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  1. I'd be willing to pay $30 shipped if the line is in good shape. What kind of condition is it in? I leave for my trip second week of april, so I think that will work. Thanks.
  2. I already have a line for my 8wt, thanks for the offer though.
  3. Looking to buy new or used SA BonefishTaper or Rio Bonefish line in 9wt. Please list what you have and asking price. Thx!
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I’m gonna carry it on. Sounds like it won’t be a problem.
  5. I’m glad I stumbled upon this thread. I’m headed to Islamorada with my wife mid(ish) April. Planning on doing half a day with a guide but also intend on wading some flats on my own. I’ll also have a car while I’m down there and we plan on exploring the other keys. Does anyone know if you can carry a fly rod (in a tube) on a plane? My wife hates checking luggage, which means I’ll be using a carry on. My 4 piece in the tube won’t fit in my carry on and I’m scared the TSA won’t let me take it on the plane.
  6. +1 on the 10wt........That area has a lot of big fish. If you are not familiar with the area, Niantic and the parks east offer some great rocky shorelines to fly cast from. The cove just west of Bluff Point is good for wading.
  7. Good Luck Dick and I wish you a speedy recovery.......The season is right around the corner!!!!!
  8. Semper Fi Bob! I’m not even gonna wait for the Dogwoods to bloom this year. Gonna let it warm up another week then get out there!
  9. I had a hard time finding orange dumbell eyes as well and spray painted some dumbells I had laying around. Although the color orange on the can looked ideal to match a sand crab/ mole crab egg sack, they didn't come out that great. Dazl Eyes makes them in orange and they were hard to find, I bought some from Taimen Fly Fishing Shop online. The paint didn't look like it would stand up that well and chips easily. I coated them with some thin resin for extra protection. I would recommend checking out the Ambulance colored resins from Gulff Flly Fishing. The colors are amazing and and the resin will probably hold up well. I also used some orange Ice Dubbin to form an egg sack, which looked great.
  10. Ian's been doing a lot of show's and traveling a bit so I haven't been able to get a hold of him for some blends. I ended up sourcing some yak hair and flash and blended my own. It was the first time I tried my hand at blending materials and I must say that it was more time consuming than I thought. It was also difficult to get "right". For my first shot, it came out o.k. though and I'm glad I didn't mess it up to the point that I had to toss the stuff. For all the time, money, and effort, I would have been better off waiting for some of Ian's blends.
  11. T_Man7 looks like he did a good job when he tied a Sedotti Slammer, picture posted in the thread posted below. I believe the technique used is to tie some materials (e.g. craft fur) to a piece of straight mono, then cover with expoy or something flexible like Liquid Fusion, then put inside a clear plastic bag, flatten it and zap it with a UV light. Then cut to shape. I have never tried this but I believe this is how it's done.
  12. Start with light bucktails at first. You want the weight to bulk ratio to equal a buoyancy that is gonna keep your bucktail down near the rocks but out of them. I’d use caution with the teasers around the weeds. I ussually only use teasers with bucktails on sand beaches. If you really want to use a teaser, I’d tie a dropper loop with a lighter lb mono. That way if your teaser gets stuck, you can pull and your teaser will break and you can save your bucktail. You may also want to use a mono/flouro leader with a lighter lb rating than your braid (if you’re using braid) for the same reason. If you have to break off, you’ll lose your bucktail but retain all of your expensive braid. Lastley, when I bucktail over rocks, and I feel a bump, snap the rod tip to get the BT out of the rocks and increase your retrieve slightly. If your bumping rocks, decrease your weight. And remember to retrieve your BT all the way to your feet! A lot of times a bass will slam your BT right at the base of the jetty. Good luck!
  13. Did you use the synthetic Devlin Blends or the natural Yak Hair? Capt Ian recommends using his natural Yak hair blends for Slammers and large baitfish patterns b/c it's stiffer than the synthetic. You did a great job on that fly. I'm waiting on some materials and plan on tying a few of these myself as soon as they come in the mail. I'm curious to see how far they cast.
  14. I prefer progressive tapers more than aggressive tapered lines like the Rio Outbound and Sci Angler Titan Taper. I like the Wulff Ambush Line. It's an integrated shooting head so the running line is very thin and doesn't cause a lot of friction, nor weigh as much as a standard running line when shooting through the guides. The down side to this line is that the head is very thick and heavy. It will slap the surface of the water harder than an ordinary weight forward line when it lands. Good for surf, jetties, boat....not so great in places with calm or shallow water. It comes in Floating Line only. For an intermediate line, I've go with the AirFlo Sniper. It has a short head as well. If accuracy is more important than distance, then the Grand Slam that Mightyrime suggested would be the way to do as it has a longer rear taper.
  15. Sold to Ambergris. Thanks SOL!