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  1. Any other colors?
  2. Looking for some pikie’s. Anyone got some for sale?
  3. Ive got plugs, mikes, scabelly, ccw. Not sure if that is something you'd entertain.
  4. Any trades?
  5. Payment sent. Thanks.
  6. It’s sold to hurricane1091.
  7. Ill take this.
  8. Does anyone have one for sale?
  9. im in
  10. I’ll do that. Pm me and we can figure a time to meet up.
  11. No biggie, I was seeing if I could save a few bucks. I have an 11’ genesis and I just wanted the 11 jigster to match it.
  12. Saw one for sale but it was the 10’6 though. And it was nowhere near me for pick up.
  13. Anyone got one for sale? located in south Jersey. Will travel a reasonable distance to pick up.
  14. The 201 I got was first production and it squeaked. I ended up just exchanging it because I couldn't figure out the problem. I have 201B now and its performed flawlessly. I recently picked up a 51 and I haven't had any quality control issues with it but the thing is unbalanced as hell. After multiple configurations of trying to balance it I got it to the best I could but its not perfect. Can't tell the wobble when its on the rod. Edit: 51 wobbles with the bailess kit.
  15. Benchmade mini griptilian. S30V blade so it stays relatively sharp. Easy to touch up the edge. Small enough to bring out in public without scaring people.