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  1. Thanks for the info...
  2. From the beach.... Are long shank beak hooks allowed to target smaller species with teeth like bluefish? Or is it everything non-offset circles from the beach. I've called FWC number a few times on hook regulations but couldn't get anyone on the phone. So I came here....
  3. Penn Torque II 9500 here for sale.This reel has zero time on the water or beach. I live in north Georgia and its just been in my closet sitting. And work changes have made dent in my saltwater plans so willing to sell. * Bought it from jandh tackle * Professional spooled about 440 yards of 80lb braid on it. (Sufix 832 ghost white). * I have the Penn box the reel originally came in with. * Alan wrench to remove side plate. (From Penn) * 27 oz * Reel retrieve (left or right) Original retail price is $799.95. Does $650 sound fair?? Let me know......
  4. Thanks TJones....
  5. Love me some catfishing!! Personal best flathead is 54lbs and personal best blue cat is 63lbs. Just do research one the specific species your looking to catch and what bodies of water they are heavily populated in. I'm from the southern states and I choose the Tennessee River to fish for my goals on trophy cats. For blues and channel cats fishing on bottom or suspended. Flatheads, fish rivers around logjams with live bait or cut bait will get the job done. Team catfish double action circle hooks are the best.
  6. Nice catches zcoker!!
  7. I have a custom 13ft spinning rod here. (6-16oz 30-80lb line rating) The guides on it are quality Fuji guides. 11 guides total. The guides are not micro guides but there not huge neither..... First picture... are the size of the first 5 guides starting from the rod tip down. Second picture... are the size of guides at #6 #7 #8 Third picture.... are the size guides at #9 and #10 Last guide being the biggest guide at (#11) My questions are about braid and shock leader: 1. Do you see a problem with 80lb braid <-- FG Knot--> to 130lb mono (Shock leader) passing through the guides? Or FG Knot damaging the Fuji guides? 2. Should I scale back to 65lb braid <--FG Knot--> to 100lb mono (Shock leader) for better knot clearance? 3. With a 13ft rod what is a good shock leader length? Big blacktip sharks, sharks 8ft and under and tarpon are my current interest from the beach btw.... For now I will stick with braid to mono connection. I would like to advance and connect braid to braid for example 80lb braid to 200lb braid without the double uni knot. I need to find a slimmer knot connection. But that is for another day....
  8. Good evening forum. Question here about the loop section of wire leader (Related to surfcasting for sharks). I noticed online and on forums most have a teardrop loop to the hook then haywire twist. Here are 2 pictures below I created. The one on top is 2 strands on #14 doubled up and twisted (With teardrop loop). Bottom leader leader is a single strand of #19 wire (With circular loop). Is there an issue if the loop part of the wire leader has a more circular shape than a tear drop? Does it even matter? I figure since I'm using a circle hook a circular loop could aid in circle hook to be free to do what a circle hook does.
  9. What size replacement hook is on this gator spoon? Just curious.....
  10. 10-4
  11. Gotcha. Ok so those are size #8 split rings on the Gator spoon correct?
  12. Evil-Bay. Thanks for advice and comparison upload. BTW what brand do you use?
  13. Good day forum, I will be purchasing the 2oz gator spoons from tackle direct. Wondering what size split ring I need for these. I already have 2 1oz spoons (by Kroc & Sea striker) and I found that the thickness of the 1oz spoon with a 150lb split ring (by Offshore Angler) is a pretty tight fit and leaves the split rings a little stretched... but do-able. Just wanted to know what size (and brand) you would recommend?
  14. Thanks for the response zcoker & Milty27......
  15. last year I had planned a shark trip for surfcasting from the beach and had to cancel. My shark leaders have been in my mesh leader bag for a year and a couple of months. If my leaders are in the mesh bag not used or exposed to light are they still good to use? Has the aluminum crimp sleeve degraded the mono section of the leader still sitting in the bag for a year +. Or to be safe just create new leaders when I'm a month out of next fishing trip?