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  1. Take your sheath, gonna assume that it has a clip thats moveable. I have the aquasalt, fixed blade, h1 steel, etc. Take para cord and tie it to your belt. Add alittle electrical tape. And you're done.
  2. He only took about a week or so to make my belt. The smaller accessories stuff i find that he can make them quickly. I got a plier sheath within a week and that includes the shipping time as well.
  3. Ah, I apologize I didn’t know you were the one who came up with the system. Makes sense why you’re super knowledgeable in the subject.
  4. Yeah I’ll go ahead and say he doesn’t want it. Gave him the option. Hkjohnathan, you got it. Sending pm now
  5. Go figure. In the beginning I thought that both d rings were put on the belt to distribute the load. I personally thought that was annoying to clip two things all the time to change lures, but one isnt so bad. Ive never heard of the coil tether either,which makes me curious, how did you find out that a coil was used?
  6. I mean. I’ll do $20 picked up if you’re in south jersey. I’ll let that be an option if by chance you are in the area. Up to you. Saves me the hassle of pp and shipping.
  7. Gonna pass on that. After shipping and fees it’s not worth it for me, I rather keep it. Sorry. Offers on the table if you change your mind
  8. I'll come down to $24. Hows that sound?
  9. It's a 2 tube bag that I have. Im not worried about taking the weight off my shoulders, i realize clipping it on won't do that. I just want to keep it out of the way when im casting or treking to a spot. I just wana make sure I don't damage my bag using only one d ring instead of both.
  10. Sometimes I get lazy and don't want to use the belt loops on my bag sometimes. Or sometimes I just want to use my bag and not necessarily need my belt sometimes if i'm fishing from a dock or something. Do you have to use both d rings to equally distribute the load? Or can I just get away using just one d ring and clipping it on my belt?? Or will that strain it and lead to premature failure? Granted its a flatlander bag so, it seems bulletproof to me, but i have no experience using the d rings on my bag long term.
  11. Start a new thread with pics. It’s meant for a shoulder strap but I’ve included a belt attachment with Velcro. Super strong, won’t come off. Slides on a belt with no problem. 27 shipped
  12. Looking to trade or sell this pork rind holder. I just don’t really use pork rind all that much anyways, it was more or less to hold a pork rind jar that held terminal tackle. It goes on your shoulder strap but so it’s vertical.(it can still go on your belt) Looking for a rock hopper clip or selling it $25 shipped pp. note: the image is a stock image. I can take pics of the actual item this afternoon.
  13. Not really. edit: also how much you asking?
  14. I'm in.