend of a friend. It appears to be more of a boat box (has storage for tippets and a magnet patch so you don’t lose flies). It opens like a binder and has two molded foam fly patches. In the pictures below, the one side has the classic dry fly style “stepped” foam so that you don’t crush your hackle. But, I cannot figure out what the other side is used for. They are raised domes with space in between (see picture below). The best I can guess is that this side would be used to dry your flies in a drift boat? Maybe this design was intended for storing nymphs? If anyone knows, please enlighten me as I have tried to research the answer online and couldn’t find an answer. Thx!
  14. Sold to BNickW, thanks SOL!
  15. If you are willing to cover the PP fees I'll ship for $80. I hear you on being tuned in to the salt right now....but you will be thankful in the dog days of summer when you are throwing poppers at Large Mouths in the lily pads with this beauty!