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  1. Hadn't come across that, Brian. Thanks. Just ordered it up on Kindle for Tuesday's flight to Boston.
  2. Many thanks to everyone for their helpful comments. I can see I'm going to have to think about this carefully. And yes, albacized, Dorset is wonderful. I'm only three miles from what were some of the best shore marks for bass in the UK. Sadly, the bass aren't really there anymore, so I've spent much more time throwing flies at mullet, which were, I believe, put on this earth to drive flyfishermen insane. Best wishes to you all, and here's hoping for a good striper season. Only three days before I get to the Cape!
  3. I've poked at a UK based forum. To avoid cross posting, here's my query which I only wish I could post through the medium of interpretative dance. I'm looking at 6 September onwards this year. Even factoring in my need for premium economy flights (otherwise my legs don't work) the sticker shock is considerable. For slightly less than the cost of my current house I can get a week in Menemsha, without a car ($1250 cheapest local hire). The beach looks fine, though Oysterville (so near, yet so far) looks better, But, question, is being on foot (and, to be fair, being pretty fit) enough to give you a better than even chance of a fat Albert if you just stay in Menemsha? And, if not, what are the non-bank-breaking alternatives? PS. I know Menemsha is dry. I can live with that for a week. Possibly. No, I can't. I'll factor in bus trips to get gin and French vermouth. PPS proivided I test negative, I'll be wandering around Chatham next week. Feel free to give me info in person - I always carry a note book (unless I drop it into a tide rip). Look out for the pale blue Red Sox cap, and listen for an R free accent.
  4. Good news! I hope it's up and running soon. But thanks for the tip re Snowy Owl too.
  5. Oh no! It gets worse. Though many thanks to theshadow for being slightly cheery.
  6. Starting to pack: should be there in a week's time. Is there any reason to be slightly more cheerful than we all were earlier in this thread?
  7. Abel BG 2 - I think this was the daddy of all the Abels. It doesn't conform to modern thinking about spool size, but is wonderful. The solid back version is very good looking. Then, for those of you with a sense of history, there's the Vineyard Derby-winning ABU 178 which I've just bought from an auction site, but have yet to use. I've used the 156 for trout since the eighties. It is curiously appealing, and the drag is not bad, though I wouldn't want to use it on GTs.
  8. Interesting, Mike. Having just read "The Moon pulled up an Acre of Bass", I've been thinking of heading for Montauk. I quite liked the idea of turning up by train. Hmm, I'd better recalibrate. On the Cape, well, I've always had enjoyable trips there, and I'm just happy to catch reasonable-sized fish - after all, in the UK, a 5lb bass is something of a rarity on the fly. For me, at any rate. Mind you, I'm also happy to catch blues, shad and even (on the first occasion: afterwards they get a bit boring) sea robins. The frustration I have, given my approach, is that it's impossible to get to know somewhere really well when it changes every year. Still, I guess I improve my thinking on general approaches. I'll be in the Chatham area from 31 May to 11 June - I hope I get the chance to meet up with old friends again. If not, I'll just watch the world go past as I feed the sparrows with croissant crumbs outside the Monomoy Coffee Shop (assuming it's still there).
  9. There's still nowhere quite like the Cape, though, John. Fingers crossed I get there at the beginning of June - it's now been six years.
  10. Thanks flysully, I can see where you're coming from on this. My brother was over last year and spent most of his time looking for new marks. I'm not overly concerned about the fishing. However bad it is, there are more bass, and bigger, there than there are here, for a start. I mainly come over because I enjoy wandering round the Cape chatting to people. It's an environment I feel very at home in - I come from Falmouth, and went to school in Truro, for a start (just not the ones on the Cape). And I love the bookshops. And it's great to meet people from these pages. So your point about Covid is even more compelling - I like coming to a laid-back, conversational, artistic environment, and I worry that those atmospherics might be missing this year. Thanks for the Boston wishes: I first ran it 25 years ago, and I come back when I can. If not September, I hope there will be next April, and, by cramming in a race last October, I already have the qualifying time. Shame it doesn't coincide with any fishing. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it.
  11. You're not the first. It still makes me smile!
  12. Thanks FishHawk. In January I booked two return flights to Boston, one was April, now turned into a voucher, which I'll probably use for the Boston Marathon next year; the other for June, which may or may not be used in September. Although I rely on British Airways surviving. These are crazy times, and I'm following everyone's advice on C-19 with considerable interest, locked peacefully in my garden shed trying to meet an end of April deadline. Looking forward to getting over there at some stage!
  13. Many thanks RJ, I'm keeping everything under review. I'm not convinced Boston will go ahead either, which will be a bummer. Stay safe!
  14. I wear Simms flats sneakers much of the time over waders. Especially on the Cape. Excellent. Easy to pack, good to walk in, good grip - don't need studs, so you can wear them in a boat. Bit of corrosion setting in, because I haven't worn them for a while. On the other hand they're over ten years old, so it would be churlish to complain. Addition: and there they are in my photo.
  15. Fingers crossed RJ, but I'm not optimistic. We'll be there the first week of June if we can, staying at Doryman. Thanks for all the info! Fallback position for me at least is September, as I plan to run the rescheduled Boston Marathon and then tack a few days on the end. In fact, if travel is allowed, I'll probably do that anyway, and perhaps try Nantucket or the Vineyard (neither of which I've ever fished) to see if I can get a bonito or albacore.